How to make your own Suzy (miss A) cat ears

October 24, 2011

all credits go to ckpipwn from youtube :D i followed her steps and succeeded! ^^ a point to taking d.i.y steps from a youtube video! ^^ just follow her video and you'll get a pair of Suzy cat ears! ^^

first of all, the materials you'll need are:

cardboard (preferably from a cereal box)


black felt cloth


black thread and needle

stuffing (i used tissue coz like in ckpipwn's video, i didn't have teddy bear stuffing ><)


and a hairband

if you follow all the steps in this video:

you'll get Suzy cat ears like i did! ^^

no hairband though -,- gotta find one~ anyhoo THAT'S THAT! ^^ just had to blog about this, nothing cool's happened so im kinda in a bored state here at home -,- gonna be going to Damansara in KL this week though (i hope so ><) to check out some furniture from IKEA~ i heard from my mom that the place was MASSIVE and filled to the brim with awesome furniture~ until the next post! ^^ byeee!!

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