Sungkyunkwan Scandal quotes

October 26, 2011

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Episode 1.
LSJ: I don’t care if you hate me, but if you say that I am wrong, I will not tolerate it.
Bookstore owner: How can a real man not even have this bit of courage, and work so hard, earning such little money?
KYH: I may live my life trying to earn the little money, But there are two things that I will definitely not do. One, is to steal another person’s ricebowl,and the other, is to have to look at those officials in the eye, and write dishonest words. If I take the exam in someone else’s place, then wouldn’t I be doing both of the above? At the same time and same place too. This isn’t the methods of a real man.
CS: If you want to get a man’s heart, you definitely cannot give it to them. Your gaze, your heart, or your touch, You definitely cannot give it to them.
A scholar that only knows words, and strong righteousness, but fails to understand the lives of normal citizens, If those who sell their words for food are considered as thieves,then are those who sell their words for power considered as loyal? If such people are allowed to handle a blade, then he would be a knife wielding murderer If there is someone who could be a thief,that person, would be me.
LSJ: My actions were somewhat impolite, seeing what a mess the examination hall was, as a scholar myself, I felt totally shamed. I am really embarassed. A lowly scholar like myself feels this way, but you elites from SungKyunKwan, do not seem to feel any shame? Yet, you are proud of the fact that you are SungKyunKwan students, and lord your way around in broad daylight.
HIS: What you say is true. The so-called true path of the scholar, if you enter SungKyunKwan, I would like to consult you on this. I will be waiting for you. But, tolerating your unruly behavior, today will be the last time.
LSJ: And tolerating your inappropriate behavior as a senior, today will be the last time as well.
YH: He’s smart, he’s good-looking. I feel oddly attracted to him. Not the one in the back. The one in front.
KING: Lee Seon Joon, you say. A son who ruins the celebratory plate of his own father. Amusing. He is an amusing kid.
PJ: However your Highness, he is the son of the Noron faction’s leader.
KING: A son of Noron. Because he is the son of the men who demoted you to SungKyunKwan, I must distance myself from him. Is that what you’re saying?
PJ: Please excuse me.
KING: That is why he interests me more.
LM: I’m glad that he is to your liking.
KING: Not only was he to my liking, the only thing that is worthwile for this body, that has been watching over SungKyunKwan all these years, is to be able to uprear talented people like your son.
LM: Regarding my son’s youthful immaturity, I hope you will excuse him for it but-
KING: There cannot be any sons from the Noron faction who are affected by today. Who is to say that education comes solely from books? The most important education comes from the family.
YH’S MOM: A government official came by. He brought it saying that someone here must have lost it during the chaos that occurred at the Examination Hall. Yoon Hee, do you know the severity of the crime you’ve committed? Using the name of someone else, and entering the Examination Hall though you’re a girl. As men and women are differentiated and the laws of the land are strict, even if you had died for your crime, you would have nothing to say for yourself.
YH: I apologize, mother.
YH’S MOM: If asked whose fault this was, I would blame myself. When you, a young girl, assured that you would repay the 100 Nyang debt, no, when you began to work under Yoon Shik’s name as a writer to pay for Yoon Shik’s medicine, I should have tried to stop you. Blinded by the need to save Yoon Shik, I almost cornered you into a dangerous place. This cannot continue any longer. From now on, live as a girl. Take shelter from the rain under the eaves of a man, and live as a girl.
YH: Mother, never again, never again will something like this happen. For the debt, I will work harder at my writing and-
YH’S MOM: Do you still not understand? In the entire land, the only women who live off of their talents are gisengs. Yoon Hee, your writing skills are poison to you.
SD: Woah, what kind of man is this beautiful? Huh, you could fall for him.
LSJ: Even if I have to search all the bookstores in this city, I must find him.
KYH: I’ve come to repay your kindness more than our debt, your Excellency.
MOW: Repay my kindness?
KYH: Your Excellency is a savior who saved my brother. However,  the public will now point fingers at you for buying a young girl with money for your own pleasure. I hope that our savior is not whisked in a needless scandal because of me. Though this is not enough, if you give me more time, I will repay the rest with as much care as if I’m repaying your kindness.
MOW: Do you think I would be scared of your threats?
KYH: According to Chinese strategy books, it is wisest not to fight and keep off misfortune, and a renowned general avoids fighting the enemy he fears.If there is someone your Excellency must be afraid of, it is the public. I only believed that as the Minister of War for this country, you would choose to keep off misfortune.
MOW: A girl who knows her strategy well. Good. You’re better than I expected. Yes, what you’ve said is true. I was being thoughtless. So I think it would be best if you repay your debts right now. Before the public becomes aware of it. Right now. Also, I like that strong and fast mind of yours. It is not wrong for a man to pursue a woman he has in mind. So, I must make you my wife.
KYH: Thank you. I was able to avoid misfortune thanks to you. Thank you so much. Um- Let me repay your kindness.
MJS: Repayment. If you want to do that, never appear in front of me ever again. I don’t want to see a dim-witted person like you again. Don’t bow your head to anyone. Don’t kneel for anyone. It will become a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it will be hard to fix.
LM: The world now has its eyes on you. Everyone will wait for your mistakes. That is what happens when you go into government service. Remember this, the most foolish man in the world is the man who boasts of his wisdom. If the road of a scholar is one that polishes wisdom..Going into government service begins with hiding that wisdom.
LSJ: I do not wish to hide it. You said that opening the meaning of books to the world was the job of a government office. However, if I must hide my wisdom and through away my principles, what makes it anything other than hunting for that government post?
LM: You wish to attain power yet keep your honor. It is not a bad thing. However, you are the eldest son of the Jinsung Lee family. Make sure to carefully consider every word you speak.
LSJ: Why did you say that you would help me?
GYH: Aw~ I thought you would be grateful. If you aren’t, I’ll just have to leave then.
LSJ: It’s just that you have no reason to help me.
GYH: Reason…Are you really curious? Friendship for a future fellow scholar I shall be living near. A heated loyalty for a fellow guy who may be my friend. A kind heart that wishes for someone else’s deepest desire to come true. You couldn’t honestly have expected answers like these, right? For. Fun. I want to see how far you would go. There is only one way for you to find him. It is dangerous and it involves a big sacrifice. Are you still willing to do it?
LSJ: It is something I have set out to do.
GYH: Do not be so angry. The pleasures of schemes and entrapments always come from a reversal in the plot.
KYH: Do not tell me, you do not have money on you.
LSJ: I will give it to you when I retake the test. I can assure you.
KYH: You lead the way. Even if I have to barge into your bedchamber, I will definitely get the money.
LSJ: I, Lee Seon Joon, will not go back on my word over a mere fifty nyang.
KYH: A mere fifty nyang?
LSJ: This is a promise between us two men. I will definitely return you the money. Let us meet at the exam in two days’ time.
KYH: I will not attend the exam, so you have to…return the book money to the bookstore by tomorrow at the latest.
LSJ: Then, who do I ask for?
KYH: Kim Yoon Shik. Look for Kim Yoon Shik.
LSJ: Scholar Kim Yoon Shik. You should take the exam using that name. Are you not resentful of the people who achieve power by selling their knowledge? Do you not hope that politics can care for the poor starving commoners? Then you should become an upright official, so do not just write it on my garments, but express your ideals on the exam paper for His Royal Highness to see. It would be a shame to waste your great literary talents substituting for others.Rich or poor, high ranking or low ranking, not dependent on pulling strings, anyone can become an official through their efforts.
KYH: You really believe in that? You think it can be achieved by just taking an imperial exam? I…Do not think of the great Joseon country to be that way.
MOW: By then, would you be able to secure the passing of your son?
LM: There is no choice.
MOW: What?
LM: If he cannot overcome even the slightest bit of problem, it will not be of any use to us even if he makes it as an official.
KING: The paper that you submitted, is undoubtedly the best out of the bunch. However, it is not suitable for you to hire a substitute.
LSJ: Kim Yoon Shik was really hired by me as a substitute, Your Highness. The Kim Yoon Shik that I know, is not only highly proficient in the classics and poetry, but also has a kind heart that cares for the poor and needy commoners. Because of his poor family background and the constant strifes beween the political powers, his chances of becoming an official were slim, so he originally did not even consider taking the exam. So…
KING: Are you trying to give him a chance? For Kim Yoon Shik?
LSJ: This is also for my own path. If a man of Kim Yoon Shik’s talents cannot pass the imperial exam. If the premise of a rich family background and a good political connection were the standards to which a man can become an official, if this was what made the great Joseon, then I think… Then I was planning on declining my acceptance.
KING: So you are saying that you brought Kim Yoon Shik as a substitute just to test me? Is that what you meant to do?
LSJ: If I were to become an official now, Your Highness would be the commander I would follow until I die. A man must not fear death.
KING: What? Making a fool out of me while disregarding the law of the land, I will not lightly forgive the two of you. I shall give Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon the most severe punishment. Kim Yoon Shik, stand up and let me look at your face properly.  Go to Sungkyunkwan! I order Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon to live at Sungkyunkwan, [Receiving education while residing at Sungkyunkwan] where you will continually study day and night, holding on to your virtuous beliefs, and return back to serve me. The Joseon that the two of you dreamt about. is what I want to see. This is my command to you. Your face, it really is unforgettable Nok Bin Hong An, should be describing people like you right? [Nok Bin Hong An: Jet Black Hair And A Pretty Face] Up until now, no one has ever submitted such an honest scroll. Kim Yoon Shik I, will remember this face.
LSJ: I am correct. Anyone recognized by me, Lee Seon Joon, – will definitely pass.
KYH: – I told you right? – I told you right? That I do not care about any imperial exam. What kind of hero, that died for the country would covet these things? I’ll just leave it to you people who live life without meaning, for thousands and thousands of years onwards.
LSJ: You should admit it. Joseon isn’t as bad as you think it is.
KYH: Are you saying that Joseon is charming or something? And what matter does that have with me? What can such a glorious Joseon do for me?
LSJ: I have thought wrong. You’re just like them. Instead of being self-motivated, you just hold your grudges to a side, and only care about hating the world, you leave no possibility to see what chances you have in front of you.
KYH: Such cold-blooded humanity. If I had known this would happen, it would have been good. Then I wouldn’t have had to go through this hassle. Like I said, stop acting so arrogant and give me my money. The money that you promised me. Including a day’s interest, all of it!
LSJ: The allowance too, given to the students, is not little. But to think that you can’t even do such little calculations, You wouldn’t be of any assistance to the citizens even if you became an official.
YH’S MOM: Sungkyunkwan?
KYH: I am sorry Mother.
YH’S MOM: And to board there as well? Which means you’ll need to share a dorm life with men? No. This is not possible.
KYH: But, this is the King’s orders, Mother. I cannot refuse.
YH’S MOM: What did I tell you? Didn’t I say that studying is poison to you?
KYH: It’s because I wanted to live as a human. I do not want to be sold off to pay the debt. If I entered into the Byung Pan’s family,  no matter how glorious the house and clothes are. My whole life, will not be lived as a human, but as a woman who is only worth 100 nyang. I do not want to determine prices just because of others, and sell myself out. Compared to that, I’d rather go to Sungkyunkwan.
YH’S MOM: Yoon Hee.
KYH: Going to Sungkyunkwan, will allow me to heal Yoon Shik with my own ability. And I can improve on my craftsmanship and we also receive allowances. Compared to being oppressed everyday, and being taunted by everyone. Instead, this other path is one that makes me feel human, Mother.
KING: You say he’s called Kim Yoon Shik right? “Nok Bin Hong An” [T/N: Term used to describe a pretty face] Having such a pretty face, yet having the quality of a swan He’s an interesting fellow. It’s really been a while. A genius that can make me so worked up, Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon The lives of these two in Sungkyunkwan. Don’t you reckon it’s worth anticipating?
PJ: I have begun to understand, why, Your Highness, has sent me to Sungkyunkwan.
YH’S MOM: Yoon Hee, I didn’t send you there because you wanted to, but because I wanted you to. So if there’s any punishment to be taken in the future, it will be all on my account. No matter who it is, you cannot let them know that you’re a girl. Even if you feel humiliated, even if you feel angry, you must withstand it, and have self pride.
YOON SHIK: Hey, Kim Yoon Shik. You have to live up to this name.
KYH: Do you know me?
SKK GUARD: “Nok Bin Hong An” Even though you’re not as pretty as I expected, but still, not bad.
KYH: Ah really, what nonsense are you saying?
SKK GUARD: Don’t you look at the mirror?
SD: In my whole life, I’ve only thought that my master stands out of the crowd. But he’s just too pretty! If you didn’t know, they’ll definitely think he’s a girl. Right?
