[25&26.08.12] last days of holiday @.@

August 26, 2012

notice that "@.@" in the title? ^^ i dunno why, but i've been tweeting and updating statuses with @.@.

i'm just random like that :P

anyways, the holiday are going to be over in approximately 12 hours T^T it was a nice one week holiday. i slept at 4am and woke up at 1pm for lunch...WHY CAN'T LIFE BE SO RELAXED O.O

yesterday, i woke up at 12pm to find out that my phone was dead @.@ when i charged it, OMO so many messages in Line popped up XD i even had a few missed calls. i called naomi and asked her why she called.


i was late for my outing with sandra and naomi! @.@ naomi was like "YOU BETTER TAKE A BATH NOW, I WANT TO EACH LUNCH ALREADY" XD we were planning on going to Daorae for lunch and to go to KBOX afterwards but i though that naomi couldn't go, so i thought that the whole thing was cancelled @.@ turns out i was wrong XP

i ate a bit of lunch at my house while i was waiting for sandra to come and fetch me *so embarrased ><* because my mum didn't know that i was going to daorae.

in Daorae, the 3 of us met up with sandra's cousin ming yee and her friend jennifer *i mistook her name for jessica ><*. ming yee and i had a nice chat about kpop over lunch :)

sandra got a call that she was in for the finals of her song writing competition! ^^ *clap clap* congratulations! we celebrated by drinking soju :D

while we were eating, this man suddenly came to our table and said to me:

"You...can drink soju?? You only?? You all?? O.O"

XD he was actually the boss of Daorae! he's a korean guy and he was funny/cute to the max XD he kept on looking at us and acting cute from the counter. we took a picture with him before leaving :D

we ordered two bottles of soju, so he came to our table and suggested something new. he put some blackberry into the soju and it became pink! it tasted sweeter and it was damn awesome @.@

naomi, sandra and i then headed to KBOX :) now i like going to KBOX. my siblings and their freinds really like going to kbox but i didn't really get why till now ^^

i can read korean so i can sing along! ^^
but bigbang's songs are too fast @.@ i like singing to 2NE1's songs better :D

sandra and naomi went shopping for cosmetics next and i got myself a cleanser and pimple cream.

sandra had to go then, so she left first. naomi and i then went around the shops, waiting for her mum to come fetch us.

when i got home, i had to go back to jusco with my parents to go grocery shopping XD we also had to fetch my siblings *who were also in jusco with their friends*

when i got home, i thought hard of a way to hide the soju @.@ and i thought of something genius! ^^

XD i put it in my water bottle and put it in the fridge :D NO ONE SUSPECTED ANYTHING. i drank all of it, but i think next time i shouldn't drink too much alcohol :O because when i drink a bit, its okay, but if i drink quite a lot then my skin starts to get itchy. so yeah, lesson learned.

at around 11pm, i created my instagram account ^^ my stupid phone can't download it because its os needs to be updated and i DON'T want an update because what i want is a new phone. so i used my mom's phone XD

first picture:

i synced my facebook to see who i could follow and i used about 20 minutes to gao dim that @.@ i wanted to follow only those i knew *and followed me back* so i had to man man click, one by one.


i woke up early

because my family decided to go to church ^^

and afterwards we headed to Wooley's to have breakfast

and at 10.54am i had 15 followers jor! ^^ happyyyyy :D

when we got home, my FATHER and my siblings started playing with Lego. sigh. since i was in primary school till NOW they're still addicted XD

mom and i ate mangoes while watching them :O

and when we got bored, my parents, my brother Euri, my sister Yana and I decided to go somewhere. we went to Ipoh Parade and afterwards went to Greentown to look at shoes *my sis wanted this RM300+ pair x.x* then my mum asked "why do you always annoy me about chatime? is it that good?" so we went to chatime and ordered :D THEY LOVED IT.

and that just about sums up my day :) i got emo and angry that my sibling were using the computer FOR LEGO and wouldn't let me use it so i just stayed cooped up in my room, listening to music and tweeting XD i eventually got bored, danced, took a bath, ate dinner and here i am now :) hope you enjoyed this post and wish my class good luck! the funfair is coming up next next sunday and i'm scared that we won't be able to finish in time @.@ so, SIS2, FIGHTING!

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