America's Next Top Model (Cycle 16) Top 4

October 5, 2011

so i woke up this morning and LITERALLY had nothing else to do, so i switched on the tv and HEY! ANTM is on!! me and my bro and sis LOVE the Next Top Model shows (i heart tyra banks!!) and since i didn't get to watch it a lot coz i had classes, i decided to catch up on what was happening

its now down to the top 4 of cycle 16 and they're in Morocco! AWESOME! the last four are Molly, Alexandria, Hannah and Brittani, which is my favourite XD Molly won the shoot though~ which i agree on coz OMG she lookes great~ but OMG again! they ate GOAT BRAINS!! EEW!


the judges said she looked like she lost her arm -,- but it rocks! BRITTANI

this is like a princess in a prince outfit - ALEXANDRIA

i really like the hair coz its interesting, but in my opinion, RANDOM EXPRESSION -,-, HANNAH

who will be America's Next Top Model?? ^^

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