August 31, 2012

another new girl group @.@ but they're Loen's first ever, so yeah, i got interested and clicked on their MV :3

album cover

because they have 6 members, here are my first 6 thoughts when i watched the MV:

first thought i got: is that JUNSU??
2nd though: hmm, they can dance :D
3rd though: JUNSU is superman??!
4th thought: that girl who's gonna audition looks like hyuna O.O
5th though: that short haired member can sing :D
6th thought: i want a jetpack that blows bubble too :O

XD i think the song's good :) FIESTAR is the combination of the words FIESTA and STAR. they have 6 members: 

Jei *leader*
Cao Lu 
Linzy *lead vocalist, the short haired one* 
Cheska *lead rapper from the USA* 
Yezi *maknae*

i noticed two things about them:
1. their rapper is from the US. a lot of new groups' rappers come from the US nowadays.

2. they have no lead dancer O.O but they can all dance very well!

but overall, i like them *urgh, another new band that i like >< IS THERE NO LIKING LIMIT?!* and i hope to hear more of their songs :D


(Fly~) I’ve got a vista I’m making it crystal
Clear, sisters So follow my vista
(rappirappa rappirappa x 4)
Hey I show you, mister (Hey mister woo~)
haneureseo ttang wieseo jayuroun geudae Superman
iri waseo naege malhaejwoyo (Can’t you mister?)
geureoke nopi nalmyeon geomnaji annna
nado naraboryeo hageodeunyo (To the sky high)
ja, ijen junbiga wallyo
nal ijen jeo meolli allyeo (Yeah, you make me crazy)
* Speak Up nae mamdaero nan eodiseodeun
Speak Up duryeowodo nan sumneungeol molla
Speak Up jeulgigo sipeo
na gateun Styleui mister, Styleui sister
Follow my vista~
(I know I can make you crazy)
mwol ibeodo mworeul haedo
bitnaneun geudaeneun Super Star
miri wabon yeogin eotteongayo (Can’t you sister?)
jeongmallo himgyeorugil haeya doenayo
naneun geunyang norabollaguyo (Play the music)
chumchuneun byeoldeurui Party?
nan geujeo maeiri Party (Yeah, I make you crazy)
* Repeat
jichyeo jagajiryeo hal ttaemada siseoneun eonjena Higher
gaseumen ojik dan hanaui mal Try~
(U Ready?)
gachi norabolkka A loud party deo keuge Speak Up byeoldeurui bami
yeogin niga naega nuga naega jal nagadeun sanggwaneobseo jeulgyeobwa kkumman gateun oneul
(rappirappa rappirappa)
Shake your hips and feel the music like you love it woo~
(rappirappa rappirappa) Let’s fly high~
ja, ijen gachi nol charye
geudaega juinin Party (Yeah, Let’s all go crazy)
Speak Up oneulbuteo nan jayurowo
Speak up mitneun daeroman nae gireun yeollyeo

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