LSJ: Such insulting words, sounds like what ‘someone’ would say. Soon Dol.
SD: That’s true, how can a girl enter Sungkyunkwan anyway? It’s not as if they’re looking to die.
KYH: Studying literature and searching for the truth is what a scholar should do right? In the midst of all the books around you, is there any one, that says you can throw food of a poor family’s onto the ground?
KYH: Thank you, about just now. He is the son of a military officer, and sounds quite powerful. Maybe because I offended him publicly, I feel worried.
LSJ: If it’s that, then don’t worry. I didn’t do it for anyone, but to protect my own principles.
KYH: If you speak just like Confucius all the time, who would want to be with you?
“Maybe this is why they say that a short night lacks nothing of a long night. This short night of ecstasy, I would not exchange it, even for the longest of nights.”
GYH: So it is because of that? You think that the Welcoming Ceremony has rules that are useless and nonsensical, to the point that it should not be followed? So, even though you did go to the minister of Military Affairs’ house, you said that you did not go? You would rather be soaked in a urine pond, than be manipulated around by childish games. Is this your pride? Or is this your stubborn temper? Or even,defiance? It was created for guys like you, this Welcoming Ceremony. Young Masters who come from noble families, who have never bowed their heads to anyone… Insufferable arrogant jerks like you. These things were created to put down superior people like yourself. Why? Because this is SungKyunKwan. No matter who your father is, how many houses your family have, everyone here is a freshman when they first enter. So stop being so imperious, and stop being so conceited. This is a lesson from the Seniors. Don’t take it too seriously.
LSJ: But from the looks of it… Senior, you have never gone through the Welcoming Ceremony. No Scholar have worn such luxurious apparel that you always seem to be wearing. You’re simply flaunting the wealth of your Father by wearing silk garments.
GYH: Very intelligent. His Royal Highness does indeed have an intuition on the judgments of people.
MJS: You’re saying that I’m a Noron? Jerk. That is the most revolting thing I’ve ever heard.
LSJ: Unnecessary expectations, are bad for your health, Head Scholar.
HIS: I am sorry, Kim Yoon Shik. I am apologizing to you on their behalf. But don’t feel regretful, for these are the warm hearts of the Seniors that are keen on teaching their Juniors. Depending on your choice, SungKyunKwan… Can either be heaven, or hell, Kim Yoon Shik. Just which tree will you hide under to avoid the rain? It should be time for you to consider your options. Since His Royal Highness likes to make exceptions, ignoring the laws and the order of things by directly allowing you to become a SungKyunKwan Scholar. Therefore, use your intelligent brain well. No matter where and when, I will always be watching over you. Your voice, your footsteps, your breath…  Everything. So Kim Yoon Shik, don’t you ever make me angry again. I do not want to show you who I, Ha In Soo, am… by hurting your small, woman-like figure. I do not want to do such a burdensome thing.
PROF JUNG: Intellect is not found in the answer, but in the question. The world that I showed everyone, is slowly starting to fade. A so-called teacher, is just that insignificant. But, those who can question things themselves are those who will be able to find answers.
MJS: Hey, Noron. Just pick one. Either you deal with matters like a person, or you deal with them like a Noron. Just do one.
LSJ: What do you mean?
MJS: The freshmen have all gone to the Scholar’s Village.
LSJ: We only talk about meaningless things when gathering together. I definitely won’t do it.
MJS: You, why did you come to SungKyunKwan?
LSJ: Of course it is for the knowledge.
MJS: Such an obvious lie. If you keep on doing that it will become a habit. Knowledge. With money, why couldn’t you have hired a private tutor? With a good brain, just reading the books will enlighten you. This SungKyunKwan, is precisely for those things. It is a place for the young scholars to gather into groups. “In the Heavens and Earth, I reign supreme.” We don’t need such a person here.
LSJ: Senior, you don’t seem to suit SungKyunKwan yourself.
MJS: I got caught. I can leave this place anytime, but you’re different. If you want to take the Official Imperial Exams, you need to have the points. [Points: The grade given to a SungKyunKwan Scholars during their time of studies] If you want to be an official, then you need to have friends. This is the real reason why you are in SungKyunKwan. Remember this well. Ultimately, you, and those that you hate, the people from the Noron Faction, are exactly the same. So don’t you keep hanging around in front of me, saying how you gave up your faction bias, moving those limbs, pretending to be human, because a fool like me will get confused.
KYH: Despicable fellow! Unfeeling fellow! Unreasonable fellow! You are all worse than him! Even that hateful man, Lee Seon Joon, won’t do such despicable things like you. A bunch of grown-up men slyly talking behind a person’s back. Aren’t you ashamed? If you’re not satisfied with your results, you should look for Professor Jung! No, if it was me, I would have gone already! Regardless of Lee Seon Joon or Professor Jung, if I use my ability to disgrace and prove them wrong, then that’s victory!
TRIO: Hey, Kim Yoon Shik, don’t you hate Lee Seon Joon too?
KYH: I hate him! You guys cannot imagine how much I hate him. But even so… This is not right. Lee Seon Joon, today, was not wrong at all. And this, you all know it in your hearts.
TRIO: Alright! As expected, our Yoon Shik is a respectable figure. He’s forgiving and understanding.
CS: What a man can buy with money and power, is just a night with a woman. And the man who can capture a woman’s heart. Even though he may have nothing, he can have it forever. Even prostitutes have principles they wish to live up to.
MOJ: When are you going to stop wasting your life?! Can you still face your brother who has passed away?!
MJS: Do you have any right to scold me? I can bear with everyone’s judgments and comments, but not you, Father. Do not worry about me again. It makes me sick to hear it.
KYH: It’s not what Lee Seon Joon thinks, it’s what I think. Is it wrong for governors to stay in the Eastern dormitories? You say I won’t be able to survive if I go against the student body President. President, with such authority, So, if a Noron staying in the Eastern dormitories is wrong, then you, President, with the authority, why can’t you change the rules? If all the scholars go according to the allocations of Eastern and Western dormitories, Scholar Lee Seon Joon will have to follow.
HIS: How about I’ll teach you something? At the archery shootout, the person you should want to win, is not anyone else, but yourself. You, the person who is afraid of the arrow. This, is what I wish to teach you.
LSJ: If you’re going to see the Student Body President, Please stop.
MJS: Why? Are you siding with the Norons now?
LSJ: This all happened because of me Isn’t it right that I be the one to settle this?
KYH: Forgive me
PJ: A girl that has entered Sungkyunkwan…dares to ask for forgiveness Just why did you enter Sungkyunkwan?
KYH: To survive I… just sought to survive. I had to earn money for my mother and my sick brother I was just sitting for the exam to support my family. And it came to this. It’s the truth. Please believe me teacher.
PJ: I’ve never had a girl as my pupil. Moreover, I’ve never had a dim-wit making excuses… as my pupil. You and your family who have deceived the king, and disobeyed the establishment, won’t be able to escape punishment by death.
KYH: My family is innocent. If you seek to punish, punish me alone. I will accept any punishment.
PJ: It was you who confessed…that you’ve committed this crime because of your sick brother and your single mother. How would those who caused you to do this… be spared of their lives? Do you understand now? Excuses and justifications can’t solve anything.
LSJ: It was cowardly! It was right for that arrow to be for me, and not Kim Yoon Shik.
HIS: It’s my last warning. Come to the western dorm with the rest of the Norons. If so, I will give you the position as the western dorm’s chief. If you want, I can nominate you as the next Student Body President.
LSJ: If I refuse, what will happen?
HIS: This is why you’re still a novice. Because of your useless pride, Noron. Soron. Namin. Your team came to symbolize the group for political harmony.
LSJ: Is political harmony…wrong?
HIS: Political harmony? Harmony with no regards to political parties? I don’t believe in such ridiculous wordplay. “Political harmony” is a lie concocted by the king, by combining the powers of the Sorons and Namins… to drive us, Norons, out. If your team were to win at the Dae Sa Rae, you would be endorsing the king’s goal for political harmony in front of all the officials.  You would be cheering him on. Toward the Noron party, no, toward your father, do you intend to shoot the arrow?
LSJ: President, what you said is correct. What it would mean for our group to win at the Dae Sa Rae, I didn’t think of it. That’s why… I must do it. Winning it.
HIS: What?
LSJ: Whether the king’s goal to achieve political harmony is mere ridiculous wordplay, or whether you’re blinded by your excessive desire for power, without trying, how would I know?
MJS: As a man, I guess you don’t want to be caught crying. Stay. I’ll leave. Hey, Daemul! go ahead and cry out loud.
MJS: (shoot an arrow to HIS, barely missing him) How it feels to be played around…at the expense of your life. Make sure you remember it well Otherwise the next one (an arrow) will be going here.
HYE: Love makes it work out. If they’re going to break up at the end, what kind of cruelty is it to make the characters suffer so much?
PJ: It’s the pure passion of a scholar wanting to know the truth. Are you aware that passion comes with responsibility, Scholar Gu Yong Ha?
KING: Parents consider their children who’ve passed before them as sinners, and thus, bury them in their heart. But children seek to find and hold onto the feet of their parents who’ve they lost. It’s the way of humans.
“Sa saeng Chwi Eu” (“choosing what’s right  even if it means losing your life”)
PJ: What are you doing there?
KYH: Ssshhh!
PJ: If you’re that cold, you can study in your room.
KYH: Mother won’t let me, saying studying literature is poison for a girl.
PJ: Then quit. You won’t be cold so it’ll be good.
KYH: You’re truly strange. Why do you tell me to follow my mother’s wishes, without asking me about my wishes? I’m not my mother. I’m me.
PJ: I’m saying it because you seem to be having a hard time. 
KYH: Thanks to it, I’m the fastest scribe in this neighborhood.
KING: Kim Yoon Shik “Nok Bin Hong Ahn” (means: beautiful face), that Kim Yoon Shik is really Kim Seung Hun’s son?  Hey, Professor Jung
PJ: Yes, Your Majesty.
KING: I did think he was courageously noble, unfitting of his pretty face. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.He must take after his father. I must go meet that child.
KYH: I’m going to stop now.
LSJ: You haven’t started yet
KYH: Because I’m exhausted.. Because I’m exhausted, I can’t do it anymore!
LSJ: You say you are exhausted so easily. Kim Yoon-shik Even until now, you haven’t held a bow properly even once. For how much longer… are you going to force the bow and arrow upon yourself? Why don’t you think to look at the target?
MJS: Hey Noron Is your head so full how you’re going to get the King to recognize you?. Is that all you’re thinking of? Success. Power. Except for these things, you know nothing, huh? – You Noron bastard.
KYH: – Sunbae.
MJS: An arrow almost pierced at his head. Can’t you see that this guy is scared?
LSJ: If, because of fear, he walks away now… then he will never be able to hold a bow again. Through excuses and justifications..there is nothing that changes.
KYH: Excuses? Justifications? Don’t say those words so easily.. because it was so important to me! While you were leisurely shooting arrows, I was busy trying to make ends meet that I’ve never even touched a bow before. You You are, needless to say, Lee Sun Joon. I’m of a Namin background with no family to boast of. I can’t even remember my father’s face and am pitiful.. because I’m Kim Yoon Shik
LSJ: That’s why I’m telling you to grasp this opportunity. If you were to win at the Dae Sa Rae, the doors would be open for you to become a government official.
KYH: So? You’re saying this is for me again? Do you know what happened to my life because of you? You… think you can change the world if you put your mind to it, right? But honestly, you have no idea how the real world works. You’re just a precious young lord. Government official, you said? Grasp the opportunity? The opportunity that you take for granted Is to me an impossible miracle.
LSJ: It is a miracle. Do you know?
KYH: Don’t be so all-knowing in front of my face anymore otherwise I’ll feel like killing you
HIS: What I want…is for Lee Seon Jun to come to me himself and obey. I’m giving him the opportunity to be one of my men.
LSJ: This left arm..Today is the first day that it holds a bow. Just like Kim Yoon-shik I plan to do “mol gi” with my left arm. “It’s the highest level that at one time, five arrows are shot at the target.” If a miracle is needed, I plan to make one. If I succeed at “mol gi”, Then, you, Kim Yoon Shik shall hold the bow again. I plan to participate in the DaeSaRae  and in order to do that, I need you.
GYH: It worked out as you wanted. You would be able to compete with Lee Seon Jun. I thought you’d be happy. It’s unexpected. Don’t worry! With that skill, Lee Seon Jun is no match for you. And moreover, Geol Oh won’t be helping him.
HIS: That makes me feel worse Why is he risking his life for a fight without a chance? Those foolish beings… really get on my nerves.
GYH: What are you daydreaming about, Dae Mul?
