[20.10.11] The Social Network + SMTOWN Audition

October 20, 2011

another free day at home :( i actually wanna go back to school but im so frickin SCARED of the xun dao! *discipline department*! a lot of guys' hair have already been cut! i was lucky that i didn't come to school the first day they started O.O

anyhoo, i watched The Social Network this morning :) AWESOMEEEEE! power to you, MARK ZUCKERBERG!! ^^ care to give me some of your money?? XP dry joke~ sorry, sorry~

by the way, i've also recently visited SMTOWN's website and they have online auditions available! XP they accept people who audition in the fields of SINGING, DANCING, ACTING, MODELLING, COMEDY and other entertainment things~

erm, i was kinda dreaming and thought, if i auditioned for dancing and acting? and maybe even singing (which is impossible XP)? would it work out?? XP just dreaming though! >< who wouldn't dream? if SMTOWN DOES hold an audition here i malaysia, well, sure, why not? XD it wouldn't hurt just to audition right?? (i'm really hoping though XD SMTOWN! COME TO MALAYSIA!) who else wants to audition??! surely a lot! pei wo! XD let's audition together! ><

they're currently having an audition in kazakhstan~ and they don't offer english on their SM ACADEMY page -,-

there's no english and i cant use google translate coz the text are in pictures -,-
i just had to post heenim's face ><

all i could pick up thanks to my mediocre korean is that they have vocal techniques, acting, management, and music LESSONS O.O SM ACADEMY???! even college admission?? O.O i wanna try it out but my parents ae kinda big on future, be successful, make money, bla bla bla~ D:

information for the Kazakhstan audition:
click to enlarge

hmm, maybe i should start learning how to freestyle dance right now >< and a lot of people in school say that i act (aka exaggerate ><) very good LOL should i try???? D: im really interested in kpop~


its really coz of my parents -,- they keep on telling us to try a lot of things and make good use of our time, but every time i want to try something, they end up being against the idea and i get disheartened T^T that's why i all my sibs play instruments and i don't~ because i wanna DANCE but i dun dare to say =,= i'll get a scolding instead~

ultimate dream: get into SM ENTERTAINMENT XD let's do it together! ^^v

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