October 9, 2011

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT i went with ms NA OH MI, her mom, her sisters and sammi to Tower Regency for the Halloween party! XD honestly, the best part was when we were putting on the face paint and making ourselves look scarier ^^

all of us didn't have costumes XD we only put on the face paint XD

we arrived early so that we could be the first ones to have our face painted on~ the artist was really friendly XD and we had a chance to see the costumes of the people arriving! some of the costumes were really awesome and realistic while some were really...there's no other word for it...WEH!! XD the guitarist of the band! EEW MOUTH! my face was made into a KILLER CLOWN?? not really sure about that myself XD

no mood to arrange them anymore XD so that's just about it, nothing special~ the best thing is that we enjoyed ourselves :D (psi had a hard time removing the face paint coz there was a lot of eye shadow and when i totally got the face paint and the make-up off, the rings around my eyes were still black O.O and my butt hurt the next morning! XD) 


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