KYH: Ah, sunbae For sunbae… why did you come to Sungkyunkwan?
GYH: Me? For me… this frustrating Joseon society, and this pitiful class rank(status) system, I wanted to resist it.
PY: “Yok Sung Gi Eui Ja”
KYH: Yes
PY: “Yok Sung Gi Eui Ja” Next?
KYH: It’s “Sun Chi Gi Ji.”
PY: What does it mean?
KYH: In order for your thoughts and your will to be true, you must first gain knowledge.
PY: They explain “Gyuk Mool Chi Ji.” Kim Yoon shik, Pass with flying colors.
KYH: Yes ?
PY: You passed with flying colors the exam for this month. For reciting it without pausing, it’s a pass. And for your effort in preparation, it’s a pass as well.
KYH: How did you know my name?
PY: Your exam response on being a loyal subject… was well, pretty decent. Take it (refering to a book KYH is eyeing) When I came into the Sungkyunkwan my teacher gave me that book.
KYH:It is too valuable for me to have.
PY: Then in the future, you too can pass it down when you meet a smart pupil.
KYH: What are you doing? In the rain? With those injuries?
LSJ: I’ve said it before if you need a miracle I’ll make one for you.
KYH: I too told you clearly don’t pretend you know everything about me to me… why are you being like this to me?
LSJ: WHY? See! Being a Noron son – the fact you mock – is not that pleasant or fun. In this world, nobody can.. choose his parents or be born the way he wants. The one thing that we can choose is just one thing. Today how I am going to live it. It’s only that. Did you say you’re a ruined Namin family’s son? You must feel wronged because the world chained you so unfairly. You probably want to complain too. So are you just going to feel wronged and pity yourself for the rest of your life? What do you know about me? Yes, it is true that this world that has chained you is an abhorrent one but freeing yourself of those chains…  Kim Yoon-shik it’s your share. Every person is getting ready to stand in front of their target. No one can get rid of that debt until every last arrow is shot. Above all, Kim Yoon-shik It is impossible to hit the target with a crooked arrow.
MJS: Hey, Daemul! I don’t like to see you lifelessly suffering like this. Listen well, Daemul! If from now on that punk or whoever raises even a finger against you Then, you will use your fists. Like this. (places a finger guard on her thumb)
KYH: This…
MJS: Now it won’t hurt. (shows her how to shoot an arrow) Like that.
KYH: I can’t leave… no, I won’t leave
PJ: What?
KYH: You cannot kick me out of Sungkyunkwan. Kim Yoon-shik is not my name. But the exam response that His Majesty approved of,  that was definitely written by me. Also the person who assigned me to take classes at Sungkyunkwan, was His Majesty. Therefore, How is it that everything is my fault?
PJ:Your insolence now seeks to accuse the king.
KYH: I am merely asking what crime I have committed. Learning is.. for the citizens, you said. Is a girl … not a citizen then?
PJ: Learning at home alone is enough for girls. Sungkyunkwan is.. a place to develop those who will be public servants. It’s not possible for a girl.
KYH: Men and women are..different, is that why?
PJ: Yes
KYH: Then if they aren’t different, what happens? If I, a girl.. was no different from the other scholars.. then what happens then?
PJ: What?
KYH: You, professor, had said.. that learning should be questioned.. that the obvious things in this world should be questioned, did you not?
PJ: What is it that you want to say?
KYH: A Chance… Please give me a chance. For the first time in my life.. The world I showed you has disappeared and is now gone. however Those who ask will get an answer. what learning is.. I have questioned, for the first time. (Scholar Kim Yoon Shik, sit for the exam under that name.) For the first time in my life.. I met someone who has acknowledged my talents. (This…Now it won’t hurt anymore) For the first time in my life.. I met someone who has taken my side. Please give me this kind of opportunity. Please let me throw questions at this world. A chance to dream of a new world, please allow me to do that.
PJ: fine… I won’t disclose that you’re a girl but this.. is not to save your life it’s because i can’t taint the reputation of sungkyunkwan, and also, because I can’t dishonor His Majesty’s Royal Command Further, I.. do not intend to keep you at Sungkyunkwan did you say men and women are not different?
KYH: yes
PJ: do you think that a girl can compete equally with men? as a girl who can’t even properly hold a bow, you mean you can compete with the guys and even become the champion?
KYH: if I succeed, would you give me a chance?
PJ: if you fail, I’ll order that you be expelled right away nd punish you for your arrogance your brother, Kim Yoon Shik, his name will be removed from the scholar register so the national law will be established by strick application and you who’ve deceived the king and disobeyed the establishment, shall pay with your death you will regret your arrogance and repent for daring to test the difference between a man and a woman within the walls of Sungkyunkwan, you’re not a girl furthermore, no one must know that you’re a woman don’t ever forget that’s the only way to save yourself and your family.
KYH: you have to teach me I must become a champion at DaeSaRae
LSJ: is there something wrong?
KYH: that thing called miracle I too need that thing called miracle now
HIS: KYS, you must work harder. there’s someone whom I want to make admit defeat  in the presence of the King and all the Officials he who dirties sungkyunkwan with ideas of political harmony that knows no political parties and family background, The King and some guy who’s very similar to this king so you must come up to the final round using whatever means available there must not be a happening where my plan fails because of you ah… if you want, I can still continue to teach you like the last time
KYH: that’s enough, Student President will you wait for us? at the final round  what you taught me earlier, now it’s my time to respond
HIS: is that right?
KYH: if I became a champion at the DaeSaRae, will that be a sufficient answer? then, you apologize did you call us a ragtag group that knows no political parties and family background? for mocking me and my family, apologize and you’d have to acknowledge that I’m a sungkyunkwan scolar whom The King personally selected
HIS: is arrogance an infectious disease among your roommates? I must cure that illness I’ll wait at the final round
LSJ: a champion who can’t even pull the bow correctly?! I acknowledge that..your reckless bravery.. is that of a champion
KYH: Do you.. do you think I can do it??
LSJ: who knows it will be hard your shoulder is too weak the arm used to pull the bowstring is also thin and small your breathing is unstable too on top of that, your legs is not strong enough to support your body however… if you made your mind to go to the ends to win this competition, won’t there be a way?
LSJ: just do it thirty times then I’ll plant you firmly on the ground even if you want to fly away
LSJ: although it is the arm that shoots the arrow the power to make the arrow flies come from the lower body this is the breathing technique to increase your lower abdomen strength depending on your breathing at the instant you pull the string you can hit the bullseye or miss it so it’s not something you should ever dismiss..
KYH: hold up if it’s breath training you’re talking about, I’ve done it everyday since I was born without stopping what I need to learn right now is.. how to hold the bow, how to hit the bullseye, and how to become the champion
LSJ: you don’t know this? it is as if someone who doesn’t even know how to read, wants to become a government official by writing an essay shooting an arrow is done by the bow, you think? then? it’s the person shooting arrows without your body being the best it can be.. is useless even if you learn how to hold a bow for a hundred days
HIS: it seems you plan to participate in DaeSaRea you made a good decision, Geol Oh
MJS: mind your own business what’s with the complement
HIS: it’s a match I’ve waited for a long time it would be unfair not to compete in DaeSaRae because of yor habbit of wandering around for me and for your precious roommates don’t make such an effort..
MJS: I am not a kind of person who is manipulated by you
HIS: you know, you, Moon Jae Shin.. don’t know what a head-on victory is you walk around glaring.. a mere street tug often times, it must be confusing taht girl-like, Kim Yoon Shik also.. plans to beat me as a rival and become the champion
MJS: you must be busy, trying to practice.. you can’t lose against that girly boy since you are the Sungkyunkwan’s student body president
PY: scholar Kim Yoon Shik possesses great talent in archery it took him 5 days to pull a string
PJ: he still has a long way to go to hit the bullseye
PY: but he’s bearing it despite being behind the others, even so, he didn’t give up what greater talent does a person need besides this?
MJS: pathetic guy..
KYH: sunbae!
MJS: foolish punk even if I handed a bow and arrow to a calf at Banchon, it would do better than you
KYH: sunbae!
MJS: for guys, like you, who can’t do it after trying and trying… there’s only one solution
KYH: what is that?
MJS: at times like these, alcohol is medicine a tightening feeling you don’t know this, do you?
KYH: a t..tightening feeling, you said?
MJS:in archery, you don’t give up till the end, but wait.. until the moment you think you’re done that is called a taste of tightening
KYH: a taste of tightening
MJS: with this condition of your hand, how are you going to make it till the end? that’s why you keep missing the bullseye what is it for you? success or pride?
KYH: excuse me?
MJS: DaeSaRae why do you want to become a champion?
KYH: I wanted to show them that I can do it. that they can believe in me I want to show it to myself in  this world, there needs to be at least one person who believes me
MJS: did you learn that from Lee Seun Jun?
KYH: you speak well this, I learned from you so, you’re going to regret it if you don’t show up
MJS: what?
KYH: perhaps you don’t have the confidence to win? if so, then don’t worry because I’ll take care of everything sunbae, you just fulfill the head count please come to the DaeSaRae I beg you, sunbae sunbae have I ever told you? thank you
HIS: pretty impressive I’ll complain you for transforming Kim Yoon Shik who couldn’t even hold a bow into a person the effort was impressive, but my arrow knows no compassion so what do we do? it won’t go easy on you, so you have to prepare yourself
LSJ: I hope that arrow is one that knows how to admit defeat
HIS: you came without notice, father
MOW: when attacking the enemy camp, a surprise attack is the best you have a greater chance of winning if you don’t give them the chance to defend
PJ: DaeSaRae is tomorrow you promised to be the champion I remember clearly when you can’t even hit the bullseye? now is not too late if you’re to repent of your sin and give up I’ll spare you and your family’s lives
KYH: I…I have finally come to stand in front of the target until I have shot all the arrows given to me,  I have no thoughts of giving up
KYH: did you see that? I..I did it
LSJ: then.. did you think you couldn’t do it?
KYH: you already knew that I can do it?
LSJ: of course was there anything that didn’t work out when Lee Seun Jun got involved? I caught the greatest substitute exam taker and make him a Sungkyunkwan scholars did you already forget that?
RED MESSAGE: this country, Joseon, is that of Noron party alonenow the truth of the bloodied Geum Deung Ji Sa will be revealed you will not sit on the throne but on the rack
MOW: which daring bastard is it?
LM: someone naive who believes you can change this world passion to change the world with a mere arrow our friend here is a youth
LSJ: the Geol Oh sunbae that I know does not fit here in Sungkyunkwan he doesn’t abide by the rules and procedures however… I do not think him as someone who would be so irresponsible as to turn another’s hoursof sweat hard work and hopes into nothing
KYS: that’s why.. that’s why I even more worried
HIS: I too am disappointed that you two won’t competing I want to break your political harmony in front of the King so that the King will no longer dream of… having illusion of political harmony my goal is not you guys but The King… you’d better no longer talk of political harmony and concord, those ridiculous wordplay the one who showed that it was impossible.. were you guys
MJS: who said that it was impossible?
KYH: Sunbae!
MJS: Hey, Daemul! I came to fill in my spot
HIS: Now, political harmony or whatever ridiculous things you have to say, its best not to. The people that showed that that is indeed impossible is none other than you two.
MJS: Who said that it was impossible?
KYH: Sunbae.
MJS: Daemul. I came… to fill my spot.
HIS: It’s unexpected. That you and Lee Sun Joon have the same thought, I didn’t think of it.
MJS: We’re different! The person who has the same ideas as me is you, Ha Insoo. I don’t believe in fairy tales of harmony. If it were me… the Norons that killed my blood line… taking hands with them…I wouldn’t have thought of it.Daemul! Are you ready? Noron. Its just for today political harmony or whatever..
MJS: You were quite a something, Dae Mul.I didn’t know you’d come this far.
KYH: Because of you sunbae, I’ve suffered so much heartache over the night. I became determined.
MJS: What ? (they play around)
LSJ: For a noble scholar to lack such consistency, how would he take responsibility of great tasks in the future?
CS: Whether a gisaeng’s loyalty is greater, Or whether your power is greater, you asked to compete. I’m here to give you the response.
KYH: Long… Long time no see ChoSun
CS: I came to return what you gave me, my Lord. That night… The affection you gave me, I’m returning it to you. Because of me, I heard that you’ve suffered some difficulties. As I don’t want my heart to be a burden to you, I’m returning the affection. So my heart… Will be tied to you here like this. You’re the man I, Cho Sun, chose. No matter what happens, can I believe that you won’t kneel to anyone?
CS: This is the loyalty of a petty gisaeng, my Lord. As Sungkyunkwan’s Student Body President, that you’ll show the strength of the huge virtue which embraces all students alike,  I trust that you’ll show it to me.
