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April 7, 2012

:) long time no blogggggg :O its because my mind's been in a messy state. i can't finish my homework on time and i have a lot of events! ahhh!! @.@

nowadays in school, kityi eats my lunch with me :D i don't really mind sharing~ that way, i can be more sociable and talk to more people >< i have a new goal these days:


and i'm trying to talk to people more XD my chinese is still cha shui, a lot of people can't understand what the hell i'm talking about == my chinese teacher gave me form 3 exercises. WALAU i totally don't know how to do.

on thursday i failed my PE test :( we were supposed to run 1500m like last year.

last year: 7min 35sec (pass)
this year: 10min 15sec (obviously failed ==)

haiz~ when i got home i got to witness a nice sunset from my bedroom window though :)

and the next day, it rained so hard! it was kinda nice though, the temperature was cold.

but after the rain on friday was a CLEAR sky:) totally no edit ahh this pic:

my family and i headed to AEON for dinner, but on the way, naomi said yucheng fainted when running the field during pe class O.O she's in the hospital now~ hope she gets well soon~

dinner for that night was at Nando's :) i love peri peri chicken! ^^

and i bought a sketch pad in Daiso too

we used it to draw a get well card to yyc today :D

i went to ILTI today. it was steve's first day, so now during recess, steve, pohyi, sammi and i hang out XD

i just downloaded LINE on my phone and it's fun! XD all those stickers! ^^ Line is a messaging app by Naver Korea and it rocks! the website says though O.O i tried downloading the pc version but it wouldn't work O.O

next saturday (14/04) i'll be going to the Mines Exhibition in KL with my friends for the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition! ^^ i'll be able to see the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper in real life! ^^ do you think taking pictures is allowed?? the exhibition is from feb 3 to apr 15 :)

i think that's about everything that's happened and gonna happen x) i hope everybody has a great week ahead :D

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