Winter Holidays Plan [04.10.11 - 02.01.12]

October 1, 2011

as im a foreigner, i don't need to take the PMR exam (which is a local assessment test that's MANDATORY for all local students) and the UEC exam (for students in independent chinese schools)~ jia you to you all! for ms NA OH MI, kw, yc and chou yew, hope you all get A stars or something!! >< 

anyhoo, back to the point, i'm a foreigner, i'm not taking those exams, BLA BLA BLA and i don't need to come back to school until the start of the school year next year!! ^^ it coz my school's board of decided to be "fair" to the other form 3 foreigners coz today, the form three indonesians and thailanders have been allowed to go back to their country for their hoiliday, so they let me and sammi NOT come to school too! ^^ for the first time in my whole life in poi lam high, THANK YOU BOARD OF DIRECTORS! ><

i gotta find something productive to do this 3 months~ mom and dad said that they were gonna sign me up for photography classes and i am PUMPED :D will i get a dslr soon?? #hoping

all my problems, it seems are going to disappear this year ^^ one M.O.B member's gonna get out of my way and we can improve! and next year won't be so stressful,not much exams~ 

i am also SAVING UP D: i LITERALLY only have RM1 in my wallet! i gotta EARN! D:

i'm also gonna read a lot of BOOKS this holiday :D i'm planning on staying in jusco for the whole day to read in MPH and Popular ^^

dying my hair? HELL YES! :D i'm either gonna buy Revlon again or use that bubble thing that yc suggested, and i'm gonna use ONE WHOLE BOTTLE :D mom's a bit against the idea though -,- who cares, i'll still dye my hair :D the sooner the better

and last but not least, did you notice that i didn't use any pictures or links?? XD i noticed that i hadn't posted about myself for some ttime now (i mean, REALLY about ME :D) and im thinking, should i change my blog template??? hmm. #thinking i got really great feedback about the way i blog and my template, but should i go with a change?? wait for my final decision! XD bye for now!

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