a cold day

April 11, 2012

morning wasn't so good :( my dad scolded my bro for failing his math. i myself haven't shown my parents my parents my results (i got 50, pass but its a red mark). haiz. wo hen nervous gei ta men kan ><

yesterday i saw this old pic of mine x) i miss the time when my hair was looooooooooong

today was really cold! in the bus stop, the air was blowing so strong~ when i got down the bus at school, it was drizzling :( 

because my bro got scolded in the morning, i was kinda low XD i mean, i wasn't sad or anything, i was just in my quiet studious mode. i got to finish my add maths with only a bit of help from jiajia :3 other than that, i know my differentiation adi! ^^

i felt kinda free after that, so i cleaned up the class by myself x) everyone was staring at me!! chai was like "omo, are you trying to act good today??" X) i was just having one of my quiet days larrr

jiajia was gonna place an order for a book today. what book? the HUNGER GAMES! ^^ a lot of people said that the movie's awesome and that the book was even better. so i ordered a copy too :] its been a long time since i last bought a book to read during my free time, and it only cost rm18! ^^ cheap right??

we also had a talk + a workshop (kinda) before dismissal. some people from Curtin University Sarawak came. (i got a free pen XD)

i did my maths again when i got home, but this time it was totally...hard :X i couldn't do it!! == oh well. at least i tried XD i read my chemistry instead. electrolysis!

i was on twitter and i saw this girl who tweeted that she got a new necklace. IT WAS SO DAMN CUTE.

its a make a wish necklace! i was like "OMG. I WANT THIS. RIGHT. NOW" x) so i tweeted to the girl and she told me it only cost rm8 in a bazaar outside her university! but since im not in kl, she gave me an fb link. it was a turkish website :O i want it! T^T the girl suggested her buying it and us meeting up, but its in kl,and even though im gonna be in kl this saturday, its out of the way :( so saaaaaaaaaaad T^T

last today was watching glee and a horror movie. X0 it was damn scary! (for me at least) i don't really like horror movies and i scream at every little thing, but my mom forced me to stay T^T my bro enjoyed it though~ the title was THI3TEEN GHOSTS i think~

and when i opened my facebook, EUNHAE JUST POPPED OUT XD its a photoshopped picture of eunhyuk and donghae <3 click with caution! XD


that's all that there is i think :) i'm super excited for this saturday! :D no tuition and i'm going to kl! ^^ but i really wanted that necklace. too bad :(

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