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April 24, 2012

alohaaa :D for this week my mom's gonna take away the netbook and my phone coz she wants me and my sibs to study T^T *im using it now cause she's not home XD* so i'll just be tou tou blogging :O

yesterday morning i almost died in the bus @.@ someone was sitting in my usual seat and there was no more available seats so i had to STAND FOR 30 FREAKING MINUTE. ish == when i got down the bus i was freaking wet, dripping with sweat T^T

during computer class i got bored so i listened to music *thanks wan yun x)* and started drawing on paint. what did i draw? this.

XD its a picture of my favourite sticker from Line! XD

we had chemistry tuition today, and while we were waiting fo our teacher to arrive *we always come one hour early* i used naomi's phone to zipai XD she downloaded this new app that was really nice! ^^

i also started thinking of ideas for my class de classs tee. i searched and searched but nothing really came to me :0 then i saw my SNSD album >< so i kinda started copying it

and ended up with thisss :D

then i remade it using the computer and viola!!

x) i dunno if they'll like it anot~ if not, then nevermind, its just my idea anyway :D

my arm still hurts from yesterday /,\ stupid bus uncle! i was carrying my heavy books dao my arm hurt T^T i should exercise more often ^^ last sunday my sis and i went to the gym at clearwater :3 *i ran on the treadmill and did rowing :) my sis and i played with that big ball too ><*

well, i THINK i gotta go study now T^T but...UKISS COMEBACK TOMORROW! XD by this time tomorrow, i might be downloading their album adi :] DORADORA! and SMTOWN's movie "I AM"'s ost just came out! 

^^ GENG!!


  1. Hey ya. Im sorry for disturbing. May I know how you made the badge using computer? Please do reply asap, in need! Thank you! :)

    1. I downloaded the picture and edited it/added text using picasa web albums' creative kit :D


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