i dyed my hair brown :D

October 3, 2011

today, i used the Revlon Colorsilk 33 and dyed my hair!! woohoo! i've used this dye two times now and i like it coz not only is it brown, but it has some red tints to it too~ me, my bro and my sis shared only ONE box last time coz we still had school and we didn't want it to be obvious, but now that i used one whole bottle on myself, i am PUPMED :D results? wait and find out!! ^^

so when i woke up, i researched on the Revlon Colorsilk 33 (since i was waiting for mom to come home to help me) and i found out that the Revlon Colorsilk is not only ammonia-free (says so in the box) but also perfect for a natural effect! AWESOME

REVLON ColorSilk in 33
(Box, the thing that you squeeze the dye out of and the color thing that you mix in it >< i don't know what they're called~)

in videos i watched, most of them recommended not shampooing the day before dyeing your hair, which is good coz i didn't (i only bathed once >< HOLIDAY) and i hadn't taken my bath yet~ so when mom arrived, we started!


in the process (>< PIMPLES!)

I did this in our living room, just in front of our front door coz even though the mirror is the same size, there's more space in here that in the toilet~

i  think there was still 1/4 of the bottle left~ i didn't get to use it all up coz my mom already put a lot (i really do mean A LOT) of dye~ after waiting for 15 MINUTES, i headed upstairs to wash my hair, and to take my bath (this was about 2.++ pm already) LOL

this is a specially formulated conditioner for people who just dyed their hair~

my Starwalk shirt T^T i didn't wash my hair thoroughly behind my head before i took my shirt off~

i then dried my hair~ i was a bit disappointed coz i couldn't see the brown i my hair right after i dried it, i took pictures of myself with and without flash, but they were still the same~ 

kept staring at a mirror~

i could only see the brown THROUGH my hair -,-

it wasn't until my sis and my bro got home and my sis screamed at me: "YOUR HAIR IS SO BROWN!!" but when i looked in the mirror, -,- BLACK! so she helped me take a picture!

the brownness of my hair! XD is that a word?

i edited it and looked how it turned out!

but this is what ms NA OH MI said -,-

well, Shindong's famous, so THANKS :D until the next blogpost!

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