KYH: Sunbae Because of you,  my plans had been ruined. My skill is a carefully guarded secret but thanks to you, Huyng-nim,  Now it will have to be revealed to the whole world. I guess it can’t be helped. The arcane technique of the martial arts world that was never before disclosed will now be revealed. The taste of tightening! So, don’t worry too much. Thank you for coming today.
MJS: He has the knack… for driving people crazy.
KYH: First place. Do you think I can get it? You are not one to pay lip service.
LSJ: No. Your shoulder that supports the bow is still small,  your arm that pulls the bow string is still weak, and  your breathing is unstable. So don’t overstretch yourself to come in first. But… at least this hand… I love it. While training for this day, you’ve lived better than the best. Even if you get disqualified or lose,  In my eyes, Kim Yoon Shik, YOU! You’re already a champion. Daemul. Go on and show them the skills of a champion.
KING: A mixed political team is the champion at the Dae Sa Rae? You’re better than myself. Lee Seon Jun. Moon Jae Shin.  Kim Yoon Shik. I put my hope in you guys. How you can be of one, regardless of political affiliation,  It would be nice if you teach me the secret. Isn’t that right, Left Prime Minister.
LM: Without having dreamed big dreams once in your youth, how would you be a great man?
PJ: Even if you remain at Sungkyunkwan, it will never happen that you, a girl, will be a Sungkyunkwan scholar. That’s how scary is the order of this world. No matter how much you wish for it and try,  you can’t do it. So…
KYH: You can’t make me give up with the words “you can’t do it.” Because from the day I sought to learn literature as a girl, I..never once heard the words, “you can do it.”
BC: Tough bastard! Indeed, no one can… beat the tenacity of you poor folks. How could you tolerate that? Even when a glass shard cuts through your skin! Did you want to succeed that badly?
KYH: Was it you who did that?
BC: Yeah. I did it. What are you going to do about it?!
KYH: You cowardly jerk!
BC: Did you just hit me? Blood! You wanna die?!
KYH: You didn’t lose to me.
BC: What?
KYH: You lost to your lowly self!
GYH: This is not of a man’s desire to see a naked woman. It’s the mind of a scholar seeking to find the truth.
PJ: Keep this in mind. Here in Sungkyunkwan Even though you’re a girl, you must not be one. Moreover, just because everybody treats you like a man you must not forget that you are a girl and lower your guard. From the moment you,a girl, said you would remain in Sungkyunkwan don’t forget that every second you are walking on a tight rope with your life at stake. The one who made such a dangerous choice Kim Yoon Hee… It was none other than yourself.
GYH: It’s a girl, right? Kim Yoon Shik.
MJS: Are you nuts? What kind of talk is that?
GYH: You’ll have more luck deceiving a ghost. I’m Goo Yong Ha,you know. who can guess the color of a girl’s panties just from the scent of her makeup powder. I’m Yeorim Goo Yong Ha. ;And… the Goo Yong Ha who’s been your friend for 10 years.
MJS: Yeah, so proud of you. So what?
GYH: Hiccups… You… came running out because you couldn’t stand being in the same room with a girl. That means somebody inside that room must be a girl… Lee Sun Joon has been with us. That leaves only one. Daemul Kim Yoon Shik.
MJS: Go to sleep, sleep. Don’t make a habit out of sleeping with your eyes open and talking in sleep.
GYH: We’ll wait and see. how long you can stand… sharing a room with a girl.
GYH: Kim Yoon Shik. You sneaky… A girl entering Sungkyunkwan and deceiving the king and belittling the law of the nation. Well… that can happen. But Tricking I, Yeorim, Goo Yongha… My pride won’t allow that. Of course not! If it wasn’t for that scoundrel Geol Oh, I could have gotten to the bottom of this…
HIS: Listen, Moon Jae shin, Lee Sun Joon, did you say you’ll become one regardless of the political parties? You guys can’t be one with Kim Yoon Shik. Whether you’re a Noron or a Soron, because you’re precious sons… who’ve never had to worry about food since the day you were born. Let’s get along well from now on. We’re of a similar situation.
LM: Your archery skills have improved.
LSJ: I still have a long way to go to catch up to you, Father.
LM: Political harmony group? The King looked very pleased. Good job. There would be no benefits for you, to turn the King your enemy yet.
LSJ: Some day… you mean I must be enemies with His Majesty?
LM: Are you afraid?
LSJ: Whether that’s the right road, that’s what I’m afraid of.
LM: Our country Joseon is the noblemen’s country. Imjin Invasion (attack from the japanese in 1592) and Byungja War (with the Qing dynasty in 1636),  during these two wars, the only thing that the royal family did… was to abandon the people and flee from the palace. or to bow to the barbaric intruders. At those times, the ones who led the citizens, and guarded our posts were us noblemen. Punishing these noblemen… with accusations of splitting up parties, and isolating all power in the hands of the monarch…. is the true nature of “political harmony.” I do not believe that you’re a fool who would fall for such false pretenses. However, it would be wise to not do acts that would lead the world to misunderstand you.
LSJ: Did you say the world’s misunderstanding?
LM: With a Namin kid with an unknown root, or with someone from a Soron family, associating with them as roommates.
LSJ: I… don’t have such a roommates, Father. Although poor, he’s not lazy in his studies. A person who thinks of his family more than his own pride, Scholar Kim Yoon Shik. And… he who never hesitates for the sake of justice, Scholar Moon Jae Shin. I… I am learning a lot more from them.
MOW: Among the Sungkyunwan students, there is this one called Kim Yoon Shik. Do you know what sort of chap he is?
HIS: First, you must tell me, father, why you want to know.
MOW: Why do you have to be so fussy? Can we just go on?
HIS: At Sungkyunkwan, nothing must happen without my knowledge.
MOW: I’m indebted to his dad, you happy now?
HIS: So, are you worried that the son might ask you to repay his father’s debt?
MOW: Kind of…
HIS: Don’t worry. He is not capable of that.
MOW: That is good, but The king has taken notice. With the roommates, something about political harmony…
HIS: That’s at an end too. I’m planning to make Lee Seon Jun one of my people.
GYH: Everything about the female… is good but always gets boring. How nice it would be if it weren’t so. Then I can save on the seduction costs. Don’t you think so?
CS: If you ever meet such a fate, please introduce her to me too. I’m curious as to who such an amazing girl might be.
MEDIUM: That man is a bear, a bear… What a thick skull… A girl is flitting to and fro right before his eyes and he doesn’t know. Does he think eyeholes are poked because there isn’t enough skin to spare?
HE: So you’re saying he can’t see me?
MEDIUM: You have to be a woman. Let the obtuse guy know that you’re a woman.Then the game is over.
LSJ: It would be a problem if you continue to do this. To pop in and out like this at anytime is not against rules of men and women but it is also rude manners toward me. From now on, if you have any messages for me, send them through your servant….
HE: no! What do I do? Just 15 minutes. He said you just have to have it in your possession for 15 minutes.
LSJ: do you have feelings for me? If so, please stop. I don’t believe that a person’s heart can be moved by something like this amulet. And I… I absolutely despise such foolish trickery. I don’t wish to associate with you as neither a lover nor a friend. Please go back. And I hope… that we would not meet again.
HE: Then what do I do? I’m angry too. Because I hate myself for being this way, I tried not to come. I never dreamed that I would do such foolish things. But before I knew it, I couldn’t help but to stand in front of you like this looking like a fool. I was happy that the things that seem to only happen in romance novels were happening to me. My heart fluttered everyday. Even so, one day I realized. I came to know. That you don’t share the same feeling as me.But it’s okay. Because I like you. Because I like you so much.. I’m so sorry.
LSJ: Nothing will happen. Don’t worry too much…
HE: How can you ask me to give up on someone like you?
MOW: Kids these days are different from our times. We can’t just scold them. It’s all a part of being young.
MOJ: Foolish fellow. How will the wound heal… by merely bandaging it up? I told the doctor that you hurted yourself during Dasare He prescribed these for you. Kim Yoon Shik… I would like it if you didn’t get close to him.
MJS: why Because he’s a Namin who won’t be of any help to success?
MOJ: until when going astray against your father?
MJS: Until when, do you intend to live as Norons’ puppet? That day, I… died with my brother. When you protected your post from the Norons in exchange for keeping silent after my brother’s death, you had abandoned both your sons.
MOJ: With that power, I will protect you. Being close with Kim Yoon Shik is too dangerous. minister of war is suspecting Kim Yoon Shik might be Hong Byuk Seo.
MJS: What do you mean to say?
MOJ: Kim Seung Hun…Along with your older brother, the one who was sacrificed while protecting the Geum Deung Ji Sa, Is Kim Yoon Shik’s… That child’s father.
KYH: Mother what about father… were you in love with him? Father who never even bought you a silver binyeo (hair pin)… what did you like so much about him… to even turn your back on your family?
YS’M: What nonsense.
KYH: Instead of your family, Choosing father… Have you ever… regretted it?
YS’M: I regret it. Everyday. After sending you to Sungkyunkwan, I regret it everyday. If I had not turned my back on my family back then, I wouldn’t have lived as such a helpless mom. I regret it.
PJ: In any event, this exam will be a bigger test to us than to the students.
KING: Kim Yoon Shik. You will be expelled if Kim Yoon Shik has indeed committed the theft. You say the person who sold the medicine also sold goods from Sungkyunkwan. And at that apothecary,Kim Yoon Shik’s identification tag was found? But Kim Yoon Shik is pleading his innocence. To those who think Kim Yoon Shik is innocent and to those who think he is guilty, each team up and prove your cases to me. This is… the question I pose to you at this exam.
CHANCELLOR: But, Your Majesty, It’s a long tradition that the exam be given in the forms of recitation and composition on the subjects of the Classics How?
KING: Do you think, at this moment, you are qualified to speak of the rights and wrongs  If Kim Yoon Shik is the culprit, that means Sungkyunkwan has cultivated a thief. And from the dean down to all professors, and scholars. don’t have the qualification to speak of morals. But if Kim Yoon Shik is not the culprit, you are falsely accusing him and such scholars do not deserve the teachings of the holy sages. This is the reason why I’m treating this case as an exam question.
TRIO: Yoon Shik, I believe you’re innocent. But what can I do? Matters of heart are… different from matters of grades Proving your innocence when everything falls into place this perfectly, is the same as asking for a failing grade… Blame this Joseon society where good grades are everything.
GYH: It’s the most amusing thing in this world to watch a fight. Since we are the only ones that believe in Kim Yoon Shik, let’s go easy on each other.
KYH: Everyone, stop. I didn’t steal. So, I will take care of this.
LSJ: How do you plan to take care of this? Did you say he was set up in a trap? you will need evidence rather than words.
GYH: Look here, Geol Oh, where are you going?
MJS: I’ll have to produce it. That evidence.
MJS: I thought that you may have forgotten that my fist are faster than my words.
HIS: So, what have you got to say?
MJS: You planned to do this from the very beginning. So that day you gave that medicine to Daemul as if by good will. It was all your trap, wasn’t it?
HIS: You have quite an imagination, Geol Oh. This is why I can’t be as generous as I want to be to the have-nots. When I sincerely help out, they always stab me in the back. What can I do? It’s due to their lowly nature that they pay back kindness with wrong. That lowly nature does not change even when clothed in millions So, Geol Oh, you watch out too.
MJS: Why?
HIS: You want to go to the punishment room?
MJS: definitely
HIS: not bad, by the time you get out of the punishment room Kim Yoon Shik would have been expelled.
MJS: You just wait. I will definitely reveal the truth.
KYH: If it’s because you took pity on me, you don’t have to try so hard.
LSJ: what does that mean?
KYH: If you’re agreeing to help me because there’s no one who believes in my innocence and you feel sorry for me, I don’t need Scholar Lee Seon Jun. So, don’t be anxious about receiving a failing grade and it’s not too late to…
LSJ: Did you say I was anxious about receiving a failing grade?
KYH: That’s why you inquisitively suspected me.
LSJ: Is that what you really think? Was that the reason why you couldn’t accept my help? Kim Yoon Shik, to you,was I merely a Noron son who just relied on grades? I never suspected you from the very beginning. Because like you said, I don’t even start something that I would fail. If you were going to be so hurt by my questioning, what were you going to do on your own at Han Sung Bu and in front of His Majesty? Listen carefully, Kim Yoon Shik. Even if you go to Han Sung Bu, nobody will be on your side. So if you want to prove your innocence, you better prepare yourself.
KING: Do you think the students can handle this situation? What an inadequate teacher! You don’t believe in your students? If they can’t handle two days as Han Sung Bu interns, they’re not qualified to become public officials.
