how to wish for the perfect partner ♥

April 7, 2012

i recently read a nice story. it was about this korean person who met his parnter almost by magic :D so im sharing it here on my blog. not sure if it'll work, but it wouldn't hurt to try, right? ^^

1. write what you want your partner to be like on a piece of paper. eg:
     -likes dogs
     -good looking

2. tear the paper into small pieces and throw them into the wind (XD i know, it sounds crazy right??)

3. make sure that the bits of paper really spread in the wind, and somehow, someday, somewhere, that person will come to you.

sounds kinda weird and doesn't have much logic in it right?? O.O a lot of people who heard about this were also skeptical but tried it out, and some of them said that it worked! O.O is this true?? try it our for yourselves XD should i try it out too?? hmm...x)

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