[21.04.12] 2NE1 Day??

April 21, 2012

haha, today i noticed that it could have been 2NE1 day! ^^ 21 = 2NE1, 4 = CL DARA MINZY BOM :D

anyhoo tonight i am HIGH!! ^^ i can use the netbook and i went out for a bit :] first we walked our dog max in Polo Ground :0

then we ate ice cream from 7 Eleven! ^^

and last we went to a fair near Tesco :) I didn't really ride, I just looked around. it was kinda...fun in a way XD its been a long time since i last went out to get some fresh air :DD

that's all i think x) short post huh?? im gonna be downloading new song for my iPod and i strongly recommend you to download them too :D i've recently became a huge B.A.P fan >< all of the songs below are korean :D

my download list:
Hey You - CNBlue
In My Head - CNBlue
OH! - Untouchables
Lead Me - SiSTAR
Warrior - B.A.P
Because I Missed You - Jung Yong Hwa
Scream - 2NE1
Like A Virgin - 2NE1 *this is in english*

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