PJ: I don’t think what you want is, Your Majesty, catching the Sungkyunkwan thief.
KING: You found me out.
PJ: Were you coming from the Mercantile District?
KING: I don’t think I can deceive you. How did you know?
PJ: You are in disguise.
KING: According to my research,I’ve heard that thieves abound at the Mercantile District. I was also worried. If you follow the way of the small thief, you will definitely be able to see the identity of the even bigger thief. That is…what I believe. If it’s a person who’s bright enough to see through it and brave enough to face it… I am planning to trust that person with the mission of finding Geum Deung Ji Sa.
GYH: Hey, interns of Han Sung Bu, a word with you.
KYH: Sunbae, what are you wearing?
GYH: Oh this Do you know why this country Joseon is in this state? They clothe every public officer in the same garb… No respect for individuality and no reflection of personal taste… What good policy would come out of those hardened heads?
MJS: Crazy bastard! If you can’t talk…
KYH: It’s so like you, Sa Hyung.
GYH: So in my neighborhood, we say… trust in Sir Bow Wow next door rather than in a Han Sung Bu intern.
KYH: But, Sa Hyung, if you’re going to be a Han Sung Bu intern, better to put on the uniform…
GYH: They have you for that. Ah, do I have to spew out the jargons? Attendance by proxy.
LSJ: Senior! Han Sung Bu internship is His Majesty’s exam question.
GYH: Don’t worry too much. I plan to catch the real thief too. Not to prove your innocence but to recover my Forbidden City.
MJS: Don’t worry. It’s Gu Yong Ha.He was born and raised in the mercantile district. Le’ts see what he can do.
GYH: Hey, Geol Oh, We run into each other here of all places We’re really a match made in heaven.
MJS: yaaaa you idiot I lost him because of you. He could have been the culprit.
GYH: You still have a chance.
MJS: Using your fist at anytime, it will become a habit if you keep doing it. A good beating is the solution to fixing a bad habit.
PJ:  Like you planned, these students seemed to have gotten closer to the bigger thief, your majesty. Am I being too sensitive? For some reason, your face seems to say that’s not what you wanted. There’s nothing that those kids would be able to do now. What do you think they will learn?
KING:  Anger at the unjust world. anger at their helpless self for not being able to do anything on their own.
GYH: I followed along with what you said, but even if we make it back alive… I don’t know whether we’ll make it out alive from Daemul and Geol Oh.
LSJ: It’s safer for just one person to enter the storage room. To do that, Kim Yoon Shik is too slow.
GYH: So cool-headed.
LSJ:And Senior Geol Oh, due to his fiery temper…
GYH: Of course! He would be the most dangerous of us.
MJS: Stop being so stubborn Don’t you understand that the others are doing this because they’re worried about you? at time like this you would be helping by staying put
KYH:  I’m… worried too. As much as Sahyungs worry about me, I worry about you too.
MJS: Even if someone needs to go, I’ll go. So…(they see guards coming) This won’t do, Daemul. I’ll hold off the officers, so you have to go warn them. Be careful. Let’s bear it out a little, Moon Jae Shin. (stalls the guards) What to do? you can’t pass this road (Crazy bastard.) Let’s do it slowly!
LSJ: Did you… Did you take pity on me? In this late night, And on top of that, coming to me dressed like that despite the danger, was it because I’m weak and foolish… and because you didn’t think I’d ever make it on my own? In other words, did you offer your hand (help) because you felt sorry for me? Because you believed that if anyone gave me his hand, I would gratefully accept it right away?
KYH: Lee Sun Joon… Really, you!
LSJ: I did not take pity on you. As it wasn’t for you. At first, I thought it was a waste… of your talent. Then later, I needed you. If I made a friend, I thought it would be nice if it was you. It’s just that…. I didn’t know how. Since it was my first time.
MJS: Why are you alone?
GYH: Aigoo. I knew it. Geol Oh, you blocked the road. And Daemul threw his body.
MJS:What do you mean Daemul threw his body? Where is that punk?
GYH: Hey, friend. I am Gu Yong Ha. You think I would have left a pretty kid like him in danger?
GYH: Daemul, that kid, exceeded my expectation. I knew he was a pretty one. But dressed like that, wow… even my heart fluttered for a long while.
MJS: Foolish punk! How could he do something so dangerous?
GYH: Dangerous? What was? You were the one who pushed him into the merchant head’s house. didn’t Daemul use the safest method to help rescue Lee Sun Joon? What exactly was dangerous about it, Geol Oh?
GYH: Stop pacing. Aren’t you getting dizzy?
MJS: You! Are you sure? Are you sure that those two punks got out of there safely?
GYH: Seeing is believing ! Look over there. It looks like you worried for no reason
MJS: worried…. who was worried?
LSJ: Sunbae, that isn’t your usual sleeping place
MJS: My usual sleeping place is this whole room. So go to sleep
LSJ: Didn’t you say that you don’t like lying next to a Noron?
BC:Why are you being so good to me?
HIS: This is a deal. because you need money and I need your silence.
BC: You people are only Sungkyunkwan students.
MJS: ah you little punk, what do yo…
BC: I see that your eyes look pretty good. What can you people do to me? This place is Ban Chon. The Ban Chon in which lies Sungkyunkwan. That the royal guards can’t come in here to capture me, you guys know very well.
KYH: You… How can you be so unashamed?
BC: What did I do wrong? Aren’t you guys all…   going to become government officials who bully the commoners? Even now, aren’t all of you Sungkyunkwan students eating food made with the people’s blood and sweatand reciting whatever words of Confucius? I just want to get a portion back from you.What wrong is there?!
LSJ: Even so, your crime of stealing others’ goods and selling them doesn’t lighten.
BC: Then, what am I suppose to do?!! I had to give my mother a funeral. All her life, my mother has never taken any good medicine. Sending her off without ever having seen a doctor, breaks my heart. Never even got to wear any new clothes, while working so hard all the time. I can at least clothe her in hemp clothes… for the last time. I couldn’t buy it. Using my own abilities, no matter how hard I try, I can’t buy it paying the full price at the marketplace. what should I do? Are you saying that people without money or power can’t be treated like humans? What kind of world… is like this? You still want me to help you guys? Go away. People like you who were born under rich noblemen, can suffer a little.
LSJ: However, this case-
KYH: Forget it. Let’s just… Let it be.
LSJ: Are you just going to leave like this?
KYH: hat else is there to say? What he said is true.
LSJ: Kim Yoon Shik.
KYH: That boy… is similar… to who I used to be. Back then I fortunately met Lee Sun Joon, and gained an opportunity to be here like this. If that hadn’t happened, I might be standing in his place.
HE: In order to seek forgiveness for my bad manners earlier… I heard that you two were meeting… I’m here today despite my impudence. Father-in-law, forgive us.
LM: You’ll pay for your past bad manners, with your impudence today?
HE: I’m sorry my lord Although I’m lacking, I will learn and follow your family’s customs so as not to be a disgrace to your family.
LM: He only knows how to read books. He has no skills in understanding women. When it comes to women, he’s never had a sister or a friend. So it’s naturally expected.
LSJ: This…What is this?
KYH: The bribes Shi Jeon merchants paid to the government officials watching out for them.It contains detailed information on that.
GYH: Daemul, you have stirred trouble.
KYH: And this is the reason why I can’t persuade that kid further to appear at the royal exam.
MJS: What kind of rubbish is this? It is fine to be framed and expelled. Is that what you mean?
KYH: I’m not clear either, but one thing that is clear is that as long as this sort of books are being kept, kids like Bock Soo won’t disappear. And in order to clear my name that I should point the finger at him, What’s the meaning of that? And whether I have the right to do so… I… really do not know anymore.
GYH: Huh, that Daemul, he really has a strange talent of confusing people. Aigoo. You… can only do so much?
MJS: If you were going to give up so easily, why did you come here to Sungkyunkwan in the first place?
KYH: Sunbae.
MJS: Who do you think you are? For being no better,
KYH: I’m sorry sunbae
GYH: Hey Ga Rang! There’s no need to be so worried. Daemul that fella doesn’t know what trouble he has created. He took it out only because he was angry. Ayeee…his guts are really Daemul.
KYH: There is no need to try so hard. I’m fine
GYH: Lee Sun Jun’s hurting right now Left State Minister’s name won’t be anywhere among those of the Noron officials in the accounts book… But the one that all those names are pointing to, in the end isn’t that the Left State Minister? I wonder what he plans to do? With that accounts book.
MJS: What do you mean what to do with the books? No matter what base things he did, A father’s still a father. A son’s still a son. That… is the dirtiest. That fellow really resembles how I was like in the past.
PJ: The royal exam is tomorrow and the real thief must be hiding between the pages of library books. Or else, you mean to admit to your guilt?
KYH: I am not guilty. Even if the real culprit cannot be found, The fact that I am innocent will not change.
PJ: No, Kim Yoon Shik, you are guilty. No matter how you’ve felt the people’s pain and suffering, if you don’t have the ability to solve this problem, that official is guilty. Incompetent to the point of not being able to clear your own name, Han Sung Bu intern, Kim Yoon Shik, you are of course guilty, deserving to be expelled.
KYH: Girls. Girls do not have the qualifications to be government officials. You said this before. But Professor, this is even more strange. Why is Joseon, this nation, in such a state? Hasn’t it always been governed by men who are qualified to be officials?
PJ: What?
KYH: I got it right. I thought that you will be here.
LSJ: Say it. What you want to say.
KYH: I plan… at tomorrow’s royal exam… to call the real criminal to the stand. That, of course, was the king’s order from the very beginning. I think the real culprits should be these people. But, if something can be started using these books, I feel that person is not me, but you, Scholar Lee Seon Joon.
LSJ: Is it because of my father? Which is why I might make other choices. I… might disappoint you.
KYH: Even so… I believe in you, Lee Seon Joon, more than I believe in myself. You have always been working so hard With a stern face… always talking about rules and laws. The truth is you’re striving… to be a good person. You will do that this time as well. If it’s a decision made by such Lee Sun Joon, I think it’ll be the right answer. Even if that road… is not the answer I thought of.
MJS: That weakly and pretty-looking guy, he’s been wrongly accused. When it comes to being wronged, you should know very well. Is it not? Eavesdropping will become a habit if you keep doing so. Same with running away.If you keep doing it, it’ll become a habit. There was someone who always said this to me. Don’t cry all the time. If you keep doing it, it’ll become a habit. Don’t lie.If you keep doing it, it’ll become a habit. Don’t run away. If you keep doing it, it’ll become a habit.
BS BRO: Who was that?
MJS: My older brother. I used to have one too. A very fiery tempered older brother. His words were right. I kept repeating his words, and one day it became my habit.
BS: How much longer do I have to listen to this crap?!
MJS: Younger brothers… always imitate their older brothers like that. How do you want this kid to turn out later? A petty thief? Or a coward?
BS: Get lost! You’re not going to get lost? Who do you think you are to say this?
MJS: You still have a chance. To live like an upstanding person. That chance. I’m lending it. It should be enough to pay back for the stolen goods.
BS: I can just take the money and run away.
MJS: No way. Not when this kiddo is watching like this.
LM: What is the nature of the matter that brings a man of good conduct like you here against the rules of the school?
LSJ: There’s something I want to ask you, Father. To a scholar who carries the world on his shoulder, the most important thing is his principles. If anything blocks that road, a true scholar should be able to forsake even his own family. Father has always been telling me that. Even now, do you believe so? Despite my lacking, I too have strived to follow you, Father. This is something to be thankful for. Father… To continue to live following your will, Is it a good thing?
LM: You made a needless trip. You are my son. You have never disappointed me so far. It will be the same in the future.  I have not doubted this as a father.
BD: If a man chooses his parents over a girl, then isn’t there a problem with that girl as well?
KING: Did you fail to find the culprit? I ask of you, Kim Yoon Shik. The culprit who stole and sold the goods from Sungkyunkwan, did you fail to find him?
KYH: The real culprit could not be found.
MJS: That person will come.
KING: Does that mean the culprit has been found?
MJS: Please give a little more time. He will definitely come to confess.
HIS: If I may speak so, Your Majesty, The testing period for the exam ended yesterday. If he still has not found the culprit at this time, what else can it mean but that he failed the test?
KING: The Student President is right. Scholar Kim Yoon Shik failed to find the culprit in the allotted time. Isn’t it?
LSJ: I apologize, Your Majesty. The real culprit is already here. The real culprit behind the theft Here… Is in this accounting book, Your Majesty.
KING: The culprit of the theft case?
