October 21, 2011

i have found another thing that i desperately want >< i want to attend dance classes at O School in Singapore!! ^^

i discovered O School when i was looking for dance covers on Pink's 'Fingers' and i came across their cover ^^ only one word to describe: AWESOME! its all i've been dreaming of! dancing in a studio with teachers that teach you and you also get to perform! ^^

they also have lots of other videos which include Kesha's Blow and 2NE1's I Am The Best :DD

their website just BLEW me away. talk about classy! first, when you type www.oschool.com.sg, you'll be directed to a page with the school's logo

then when you click on the logo you'll be directed to the home page and you'll get to see their videos, instructors, studios, location, achievements and lots of other stuff :D

i wanna learn dance :O let me learn! ><

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