KPOP Groups' Official Fanclub Names and Colours

October 17, 2011

i got curious about other kpop groups' fan clubs and official colours, so i ran a search on google and found this :D


[NOTE] This is not an article containing ALL fan groups.
As we all know, most Korean artists have their own fan club names. These so called fan clubs names are not only names given to fans who support a particular group. Rather, they resemble somewhat of a package. Fan clubs and fan club names help fans distinguish between other fans. In the world of Korean pop, a fan club generally comes with a name and a color to represent the fan club’s own form of identity, and also a personal connection to their fellow fans.
There are many different fan clubs within the K-pop music industry, so much so that K-pop rookie fans may get lost and confused to which classification they belong to. Hopefully this information will be able to inform everyone further about the various fan bases of K-pop.


Fan Club Name: Cassiopeia
Origin of Name: The constellation Cassiopeia is made of five points that create a W in the sky. The group DBSK also uses the synonym TVXQ. Tracing TVXQ on a keyboard coincidentally makes a ‘W’. The Cassiopeia fanclub refers to themselves as Cassies for short.
Colour: Pearl Red

Super Junior

Fan Club Name: Everlasting Friends (ELFs)
Origin of Name: This name is given to their fans who will always be their fans and love them no matter what. Also, it means that their fans are more than fans to them, they’re more like dear friends.
Colour: Pearl Sapphire Blue


Fan Club Name: SHINee World
Origin of Name: It is named after their first studio album. SHINee fans also refer to themselves as Shawols. It’s a shortening of SHINee World (샤이니월드), SHYA and WOL = SHAWOLS.
Colour: Pearlescent Sky Blue

Fan Club Name: Jumping BoA
Origin of Name: The idea that BoA‘s music makes her fans dance + jump.
Colour: Pearl Yellow


Fan Club Name: S♥NE
Origin of Name: When written in Hangul SONE is 소원 which means wish, and was a song featured on their first album, as well as in the title of their song Tell Me Your Wish. But it also has a deeper meaning: 소원 (SoWun), pronounced “So One”, implies that Girls’ Generation will always be one with their fans.
Colour: Pastel Rose


Fan Club Name: So far f(x) does not have an official fanclub name. Aff(x)tion is the name of their International Fan Forum but not the name of their fan club. The color of the balloons distributed at f(x)’s performances are periwinkle blue.
Colour: SM has never officially announced a color but we can assume it to be Pearl Periwinkle.


Fan Club Name: Wonderful
Origin of Name: Fans “full of” “wonder” for the Wonder Girls.
Colour: Pearl Burgundy


Fan Club Name: Hottest
Origin of Name: JYP Considers 2PM as the hottest part of the day.
Colour: Metallic Grey


Fan Club Name: I AM
Origin of Name: 2PM + 2AM = One Day. Putting the two names together you get “I AM HOTTEST”.
Colour: Black /Metallic Gray


Fan Club Name: Lucky SE7EN
Origin of Name: The belief Se7en holds, is that his fans bring him in luck. It also is a reference to seven as a lucky number.
Colour: Lime Green


Fan Club Name: V.I.P
Origin of Name: V.I.P. = Very Important Person. The second single  La La La is also referred to as Big Bang is V.I.P.
Colour: No confirmed color but Big Bang’s banners and light sticks are usually yellow + black.


Fan Club Name: Black Jacks
Origin of Name: 21 is the highest number a person can achieve while playing Blackjack.
Colour: Hot Pink


Fan Club Name: B2UTY
Origin of Name: Beauty and the Beast
Colour: Pearl Midnight Blue


Fan Club: 4Nia
Origin of Name: 4Minute Mania
Colour: Violet (Might change due to it being the same colour as S.E.S‘s fan club)


Fan Club Name: The Cloud
Origin of Name: Rain‘s fans are his clouds because clouds bring the Rain.
Colour: Silver

Fan Club Name: A+
Origin of Name: All the members of MBLAQ are of A Bloodtype, and the + comes from Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. The “Absolute Quality” is A+.
Colour: Pearl Chocolate


Fan Club Name: Triple S
Origin of Name: SS in SS501 stands for Super Star. The added “S” stands for Supporter.
Colour: Pearl Green


Fan Club Name: Kamilia
Origin of Name: KARA‘s fans are like their family. Putting KARA and the Spanish word Familia together and you get Kamilia.
Colour: Pearl Peach


Fan Club Name: Primadonna
Origin of Name: Named after the title of a song from their first studio album.
Colour: Yellow (Pentasticks)


Fan Club Name: Boice
Origin of Name: Combination of “Blue” and “Voice.” The explanation given by FNC Music declares that C.N.Blue‘s fans are their voice.
Colour: Unknown (?)


Fan Club Name: Jewel Box
Origin of Name: Jewelry being protected and kept safe by a Jewel Box.
Colour: Pearl Deep Blue

Fan Club Name: Everlasting or  4Everlasting
Origin of Name: The four of them are unified to make Brown Eyed Girlslast together with their fans.
Colour: Yellow


Fan Club Name: Diadem, but it hasn’t been officially recognized byMnet as of yet.
Colour: Unknown (?)


Fan Club Name: High Skool
Origin of Name: High Skool is the name of a song off their album High Society.
Colour: Black


Fan Club Name: Kiss Me
Origin of Name: Well, it’s obvious but I’m sure if U-Kiss asked “Who should I kiss?” the fans would yell back “Kiss ME!”
Colour: Pearl Pink


Fan Club Name: Andromeda
Origin of Name: No official explanation given, but we can assume since Andromeda is the daughter of constellation Cassiopeia, that it may have something to do with that? (Teen Top = DBSK’s Daughter?)
Colour: Pearl Light Lavender


Fan Club Name: Play Girlz
Origin of Name: Pledis asked for fans to give suggestions. This was the chosen name and it’s the name of a track on their first mini-album.
Colour: Unknown (?)


Fan Club Name: Runways
Origin of Name: They haven’t given an official explanation but probably because to them, the fans are like their runway.
Colour: Unknown (?)


Fan Club Name: ZE:A‘S / ZE:A STYLE
Origin of Name: Was one of 10 contenders for a fanclub name and voting through their daum cafe revealed ZE:A STYLE as the winner.
Colour: Unknown (?)


Fan Club Name: STAR1
Origin of Name: Starship Entertainment held a poll and STAR1 received the most number of votes. Additionally, if you combine the word STAR and the Korean word for one, you get STA(R) + IL = STYLE.
Colour: Fuschia


Fan Club Name: Say A
Origin of Name: The name was announced by Miss A via a video posted to their daum cafe in the hopes that fans will shout “Say A” at their performances.
Colour: Unknown (?)


Fan Club Name: Inspirit
Origin of Name: Woollim Entertainment held a poll and Inspirit received 70% of the vote.
Colour: Unknown (?)

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