LSJ: Not just for the incident at Sungkyunkwan, but perhaps the culprit for many of the theft cases occurring in the capital city.
KING: What do you mean?
LSJ: Due to the lawless acts of the marketplace merchants,  the prices of items fluctuate daily.  Thus, the powerless and poor citizens seek to survive by opening up unlicensed businesses, but this means that they become criminals breaking the nation’s law of Geum Nan Jeon Kwon.  How is this different from telling the poor and powerless citizens to be thieves? That accounting book is a record of the government officials who received bribes from the marketplace merchants. The law that only takes the side of the rich and the powerful, Geum Nan Jeon Kwon, the government officials who fail to serve the citizens, but money. And the high government officials who support them. They are the true culprits of this theft case.
GYH: (to MJS  re LSJ) That punk, he’s of the same type as you. Idiot.
KING: Did you say that the culprits of the theft are Geum Nan Jeon Kwon policy and politicians?
HIS: His argument is totally illogical, Your Majesty. This theft case is a simple crime of Kim Yoon Shik stealing from his fellow scholars tempted by their goods. No more, no less. I ask that you rightfully punish  Kim Yoon Shik with expulsion, and further punish Lee Sun Joon for defrauding
Your Majesty to cover up Kim Yoon Shik’s crime. Please correctly reestablish the authority of the king.
KING: Reestablish the authority of the king? Of course, I must do that.
BS: That? How do I go about doing that? Testimony  or evidence… So hard to understand, dang it. (chanellor had him dragged away) I stole it!  The person who stole and sold the goods from Sungkyunkwan is me, Your Majesty!
KING: Now that you’ve confessed your crime, you must receive your punishment.  Aren’t you afraid?  I asked you the reason for confessing now.
BS: Those scholars  have done to me something that cannot be reversed. I… am a ban-in from Banchon. I am powerless and have nothing, that people call me a half-life. A ban-in.
(Note: “ban” means half) I too…  planned to live as a half-life
as others viewed me.  Doing as I please. But… But… Dang it! Those scholars treated me like a human. Because they  treated me as a human like themselves, I started to want to live like a decent human being.  This way, the kid that  follows me, watching my back,  can live like a human.
KING: I will give a failing grade to the school president and all those who insisted on Kim Yoon Shik’s guilt.  However, it is not simply because Kim Yoon Shik was not the culprit.  President. When you were assigned as a Han Sung Bu intern, what did you do to save Kim Yoon Shik?  In order to clear Kim Yoon Shik,  what effort did you make?
HIS: I was on the side that believed Kim Yoon Shik to be guilty, Your Majesty.
KING: That’s why I fail you. As Joseon’s public servant and as Sungkyunkwan’s student president,  you should have at least once tried to examine the case with the possibility of his innocence. If you do not cherish and protect my people, I do not need people like that.  This is why I failed Ha In Soo and you all, and this is the authority of the King I seek to establish.
ONE OF THE TRIO: I’m a pervert if I’m happy after
receiving a failing grade, right?
KING: Now all that’s left is to deliver the punishment.  Han Sung Bu intern, Kim Yoon Shik.
KYH: Yes? Yes, Your Majesty.
KING: What punishment would you levy on this man who framed you a thief?
KYH: Even if he were to compensate for the stolen goods,  there is no way to compensate for his crime.
GYH: Okay. He’s coming out strong, our Daemul.
KYH: I suggest that he be put to work as a Sungkyunkwan guard, and always be on high alert so that nothing like this happens again. Will you allow it?
KING: Don’t you think that punishment is too light? You are to stay at Sungkyunkwan, and to be my eyes as you watch that they continue to lead an upright life as they do so now.  This is the punishment that I give to you.
BS: Your Majesty.
KING: The culprits of this theft case
are in here. I too believe it to be so. And now, all that’s left is my part. I came here to give an exam, but I now leave with a homework, Chancellor. Where else can you find such wicked scholars? As promised, I give to… Scholars Kim Yoon Shik,  Lee Sun Joon, Gu Yong Ha, and Moon Jae Shin, passing grades on the royal exam for having found the true culprit.
PJ: Cnidium, thistle daisy, arrowroot, balloon-flower, and sweet persimmon.  Do you know what they are? They are the herbs that were in the  medicine potions you gave to Kim Yoon Shik.
HIS: Is that so?
PJ: Cnidium, thistle daisy, arrowroot, balloon-flower, and dried persimmon. Do you know what these are?
HIS: Well. It’s just that I have no interest in those lowly medicine books that people such as Joong-ins* read
(*middle social class).
PJ: They are the herbs that were in the medicine potions that Kim Yoon Shik sold, I mean, was accused of having sold. Isn’t this interesting? Sweet persimmon and dried persimmon… are so alike that people who do not read those lowly medicine books cannot easily differentiate.
HIS: I see.
PJ: It seems as though whoever was trying to frame Kim Yoon Shik made a mistake. Which means, other than the
child from Banchon, there was another culprit. Don’t you agree? I wonder who would do such a thing.
HIS: Why didn’t you announce this at the hearing earlier?
PJ: Because I wanted to give you a chance! The chance to feel ashamed, for committing a wrongdoing. And also, the chance to rile up the courage to confess.
HIS: Why… would I have to do that?  I have done nothing wrong.
PJ: Unfortunate. You have learned nothing at today’s royal exam.  That ban-in child who you regard as lowly… is better than Sungkyunkwan’s student president.
KYH: Thank you for gathering courage.
BS: You don’t need to thank me. Insisting that you were
wrongfully framed, he begged me to come (refererring to JS) so desperately. It was so annoying, that I had no choice but to come.
MJS: What, you punk! When did I?
BS (LEAVING): Hey, big brothers!!! Live life correctly. Because I’ll be following your lead.
MJS: What is he talking about? There is such a thing.
KYH: Senior… I… …didn’t know.
MJS: It’s fine. I didn’t do it for you, so you don’t need to thank me.
GYH: If it wasn’t for Daemul, then was it for your grade? Three times repeater, Scholar Moon Jae Shin.  I got it, I got it. I love you too. But, I don’t see Garang anywhere. Did he go hide somewhere because he’s scared after stirring trouble?
HIS: Do you want to deny it, or do you really believe so? That the marketplace merchants’ back money are being used for Norons’ political fund, you should know as well. Do you believe that your father who’s the head of the Noron faction is not involved? You’ve committed the depravity of
stabbing the back of your own father.
LSJ: He’s not one to do shameful things before his son I too… chose the path to not be shameful before him.
HIS: Your foolish attempt is commendable, but do you believe that the world will change with a mere accounting record? The King won’t be able to do anything. Why? Because your father will use  any means necessary… to stop him. That father you so wholeheartedly believe, what kind of person your perfectly faultless father really is… you too will soon find out.
KYH: Thank you and I’m sorry, I wanted to say.
LSJ: For helping to pick up one or two books,  it’s an excessive gratitude.
KYH: About today, the marketplace merchants’ accounting book, I regretted that I placed a too heavy burden on you. I should have listened to you. I should have never taken out
the accounting book.
LSJ: We just did what we had to do. There’s no reason for anyone to feel sorry to another. So if it’s because of that matter, don’t worry about it too much. And further, like the President said, we might not be able to accomplish anything.
KYH: But still, I’m proud of you, Lee Sun Joon. Because you did great. Whatever might happen next, going great deserves praise. I… will remember this moment for a very long time. In the far off future after we leave Sungkyunkwan, even though we may not be together
any longer… Still, I shall remember. The concerns we had, the fears we felt, and our happy moments. And… Who was always together… all our roommates! Then, I think that perhaps I can live as just a little better person. So, will you remember? One day, when you have to make a difficult
decision like you did today, just once… that there was someone who trusted Lee Sun Joon more than himself.
LSJ: I don’t want to. Whenever it may be, stay by my side like now. Watch me with your own two eyes. Whether I’m going the right road until the end. That way, I’ll be able to remember today while looking at you. That’s why Kim Yoon Shik You… have to continue to be my side like this. Kim Yoon Shik I can take anything, but never again, wear a woman’s clothing. Please.
PJ: The writing style represents  the writer. The face of the writer should be hidden within the prose. Let’s see.
PY: Do you see something?
PJ: The magnaminous and tough spirit,  the straight brushstrokes… Hong Byuk Seo is… a man. A man among men.
KYH: Geol Oh Senior… Why is Geol Oh Senior so late?
MJS: I’m here.
KYH: Ahh, the smell! Senior, did you drink alcohol again?
MJS: Yup. That’s why Daemul, you… sleep all the way over there.
LSJ: Senior, I need to say it today. Why do you keep changing our sleeping placement as you wish? I must know the reason.
MJS: That habit of quibbling over everything,  can’t you fix it?
LSJ: This is unfair and unreasonable. If you like this side of the wall, I’ll sleep next to Kim Yoon Shik.
MJS: It’s getting dusty. Just sleep.
LSJ: No, we need to settle this today.
MJS: What’s with your place and my place? Wherever I sleep is my place.
LSJ: Then we should ask Kim Yoon Shik for his opinion. How we should decide on our sleeping arrangements…
KING: I will find the Geum Deung Ji Sa, gain control over the Norons,And reinstate a new Joseon.This has been my long-time dream.You should know that better than anyone else.
PJ: But, Your Majesty!Lee Sun Joon…
KING: is it still because of Lee Sun Joon?
PJ: It’s because of Kim Yoon Shik and Moon Jae Shin.In the quest to find Geum Deung Ji Sa,those kids lost a father and a brother.And I lost a respected teacherand a friend who is like a brother to me.I cannot once again be a pathetic teacher who loses his young pupils.
KING: They’re my friends, my subjects,and my people.Even at this very moment,my poor people are going hungry from their exploitation,and they’re suffering under their lawlessness.How much longer must I wait? I’ve already ordered that they enter the palace.
KYH: The palace must indeed be a scary place.To see that Yeorim Senior who pledged to never wear a government official garb,is wearing it like this.
MJS: The uniform that has no respect for individuality and no reflection of personal taste…
LSJ: You also said that great policies cannot be thought of because of the garb.
GYH: Of course!My opinion on that matterremains unchanged.I’m Gu Yong Ha.
KING: I’m not sure whether I was able to complete the
homework you assigned me to your satisfaction.
J4: We are much obliged, Your Majesty.
KING: The revocation of Geum Nan Jeon Kwon
was a long-time goal of mine as well. You guys gave me much strength.Prime Minister.(GIVES EACH OF THEM SOMETHING) They are from my heart.
GYH: Your Majesty, how did you know?(SEEING HIS TOY)
KING: I heard that you who were born and raised in the mercantile district played a huge role.(TO JS)It’s the first place exam paper by Sungkyunkwan student president, Moon Young Shin.
MJS: This is a poem written by my brother?
KING: It was a fine piece of writing, so I had held on to it.But now it’s found its rightful owner.(TO SJ) Let me ask you one thing.Have you ever doubted your father in this matter? Answer me. According to Islamic teaching,there is a saying.”As long as the needle of a compass moves, that compass is never wrong.”Don’t forget that mindset of being on guard against your own family and even against yourself. (TO YS) It was Kim Seung Hun’s.  The more I look at you, Kim Yoon Shik, you really take after your father.
KYH: Did you know my father?
KING: Sungkyunkwan professor, Kim Seung Hun,was my long-time friend and a subject I most favored.
KYH: Did you say that my father was a Sungkyunkwan professor?
KING: You didn’t know?
KYH: I’ve been told that my father was a young scholar who loved books. But he was unlucky, and lost his life to a gang of bandits. Forgive me, Your Majesty. But Your Majesty,
there’s one thing I’d like to ask you.
KING: Speak.
KYH: Do I truly… resemble my father? I’m sorry. It’s just that I no longer even remember my father’s face.
KING: Your gentle eyes, your firm mouth…You’re exactly like my stubborn friend.
TABLET: Kim Seung Hun”Sa Saeng Chwi Eui” (choosing to do right, even at the loss of your life)
KYH: I’m curious, father. The just world you risked your life for, what kind of place is it? What kind of world is it…that I only now found out about you?
LSJ: Shin Hae Tong Gong (the law overturning
Geum Nan Jeon Kwon)… I heard you helped its passing. Thank you, father.
LM: It’s a good attitude. When the citizens’ well-being improves, it is the duty of the nobility to rejoice and be thankful.Your father merely did the same.
LSJ: But even more so,because you showed me that I
can continue to follow your lead, I was glad, father.
GYH: You have much to learn… If you try to seduce Lee Sun Joon like that, he’ll run away. Well, if it were me, I probably wouldn’t refuse.
HE: Then, do you know of a method?
GYH: And if I do, will you do as I say? First, for people like Lee Sun Joon who are set in their upright ways, you have to take them to an unfamiliar location.
