May 5, 2012

love is over tonight. 

yes, i'm listening to 2NE1 :D i just watched Strong Heart's YG Special and im loving Tablo and SE7EN's songs ♥ geng ahh SE7EN!

i think this will be the shortest post that i've ever made XD i just felt like posting, since im happy :3 i got my phone back and the netbook is mine :D but at the same time im sad D: i have an english project and the mid term exams are coming. :(

that's all :O i miss the days when i was more inspired to blog XD i am timid!

goodnight world 

it hurts like ouch.
yeah our love it hurts like ouch ♥ 2NE1

will you love me once more? ♥ JYJ

if only you are here, its okay
that's all i need ♥ SJ

its my fault for loving you more than you love me
its my fault for not making you love me as much as i wanted you to ♥ SNSD

i knew i coudn't have you
but my love for you just kept growing
its my mistake for
waiting by myself
regretting by myself
loving you.
even though my heart was hurting
its my fault for not letting you go ♥ SNSD

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