April 12, 2012

:D today's dae is kinda special don't you think? its 12.4.12, terbalik is also 12.4.12 x)

anyways, today my blog reached 100k pageviews! *claps*

in school we had PE as our first subject, but when we were already in the school field, mr WU JI LIANG asked asked us to go back to our classroom coz the field was wet -,- he could've said it earlier~

wanna know why the field was wet? coz it rained ALL NIGHT long. with lightning and thunder and all that. non stop. why, you ask? its because yesterday there was a 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia and the weather's been kinda weird after that. my friend said that people in Penang could feel the earthquake, and that people in Thailand were in danger of a tsunami. hope everything turns out well T^T #prayforindonesia

i bought a copy of this week's xue hai, and guess who's on the back cover? SNSD! ^^

in Leo Club, i chatted with Wei Yi about Wesley Methodist School. OHMYGOSH i never knew they were so strict there. O.O we also discussed about our costumes for the Leo Forum. i still don't have a formal attire and my costume for that other event @.@

at home my dad told my bro that he wanted him to go to his maths teacher and borrow his exam papers coz my dad wanted to take a look and see where he had to improve T^T wo hai mei gen ta men kan wo de report card ahh!! haiz~

STARWALK IPOH 2012 is coming! ^^ last year i went with naomi, steve, kityi and angie, and it was fun! XD so this year, im planning to go with alot of friends :) the forms will be printed in the paper on mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

i also printed my enlish homework today :) its about finding news articles on MURDER *screams*

damn excited for this saturday x) but i don't think its gonna be that much fun anymore :( no shopping!! T^T

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