GYH: So that they can completely lose themselves. Men, like women, are affected by atmosphere.Being drunk at the heat of the moment is more effective than being drunk on alcohol. In love, people need a bit of tension.  They start to believe it’s fate. Once he gets to the island, we should of course bind his feet so that he can’t get off the island. Lee Sun Joon will never in his right mind go off alone with you.
MJS: You really didn’t know anything about your father?
KYH: No. I wonder why my mother didn’t tell me the truth?
MJS: She probably worried and thought that this was best for you.
KYH: I wonder what kind of person was my father.
MJS: Why ask? He was obviously a great man. Like father like son, don’t you know?
KYH: Senior, the nickname of Geol Oh (crazy horse)
really doesn’t suit you. To me, you have always been
someone I am thankful for. From the start, at the archery tournament, and at the hearing. Thank you, Senior.
GYH: Hey, Garang. How do you plan to spend the free time
that His Majesty has given?
LSJ: I, well…
GYH: Don’t say that you’re going to be studying like a bookworm. How about it? A boat ride with some very beautiful women.
LSJ: I’m not interested.
GYH: Then how about the mountains if you don’t like boating?
LSJ: Not interested in that either.
GYH: It’s not that you don’t like beautiful women, right? Surely, you’re not interested in men?
LSJ: Senior.
GYH: It’s a joke.
LSJ: That type of extreme joke is offensive.
GYH: I am reminded of the eternal truth. Because you are angry, you look more suspicious.
KYH: Senior, do you know who is the Hong Byuk Seo? I heard it’s a Sungkyunkwan scholar.
MJS: I’m not interested.
KYH: I… think I know. Hong Byuk Seo… is extremely close to us. Senior. You’re Hong Byuk Seo, huh?
MJS: What? …. What?
KYH: Your hiccups have stopped, right?
GYH: I’m not going to budge from this room until you agree. Ah, this is nice.
KYH: Isn’t it amazing that your hiccups stopped right away?
MJS: That’s enough now.
GYH: Geol Oh has stopped his hiccupping, you say?
KYH: I prescribed him a special treatment.
MJS: Daemul… That’s enough.
KYH: Geol Oh Senior’s expression…if only you had all been there to see it.
GYH: There was a time… when I suspected Daemul was a girl.
KYH: Senior, what kind of ridiculous thing is that?
GYH: However, I’ve decided not to spend my time
wondering about things like that. Because I’ve discovered something else that I’m much more curious about.
GYH: I sent them off alone to a deserted island where there’s no one in sight.
MJS: What?!
GYH: It’s a break decreed by the King. I decided to treat them since they were the greatest contributors in the recent event. You should never have thought to deceive your decade-long friend, Geol Oh.
MJS: What have you done, you jerk?!
MJS: What the heck did you do, you bastard!
GYH: Why should we fight over matters like this?
MJS: You’re laughing? How is that everything is a joke to you? Is everything easy and fun to you? If anything happens, then you…should brace yourself.
GYH: Hey, Geol Oh! You’ve been found out by me. Are you worried that much about Daemul? If anyone saw you,
they’d think you were lovers.
MJS: You didn’t get enough beating, huh?
KYH: You should have stepped aside when I said to. Then this wouldn’t have happened. Acting like a baby just because you fell in the water.  Be a man!
GYH: What can happen?
Two healthy men are there together.  Ahh, is that what you’re more worried about, Geol Oh? Although I am irked that my decade long friend deceived me, Geol Oh, I… I’m on your side no matter what. I’ll find out about a boat. Not for Lee Sun Joon, but for you.
KYH: Was she the Minister of War’s daughter? She really went out of her way to prepare. She has a pretty face, And seem to have a kind heart as well. She seems like she’d make a good wife if you get married.
LSJ: I think so too.
KYH: What did you like about her so much?
LSJ: I never thought about stuff like that.
KYH:  You know that thing… where your heart beats fast
when you think of someone. Or you keep thinking about that person. Even over a small matter, your mood becomes happy or sad. Despite that, you want to see the person once again.
LSJ: You must have someone like that.
KYH: I asked you first. Didn’t you say you were going to get engaged?
LSJ: It’s just my father’s idea. I have no interest in getting married.
LSJ: Are you really Daemul Kim Yoon Shik? Are you being like this because you’re scared of a mere cricket?
KYH: I am not like this because of a bug. Shouldn’t a noble scholar value even the smallest life form?
LSJ: Like this?
KYH: Knowing how to kid like this, are you really the Lee Sun Joon I know?
LSJ: It tastes better than you might think. I’m actually a little scared too. Try holding it.
GYH: You must have waited all night without getting any sleep, Geol Oh. Aigoo, your face looks exhausted.
MJS: Wait? Who did?
GYH: That’s a relief then… In the storm last night, things must have gone wrong. Nowhere on the island, Daemul…
KYH: Senior! Where are you going in such a rush? I heard you worried a lot.
MJS: What worry?
KYH: Sorry for causing you to worry, Senior.
MJS: You don’t look well. Go get some rest. (LEAVES BUT COMES BACK) It won’t work. Dae… You! From now on, stay in my sight at all times. Wherever you go, whatever you do… stay in my range of vision at all times! I thought I was going to go crazy.
GYH: Tell me whatever it may be. I can keep a secret better than I look.
LSJ: Like you said… if you are a man, liking women must be the given rule, without an exception.
GYH: No. What kind of rule is that? It’s instinct. Men’s uncontrollable instinct! But instead of liking a lady you don’t know very well yet, being more comfortable with a close friend you can communicate well with -that must also be the ways of this world, right?
LSJ: That must have happened to you too, Senior…
GYH: So are you saying right now that you like guys more?
LSJ: No.. what I am saying is… To a certain point, you could start to have feelings of an attraction…
GYH: You want to get close and touch? Of course, I’ve experienced that before. With Geol Oh. During those times,
I questioned my masculinity. Of all people… I, Yeorim, did. This is a gem of a book that gave me a peace of mind at that time. Make sure you look at it only when you are alone. It is such a touching book that it might move you to tears. Don’t worry too much. Hating people is a sin. How could liking them be one? Whoever that may be.
GYH: I’ve thought this for a while now, but you’re quite smart. That you had no say in how the teams were divided… you don’t intend to lie to me as well, right? You can’t bear to see the Jalgeum Quartet get more recognition during the jangchigi game. So, you placed Lee Sun Joon, a Noron and your future brother-in-law, in the Eastern Team. And Geol Oh, who’s like a prick in your eyes, to the Western Team? As it has always been, those guys flip in front of the ball so Lee Sun Joon and Moon Jae Shin could go at it to each other.  So in the end, you intend to start a fight between the Norons and the Sorons, right?
HIS: You’re pretty smart as well.
GYH: But me… why am I on your team?
HIS: Because you are one of my men.
GYH: Who says? I am Gu Yong Ha. I don’t intend to be anyone’s person in the future either. Yeorim. There is only one way if you wish to keep me by your side. You have to keep me entertained. Right now, you are boring.
LM: Take caution, Minister of War. Excessive schemes always bring problems.
LM: Trust doesn’t come from words
PJ: Are you Kim Yoon Shik’s mother?
KYH’S MOM: I must take my child back. If you must seek the punishment for sending a girl to Sungkyunkwan, I’ll receive it.
PJ: Lady.
KYH’S MOM: For my husband’s sake, please help our family to hide from the rest of the world.
PJ: Even if you convince me, you would be unable to change Yoon Hee’s mind. As her teacher, I don’t want to give up on that child. According to Catholicism, it teaches that men and women are equal. Lady, perhaps one day, even in Joseon…
KYH’S MOM: Why must my daughter walk that road? I don’t want my daughter to walk in a difficult road that the world will reject & resist. Losing my husband was more than enough.
PJ: It was for Yoon Hee’s sake. The reason why Professor so desperately wanted to find Geum Deung Ji Sa… He wanted to be able to open up a new world for his incredibly talented daughter.
KYH:  Mother. Why didn’t you tell me? That father was a professor at Sungkyunkwan.If I had known earlier…
KYH’S MOM: It’s all in the past.
Nothing will change.
HIS: This place has the greatest view at Sungkyunkwan. I wanted to show it to you.
CS: I didn’t come to Sungkyunkwan today to look at a sky I can look at anywhere in Joseon. So will it be okay if I take my leave now?
HIS: I’m trying.In order to win the heart of a mere girl
like you, I, Ha In Soo, am trying.
CS: You’re a pitiful person. Why do you believe that everything must go according to your plans, that everything is yours?
MJS: What are you doing here on a day like today? With your nickname Daemul, you’re not living up to your name.
KYH: Wow, who knew this day would come when I run into you at the library.  And moreover, on a day like today.
MJS: I read them all, all the books in here.
KYH: Senior, seriously!(LOOKS THRU ALL THE BOOKS) Oooooh, Senior.
MJS: Let’s go eat.
KYH: You really are pitiful. Don’t you even have a girl
to visit you on a day like this? You don’t have a girl you like-
do you, Senior?
MJS: That is why I wanted to eat with you.
MJS: Let’s just say we ate together today.
KYH: Engagement is just his parents’ wishes.Until he takes the civil service exam,he won’t get married. He promised me. A promise of a man.
HE: Is that true, my lord?
LSJ: Stop.
KYH: But seeing you today, I realize it now. Because you’re such a beautiful and virtuous woman, he must be changing his mind.
CS: One can’t help what one feels. No one can be blamed for it. I’m not immature enough to blame you for not loving me back, so don’t worry too much. I… I’m more worried about you, my lord. For longing after someone you can’t have, you get hurt and hurt another. Even so, because you can’t forget that person, you go through hell every day. Because that’s how first love is.
KYH: I’m going to really… really try my best today.
MJS: Why? Did that Noron punk say something to you?
KYH: We’ve always been on the same side, but from now on we probably won’t be able to. I’m going to show him that I can do well by myself.
MJS: Who says you’re alone?
CHANCELLOR: Why are they being like that? It’s not like it’s split between Norons versus Sorons. What is there to fight about that they are going at it like that?
GYH: Just let them be. Aren’t they at the fist-fighting age? They’re hot-blooded males, after all.
PJ: But you’re always watching from the sidelines. Both at the archery competition and today. Which is it? Are you afraid of fighting  or afraid of losing?
GYH: Well..Probably both.
GYH: You did something that’s not like you.
HIS: I know.
GYH: You were after Kim Yoon Shik from the start. It’s unlike you… To get your own hands dirty, it doesn’t make sense.
HIS: What doesn’t make sense is them. How can something like this happen? Exactly what about Kim Yoon Shik… What’s so special about Kim Yoon Shik… that makes the Left State Minister’s son throw his own body to save him?
LSJ: Will you… marry me? Please marry me. Up till now, I’ve never failed to accomplish what I set my mind to do. I’ve never failed to do what I sought, either. I’ve never failed to keep And won’t do so in the future. I’ll try every day. If you’re okay with this person that I am, will you please hold onto me?
MJS: So that punk… was the jerk.
MJS:  Let’s go. It’ll be the second half soon. The West team’s best player shouldn’t be sitting around like this. There is such a thing… Where no matter what anyone says, you can’t be consoled. Well, something like that. Even though it doesn’t comfort you, you can forget. It’s to torture your own body, but it’s pretty useful. I’m thinking of trying it myself. Why don’t you try it?
SD: Young master! What are you looking at so plaintively when you’re the one who got hurt? About that pretty boy scholar… The one you threw  your own body to save! How did you think of doing  such a commendable thing? These days I wonder whether you’re the young master I know. You get drunk and become a little puppy. You who used to always be neat and tidy have become so much more human-like. How much more will you change in the future?
LSJ’S MOM: I thought he was just a boring bookworm. But seeing him today, I must have worried for nothing.
LM: That’s what I’m worried about, my lady. He’s too impulsive and emotional. It’s not like our son.
MJS: I’m not in the mood to be laughing with you.
PJ: I didn’t receive a message that you were coming today.
KING: If I gave you notice, it wouldn’t be called incognito traveling. I didn’t want them to know that I was coming to Sungkyunkwan. This is… a message that the Hong Byuk Seo  will show up at Woonjong Street today. This is a trap. It’s the trick of those who must catch the Hong Byuk Seo, for fear that the truth of the Geum Deung Ji Sa will be disclosed.  I too believe that the Hong Byuk Seo is a Sungkyunkwan scholar. I intend to protect him whatever it takes, Professor Jung.
PJ: Your Majesty…
KING: The Hong Byuk Seo must not appear at Woonjong Street tonight. If he gets caught in the Minister of War’s trap, then there’d be nothing that this pathetic king could do.
