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April 8, 2012

this update is gonna be a sort one :) its just about my day.

today is EASTER SUNDAY! ^^ the day Jesus was resurrected. went to church today and the choir and the decorations were amazing. *no pics coz i tried as much as i could not to touch my phone today~ i decided to act guai ciz its easter anyway ><* my friend Ashley and her mom read readings during the ceremony :)

we headed to Wooley's for breakfast next, and i saw ms. LEOW! ^^ my form 2 form teacher and form 2 & 3 maths teacher. honestly she's one of the best teachers in the world >< *no pics again coz when i waved at her and took out my camera, she went into her car ><* i ate wantan meeee 

we went home and just relaxed for a few hours. we also had a homemade lunch. after relaxing we headed to AEON X) for the record, this is my fifth time going ^^ i got to drink ice blended cappuccino from Hainan Tea and ate at Dunkin Donuts :D last time i ate at DD was in the philippines 3 years ago~

went in the grocery for a bit with mum but we continued onto popular ourselves later~ i was reading this cantonese dictionary >< its so different from mandarin!

most: mandarin = zui, cantonese: juei
who: m = shei, c = bin gaw
go: m = qu, c = huei
yes: m = shi, c = hai
i'm a student: m = wo shi xue sheng, c = ngo hai hawk sang

lol i was focused on that book for about 20 minutes till i decided to look around the bookshop more. i found something nice and an idea sparked in my mind ^^ im not gonna post about it yet, ITS CONFIDENTIAL!! but i will post about it when i finish it ^^

i was using my phone to go online for the whole day (i registered for that rm3 a day) so i was pretty much online the whole day :D but AEON...NO LINE! -,-

that's all about my day. boring, i know, but i feel totally peaceful today XD i dunno why. gonna try to do my add maths later and read my chemistry afterwards. DINNER COMES FIRST! :D byeee! ^^

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