a trip to IKEA, Damansara

October 25, 2011

as i mentioned in my recent posts, my parents were planning on going to IKEA, a furniture shop (i guess you could call it that ><) in Damansara near KL, and we went TODAY ^^ OHMYGOSH the mattresses are awesome! you will LITERALLY SINK in them! and EVERYTHING from what they're selling to how they sell it, to how they present it and to how their customer service is is PERFECT! five star! ^^

the journey by car from my home (in Ipoh) to IKEA (in Damansara) took exactly 2 and a half hours for us to reach (2 hours if you don't count the 30 minute break we had for breakfast). we arrived at the car park of IKEA at EXACTLY 10am, and the building (yes, IKEA is one whole building with three floors packed with furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, study rooms, gardens, typically EVERYWHERE) had just opened. now what's AWESOME about IKEA is that they come up with designs and interior designs for small spaces/houses, which is ideal for the people here in malaysia :D and they also come up with designs for your house/area of the house so that you'll have some ideas on how you want your house to look like :D you can actually LIVE there in that very building and be happy for the rest of your life XD (by the way, reason we're here is coz my family's gonna be moving to a new house soon :O

when we got inside, the first thing that we saw was the outdoor section (benches, umbrellas) coz it literally WAS outside

like a beach right? ^^

and inside are the furniture. first part which is downstairs is kind of a warehouse like area which you can buy ready to be assembled furniture, already assembled furniture, plates, cooking utensils, storage thingies and MUCH MUCH MORE :) the first part is AGAIN divided into two parts, the warehouse-like area and the more professional-like area~


mom wanted this so badly XD

professional-like area:


we were at the first floor until about 12.30++ and had a quick lunch at the Chicken Rice Shop downstairs (coz we were excited XD) and then went upstairs to the SECOND part of IKEA, which is the furniture with the designs, interior designs, concepts and LOAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDS of other stuff ^^ i'm not exaggerating! there really are a lot of things there! and also a lot of foreigners shopping! i don't really know how they're gonna take home a BED to their country, but to each his own O.O here are some of the displays there:


this is one of their displays there: the 55 metre square house. there was also a 35 metre square house but i didn;t take pictures of that O.O

this is the entrance, which will lead you to the living room

turn left and its this room.

right is the common bathroom

and straight is the master bedroom

left again is the dining room + kitchen which is connected to the living room

more displays:

it looks like the chair from 2NE1's i am the best MV XD

every time i see these kinds of lights, i think of BRITNEY SPEARS O.O

testing the pressure on the chair

see the curtain? that's a mini walk in closet...

...where i took a selca XD

this looks like a cartoon drawing! ^^

nightlights :D

children's workshops! ^^ kitchens and a tool workshop!

hexagonal mirrors...

...that my dad posed in XD

large walk in closet!

i want this double deck bed!!

again with the hexagonal mirrors XD they're a bit of a gold-ish hue and they cost RM 69 for 18 pieces

and did you know that IKEA, The Curve, Tesco and Bentley Music are all beside each other?? we could have like, lived there! XD we headed to Bentley Music after IKEA, so we passed The Curve to get there.


there's a music shop, a music academy and an auditorium

in this building, Courts is having a moving out, "all must go" sale, and LAPTOPS were on sale T^T

anyhoo, in Bentley, dad went crazy XD first he went to the acoustic guitars, then the electric guitars, then the keyboards, then the piano, then the drum, then the electric drum, then the electric guitars again XD


after Bentley, we went back to The Curve and had to pass by Tesco, so we bought ice cream cones :D at The Curve, we separated: i went to Borders and my parents went to Metrojaya. we met up later at my all time favourite 100 yen store DAISO and went back to Borders after that~

after grabbing sandwiches at Subway we headed home :D it was about 6.30 when we went about our way home, and it started raining~ we got home at about 9~ we brought home Dunkin' Donuts doughnuts for my sibs :D all in all i enjoyed today! :D i got the chance to bond with my parents, to roam around Damansara, to see awesome furniture and to lie on some killer mattresses :D hope for another day like this soon! ^^

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