April 28, 2012

today was a good day.
i can't say it any better than that x)

after school today, i went home and i went to naomi's house for her birthday party. sammi and jimmy was already there, and they were blowing up balloons :) we mde quite a mess >< we then played with the balloons in the road :D

she was scared that the balloons might pop XD

we made quite a mess ><

we then walked around sunway and went to "someone's" house and ye them XD

taken on sammi's s2, edited using instagram :D

i used naomi's ipod to zipai a LOT >< i'll post them all later when i get them :)

wanyun, pohyi, chanjant, kaiyan, sandra and zack came later :D they brought food and gifts :)

caryn and crystal then came :D we chatted for a while and ate dinner.

my mom made the dessert in the middle, the one in the blue container.

a little while later, yonghui, peien, xzeyan and sam wong arrived :D

ms naomi was so busy XD

after eating, we headed with our party hats and noise makers to the playground XD AT NIGHT!!


7 of us (me, naomi, caryn, sammi, crystal, sandra and zack) were wearing the same shirt :D
just different colours~

we then went back to her house for a SURPRISE that we prepared for her :D we made a video of us singing/dancing to Owl City's Vanilla Twilight and said our birthday greetings and messages for her :D sandra and crystal cried XD even NAOMI CRIED WHEN SHE WATCHED IT!! OMG SHE DOESN'T CRY SO EASILY! all of us hid when the video was playing~ laksae!! i made a lot of people laugh x)

me saying my message >< LAKSAE!!



Judy and Caryn


she was also laughing XD

we came back out after the video finished playing

made by ms CARYN MOK :D

:'D i think she really liked it. all of us then went upstairs and chatted while naomi opened her presents and read our cards :D i wrote a whole notebook full O.O i forgot to take a picture >< oh well~

in the room:
pohyi + zack + chai: fighting! 
caryn + crystal + wanyun + sammi: kingkai-ing
naomi: silently opening her gifts + reading cards *still crying wor XD*
sandra: helping naomi
chan jant: playing temple run + a chicken game
me: listening to everyone talking XD i was just watching everybody there, sitting and smiling in front of the mirror

then KAKA and sam had to go to catch a movie :D they gave naomi a RILAKUMA plush toy that cost RM 160 and more stuff from SnJ!

one by one, people started to go home:
1st: crystal
2nd: sammi + caryn
3rd: me and my siblings

>< sandra, zack and chai were sleeping over at naomi's house and wanyun, pohyi and chanjant were waiting for their parents :) all in all it was an awesome party! all of us really enjoyed the party. thanks to JIMMY for all the pics :D all of the pics were taken on his new iPad. THE NEW IPAD. also known as iPad 3. OHMYGOD. >< ms naomi had quite a lot of presents :D


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