AEON with friends :D

April 1, 2012

headed to AEON with my friends after lunch today :D my family and i went to our KOREAN friend Irene (her korean name's Baek Kye Lim ><). her cousin Jungho (blonde/lengzai/korean)couldn't come :O but he was sms-ing with my sis the whole day XD i guess we know what that means?? ^^

at aeon we met up with my bro and sis' indonesian friend SHEKANYA too :) he was funny XD so we roamed around aeon from 2pm to 4pm. we went to Speedy, listening to music and looking at albums, going around the third floor (i THINK it was the third floor @.@) and went to all the shops there :D OMG! SnJ! MAP! Daiso! all them other gift shops were just awesome! XD we couldn't stop ourselves and went to each one and bought a few stuff ourselves :] the cashier at the Face Shop, Coco, is actually our friend XD she said that she was gonna be there for 1 week before going back to the Jusco Ipoh branch, coz that's where she really works. she's just there to train the new staff. in sushi king i finally reached my GOAL XD @sammi @naomi knows what it is XD

we also passed by Samsung and i made a SHOCKING DISCOVERY!!

Samsung Galaxy Ace = RM 799
Samsung Galaxy S = RM 799

OMG!! same price! ^^ i'm so gonna buy that phone @.@

we had snacks at the Pancake House (a filipino restaurant) at about 4 and ate HALO HALO, which means "mix mix" in english :DD its kinda like Ice Kacang, but no peanuts. instead there's icecream, ice, syrup, flan, jelly, corn, sweet potato and other stuff. it might sound weird, but almost everyone in the restaurant was eating it ^^

Demi and Jeff came after that, and we walked around again :D we went to the arcade and it was awesome!! XD we played basketball, a music touching thing with korean songs and Demi forced me to play a dancing game! == everyone was staring at me == but it was fun XD there were these guys that were following what games me and Irene went to (Yana was sms-ing Jungho XD) but one guy was HEN YENG in the music touching game :O we were watching him play and like, cheered and clapped for him XD Demi's eyes were like O.O XD when she forced me on the dancing game, the guy was...err helpful?

we met my parents while walking around sometime later and they bought me a new bag! ^^ its my 4th school bag this year @.@ wth, all the other either broke or weren't to my liking anymore~ its Northern Rock from F.O.S :D honestly it looks like my previous bag :X but never mind XD this one looks better :)

in Popular, we met Nicole and Divina with their family :D they couldn't come with us, but we still had fun XD Nicole bought me chupa chups :) thanksssss da jieee XD

in Daiso we saw one of our school's discipline teachers (we call him lanqiao), outside the arcade I saw Lam Zhen Yu, my friend who transferred to shen jai, and Mr Chen, an english teacher, who was with his gf XD i also saw pei en but she didn't see me :o

we ate (A LOT) of free samples in a snack shop like gummy bears, gummy worms, dried mangoes and dried kiwi~ Irene and I ate almost everything in that shop XD

Cotton On was nice too!! i wanted to buy a pen, a shirt and a clock but bo looi jor -,- we went home after that~

Dinner was with Irene (cause she rode in my family's car) and we ate ayam tauge. we fetched her to her uncle's korean bbq restaurant and Yana got to meet her uncle :) overall today was AMAZING! hope i can go again, but with my friends this time :) 

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