DaVinci Expo + Fashion Week @ KL

April 21, 2012

^^ blogpost! my charger broke down again -,- so now i'm here to post :D

on the 14th of April, my friends and i went on a trip to KL to see an expo on recreations of Da Vinci's machines that were loaned from the Leonardo Da Vinci museum in Florence :)

*i look so weird in this pic!! ><*

we gathered at school at 7.50am (they told us we were leaving at 8am sharp but that SOOO did not happen -,-) and everybody had to wear the school PE shirt + jeans O.O

we left at about 8.20 and, err, slept XD i listened to my ipod till i fell asleep and when i woke up, the bus stopped at the R&R. we all went downnnn

when we were back on the bus, we ATE BREAKFAST :D i brought roasted seaweed and seeweed chips XD we shared all our food lar *then we went to sleep*. when i woke up, we were already in KL! ^^ it was about 12 i think~ i woke up and i found one of my earphones DEAD with no sound -,- stupid cheap earphone!!

the expo was at the Malaysian International Exhibition and Convention Centre at The Mines.  

when we got there the first thing we did was to watch a slide show -,- kinda boring ><

then the curator said we could roam around and explore, look at the displays ourselves :D we touched every display with a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign XD having read all of Dan Brown's books, i was SOOO looking forward to this :D especially the paintings! the Madonna of the Rocks and The Last Supper! *yes, i read the Da Vinci Code*

our chaperone, mr ENG (in the purple shirt with the DSLR)

the Madonna of the Rocks

The Mona Lisa (fake fake de XD)

err, she's looking INSIDE a projector XD

a room of mirors! this is the model

this is the life size model :D so many mirrors!

me and kw :)

this xiao didi played with the display dao hen geng -,- the thing was gonna rosak adi XD

GENG! 4 flying balls to show the that...gravity...something la, i forgot~

THE LAST SUPPER *also fake XD*

davinci's mirrored shorthand latin notes O.O

senior 2 guys tried to disassemble this XD

ma, naomi, crystal, yonghui, bong, xze yan, peien and sammi :D
*where is caryn?? -,-*

after the expo we took a group photo and left for lunch. we headed to Mid Valley :D when we stepped into the megamall, we heard an mc announcing that the Mid Valley 2012 Fashion Week by bYsi was about to start! 

the stage decor was nice!

a lot of people were watching, and can you see the photographers at the back??

first time i watched a fashion show XD it was awesome! OHMYGOD the models were damn leng lui, tall and slim!! i took a lot of pics XD here are some of the ones that i shot:

i collaged this in photovisi.com, hence the watermark. no more picnik T^T

after that we went to look for a restaurant to eat our lunch. we originally wanted to go to Sakae Sushi to eat japanese food, but couldn't find it -,- and all the other japanese restaurants were full/too expensive so we settle for japanese food in the food court :) i ate a bowl of Chicken Kare stuff~ we ordered Chatime after that ^^ *crystal and i changed clothes*

after a few minutes, another fashion show started, but now by Forever 21 :D this collection had GUYS in it :3 *we watched it from the 2nd or 3d floor, i forgot*

we then went to Speedy and bought albums :D i bought SJM's Perfection and i got a HENRY CARD!! ^^ I AM SO HAPPYYY!!!!!!!!!! <3 MOCHI BOY <3

^^ when we were walking back to our bus, we noticed that the MODELS from the fashion show were walking beside us!! OMG!! so crystal stopped one of them and took a pic with her x) she asked me not to post it here, so im not gonna post it here...

but i wanna post it...

should i post it???

bu yao lar...

YAO lar...XD

hmm...post lar! XD

see that the model is holding a carton of orange juice?? XD i brought my own bottle of orange juice and when i got up the bus i drank it XD conclusion:


i so wanna go to Mid Valley again!! ^^ its so big!! :D anyhoo BYE BYE! i've finally finished this post :) it has been pending for 1 week @.@

edited pics/pics from sammi's S2:

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