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April 16, 2012

hey :( its been an awful few days for me!! the netbook's charger broke so i can't charge it. therefore no blogpost about my kl trip + models, no blog post about kangin coming back from the army, no blog post about jessica's birthday and a lot more things T^T kill me now!!! im using my phone to write this post~ all my pics are there!! all my songs!! NOOOOOOO!!! T^T i so need to buy a new charger, and fast!!!

anyhoo i just couldn't take it anymore so i wrote this x) i will try my best to update!

i went to KL with my friends for a Da Vinci expo and ended up in a mall after that. We watched a fashion show and all the models were damn tall and had long legs! O.O hen piao liang!!
i also bought an SJM album ^^ and i got a Henry card!!! HENRY!!!! SJ's cute mochi boy XD i was so happpyyyyyyy~ so now i have 6 albums. 2 SJ, 4 SNSD.
in school, our class monitor got his hair cut and a lot of people are saying that he looks like BIGBANG's Taeyang XD naomi doesn't think so XD
this thursday is a holiday again, so my friends and i MIGHT be watching Titanic 3D :D
i have tons more to post about but sadly i gotta go :( mid year exams are 2 weeks away and i need to study study study! im loving electrolysis but i still have a bit of problem with my differentiation. my physics sure die @.@ didn't even touch it~
BYE for now and i hope the netbook comes to back to life soon! ><

ps: here are some random pics from KL

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