[30.04.12] my heart is beating ♥

April 30, 2012

:) April has now come to an end and the year is one-third over. TIME FLIES BY SO FAST. haiz

my mood for the past few days have been quite good :) i'm relaxing more and reading again. *i should be reading my textbook but i'm reading stories instead ><* i am now on team YUNJAE :D

i've also came across this song by K.Will: My Heart is Beating which features IU *screams* and Lee Joon *DIES* XD they're so cute in this mv :3

kinda like Taylor Swift's mv huh??

it's now been 2 weeks since i ordered my copy of the Hunger Games but it still hasn't arrived == ish. i wanna watch the movie too~

tomorrow is LABOUR DAY which means no class for everyone :] i'm not so sure what i'll be doing tomorrow, but i do hope that it's something nice and interesting. even though i've been quite busy with my school work and preparations for my mid term exam, i'm BORED! :O i wanna try something new...hmm.

i've been craving for korean food again XD someone take me out to dinner! >3<

i'm gonna dye my hair brown this holiday again, right after my exams and right before my friends and i go to Leo Forum. i can't wait! :D speaking of leo club, my school's club is gonna choose the new BOD soon @.@ OHHHMYYYYYGOSSHHHH is the only thing that's in my mind /.\

things i recently realized/things that recently happened:
- i'm actually friendly, i just have to talk to other people and don't look so LC XD
- i need to get taller! 180cm! fighting!
- a random, unknown person from school said that my handwriting was awesome :D *anshuang ><*
- i need to work out :O being LIGHT doesn't mean you're not FAT.
- i've run out of shampoo, facial wash and my soap's running out too == one day i'll just be standing in the toilet, staring at the water XD
- i REALLY like AMBER and HENRY!! ohhhmygossh they should sing more :)

- i've been fanboy-ing a LOT! O.O dbsk, sj, fx), snsd~ its like i have a kpop hormone in me and im currently having a kpop-rush XD
- i'm getting more and more zilian. mirrors are dangerous things :X
- naomi lost he phone and ipod. peace be upon you.
- yoona is awesome :] #loverain
- am i going through...err...a QUIET depression???? *is there such a thing? XD*

hmm, nothing much to post about. i'm bored and hot *its freaking 32 degrees here in malaysia* T^T i just watched love rain and the snow in sapporo made me wanna jump inside the tv and play in the snow XD

i hope one day i can go to japan and experience the diamond snow myself ><


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