October 20, 2011

=,= recently SOMEONE commented that all pictures that have me in it look like im about to SHIT =,= I HATE YOU FOR THAT!!! =,= people tell me i look CUTE, AWESOME and that i look GOOD but you say that i look like im about to SHIT??! Everyone around me keeps on repeating it and it annoys me to death! Did you think that just because you said it behind my back that i won't know??! And did you think that by saying that you'll change me??! == Everyone has their own look, and if I like how i look, and OTHERS like how i look, why should i care what you think?? Are you perfect that you have the right to say that about me? HELLO??! REALITY CHECK! You're not!! == to me, i look AWESOME and that's what counts == if you get offended, SORRY, but did you think that I MYSELF wouldn't be? ==

i am EROS.

我是 EROS.



and i ♥ myself

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