PJ: Your Majesty.
KING: If you can, bring him to me. He definitely knows the whereabouts of the Geum Deung Ji Sa.
MJS: Do you think the same? That it is the Hong Byuk Seo who is killing and thieving?
KYH: I’m certain he is a Sungkyunkwan scholar. The messages written by the Hong Byuk Seo have all been great pieces of writing. He is such a pathetic fellow! If he writes all that great writing using difficult Chinese characters, how does he expect the ordinary folks and women to understand? So thoughtless! For whom does he wish to reveal the truth? With that kind of mindset, how does he expect to change the world?
MJS: Yeah, you’re right. Hong Byuk Seo, that foolish fellow!
GYH: To abstain from eating, and immersing yourself in books. Isn’t that behavior not that of an engaged man, but of one with a broken heart? Bu Yong Hwa, your fiancee,  sent me the news through a messenger. She owes me from earlier in a matter involving you.  Why? Are you jealous?
LSJ: Senior!
GYH: I got it, I got it! How could the ever so upright Scholar Lee Sun Joon resort to jealousy? How unbecoming of him! Is that what you mean? If the person he loved loved another, even Confucius himself would have suffered from jealousy and anger. That’s human nature. Is deceiving yourself like that, becoming of Lee Sun Joon?
PJ: Don’t forget. The ones who feed, clothe, and teach you here at Sungkyunkwan… are not your parents, but the citizens of this country. Today, in their presence, you brought shame to Sungkyunkwan. That is the greatest wrong you’ve committed today.
GYH: Going somewhere, Geol Oh? If it’s to gamble, I’ll be your match. If it’s for liquor, there’s plenty in my room.
MJS: You’re no match for me.
GYH: It’s a trap. They’re after you, don’t you know?
MJS: You?
GYH: Then, did you think I wouldn’t know? Did you see me as an idiot who can’t even recognize his decade-long friend’s writing? Me? Don’t go. Aren’t you afraid? You could die!
MJS: Afraid? Why should I be afraid? Living is not any more fun.
GYH: If being alive is worth no more than death, then what am I to you who’s by your side? Go! Go… live as you wish… And get lost!
MJS: Then…  you want me to just sit around and watch as the truth that my brother gave his life for… gets forgotten as that of a thief and a murderer? In front of my own eyes, and moreover, because of me! Is living like that a life at all? Don’t worry, Gu Yong Ha. I won’t let them touch a hair on my head, and will come back safely.
KYH: I didn’t know you were here. I thought you were in our room. What a coincidence! Is it… because of me? In order to avoid me, you went from the room to the library. This time, where do you plan to go from the library?
LSJ: You’re quite mistaken. Is Kim Yoon Shik that important of a person to me that I should purposely avoid him?
KYH: It can’t still be because of the events on the night of the Ip Chung Jae? Was it really nothing like this? To Lee Sun Joon, was the time that we shared together… a mere nothing that crumbled at a small misunderstanding? Is it? Or perhaps… your love for that woman is truly that great?
LSJ: I don’t want to talk about this matter anymore.
KYH: No, I must say it. Haven’t I told you that we’ll never see each other after we leave Sungkyunkwan? Until then, fine. As mere roommates who get along well, as we did in the past. You can’t even grant me that? Is that asking for too much? Answer me.
LSJ: Listen carefully, Kim Yoon Shik. I have no intention of returning to the way things were.
MJS: Good thing… I’m alive.
MJS: It’s all right. Go. I’ll take care of myself.
KYH: This is how you take care of yourself?! The Hong Byuk Seo… I had wondered who the pathetic guy was. I had no idea it was Senior!
MJS: All your yelling was a bluff. This is how you react to a wound? It’s okay. I’m used to things like this.
TRIO: Without good family background or great talent, there’s only one thing we can rely on.
TRIO: What’s that?
TRIO: Luck.
HIS M: Yeorim can’t be the Hong Byuk Seo, right?
HIS M2: Gu Yong Ha hates anything that uses physical exertion. It doesn’t make sense!
HIS M: Maybe… that is a great disguise of his.
HIS: Why don’t you give up your hide-and-seek and get some rest tonight? Your brilliant mind isn’t working so well…
MJS: That punk… is Gu Yong Ha. For the past ten years, he’s been following me around like a shadow.
GYH: Just say one more word, and… I’m going to beat you until your side bursts open. However, I’ll overlook it. Since your effort in making it back alive is commendable. Oh, so nice! What a guy!
MJS: What’s with the dramatic emotions?!
CS: Your Excellency. Please keep your promise. Before it’s too late… Just once… I want to live properly as a human being.
PJ: Your Majesty. Since when… Since when… did your condition worsen to the point where you can’t… endure the pain without having to use painkillers?
KING: I’ve been found out sooner than expected.
PJ: Why didn’t you say anything sooner?
KING: Didn’t I already say? That I didn’t have much time left. Do I have to wait longer for those kids, Professor Jung?
PJ: Will you promise me one thing then? If one day you should see their flaws, Your Majesty… Please put all the blame on me alone. A teacher wills to act  with the heart of a father.
KING: The king can’t lose to that. No blame would be imputed to them for their flaws, whatever they be. I promise, Professor Jung.
SD: Seriously, I can’t live because of you. Look here, pretty-boy scholar is… One, two, three, four… Do you know he is the 23rd one? I’m talking about your study buddies who left because they couldn’t stand your grumpy nature. You have to learn to put up with a person’s shortcomings. Let’s hear your side of it. What is the pretty-boy scholar lacking this time for you to give him a hard time? Huh?
LSJ: It’s not because he is lacking… My heart… It’s because my heart is overflowing.
KYH: You really saw us at Hyang Kwan Chung that night?
LSJ: If it’s about that matter, I don’t want to talk about it any further.
KYH: You don’t really believe that I’m gay, do you? I… I’m a guy. How can I, as a man, like another man, Geol Oh Senior? No way! That’s impossible!
LSJ: I see. If you really regard liking another man as an impossibility, then I suggest you behave more properly from now on. Then, there wouldn’t be any cause for people to misunderstand you.
GYH: Lee Sun Joon has been called as a witness for the hearing? It’s perfect, it’s perfect! By having the upright Lee Sun Joon to stand as a witness, you planned it so that the handling of the homosexuality scandal… will be regarded as fair and rule-abiding. Is that what you’re thinking?
HIS: Indeed, it would be a loss to have you as my enemy. We get each other really well.
GYH: Do you really believeMoon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik… are in an inappropriate relationship?
HIS: That night, those two were embracing each other at Hyang Kwan Chung. The reason has to be one of two things. One of them is the wounded Hong Byuk Seo, or… they’re gay. Neither is bad for me. Whether they turn out to be the Hong Byuk Seo or whether they’re gay, Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik will have to leave Sungkyunkwan. And Lee Sun Joon will have to turn his back on his roommates.
GYH: Lee Sun Joon?
HIS: Lee Sun Joon is fastidious and upright almost to the point of obsession, and he’s the Left State Minister’s only son. Do you think he’ll just watch as this filth… stains himself, no, his family’s honor?
GYH: You really are amazing. Over this matter, you plan to catch Geol Oh, Daemul, and even Garang?
HIS: There is one more. If that happens, Yeorim… There will be no one left by your side.
MJS: Hey, Noron! Have you seen him? Have you seen Daemul? You’re taking Professor Yoo’s class on “Great Learning” together. Where did this guy go, making me worry like this?
LSJ: Worrying? Is that how you do it? Plunging the person you cherish into trouble, and causing others to point fingers at him… Is that the kind of worrying you do, Senior? If you really cared for Kim Yoon Shik, this shouldn’t have happened.
MJS: Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of our business…
LSJ: Then do it right! I, too, don’t want to be concerned with it any longer.
PJ: I asked you what happened at Hyang Kwan Chung that night. Once a decision is reached at the hearing, even His Majesty can’t reverse it. If you tell me the truth, I might be able to help you. Once the hearing starts, it’ll be too late. So tell me the truth. Homosexuality can never be tolerated among scholars. Your name can be forever erased from the student list, so that you can’t use the name Kim Yoon Shik to take another exam or government position. Are you okay with that?
KYH: We… did nothing wrong. That’s the only answer I can give you at this time.
GYH: So… you’re going to do as Ha In Soo wants?
MJS: Don’t make a huge deal out of it. It’s nothing big.
GYH: Confessing that you’re the Hong Byuk Seo now… means having to die for committing  murder, arson, and theft. Is this your way of  saving your brother’s will? Just think about confessing  at the hearing tomorrow! Then I’ll kill you with my own hands.
MJS: With these tiny fists? I’m in the process of thinking what’s the best course of action.
GYH: Is the most important thing in that course of action… what’s best for Daemul?
KYH: I don’t know whether to say thank you or I’m sorry. Tomorrow at the hearing, will you help me then, too? Geol Oh Senior and I, we don’t have that type of relationship. In any case, we’re innocent.
LSJ: Then speak. Tell me honestly what happened at Hyang Kwan Chung that night.
KYH: That… That… It’s for Geol Oh Senior’s sake. Can’t you trust me and help us? At this hearing, Geol Oh Senior is…
LSJ: Do you understand the gravity of this situation? If something goes wrong, you can spend the rest of your life stuck in a gutter. And yet, even at this moment, you’re… worrying more for Moon Jae Shin than for yourself?
KYH: Sure, you can doubt me. Since Lee Sun Joon is an upright man, you may not be able to understand. But still, I wish you’d believe me just once and help me.
LSJ: I… How far? How much more do I have to do? Kim Yoon Shik, because of you, how much more…! Do I have to do something this stupid? Pathetic, foolish things that are not like me?
KYH: Then what can I do? The only person I can think of at this moment… is Lee Sun Joon, only you.
MJS: Well, is it like this? I don’t want to talk to anyone, so don’t mess with me. You have the book open to say “Get lost!”
KYH: I’m reading it because it’s fun.
MJS: If you keep saying obvious lies, it’ll become a habit. There’s something exactly twenty times better than reading this book.
KYH: Twenty times better?
KYH: If you keep saying obvious lies, it’ll become a habit. This is a hundred times better! Why do you do that… The Hong Byuk Seo? I’ve heard that it’s dangerous and that you can die if you’re caught.
MJS: Why?
KYH: For what are you doing this?
MJS: For what? I’ve never thought about it. Because I can’t bear feeling suffocated. Because if I don’t, then I can’t live. To live. I’m doing it to live. What about you? Aren’t you the same? Someone once said that when you’re up here, you can hear the breathing of ban-goog. [institution of learning/Sungkyunkwan] There was someone who used to say crap like that. He told me. That the doors to Sungkyunkwan aren’t the doors into the king’s palace, but that they open into the poorest and most deprived part of Joseon, Banchon.
KYH: Oh, it’s true. It’s really true, Senior.
MJS: I think it’s because of that guy. Probably because I feel someone should know… that that guy walked to and fro on this earth.
KYH: Who is this person?
MJS: My older brother. Kim Yoon Shik!
KYH: Yes?
MJS: Kim. Yoon. Shik. There must be a way to not dirty that name. And I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you this before today ended.
MOW: Learning how to concede is the most difficult. I didn’t come to this point of becoming in-laws with your family easily. You’re great, but you’re too upright. I’m saying it now because you’re now my son. What good comes from challenging the world? Remember my words, Lee Seobang. I’m giving you a top secret advice on how to succeed. As a marriage gift.
LM: A new groom’s face shouldn’t be like that. Seeing that you know in-laws are a difficult relationship, you have really become a man. I know that the Minister of War doesn’t please you.
LSJ: I’m sorry.
LM: He has useless greed, and he uses any means necessary. So he might look rotten to you.
LSJ: Then why?
LM: He’s someone who’ll do anything for you. It’s not bad for a father-in-law.
HIS: Scholar Lee Sun Joon. Did you see Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik at Hyang Kwan Chung that night? Those two, without a doubt, are they not?
LSJ: The homosexual… is me.
HIS: What did you… just say?
LSJ: The homosexual… is me.
PY: How can you laugh at a time like this?
PJ: Lee Sun Joon, that fellow, is an interesting one the more you know him. Ah… Let’s not sit around like this, but let’s go watch, Professor Yoo.
LSJ: That night at Hyang Kwan Chung… There wasn’t just Scholars Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik, but I was also with them. What? Thus, if Scholars Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik are homosexual, shouldn’t I be called homosexual as well?
HIS: Do you realize what you’re doing right now? You’re confessing that you’re homosexual with your own mouth. Even if you were to be stricken from the student registry, you’d have no say.
LSJ: If that’s the law, there’s nothing I can do. If it’s true that ScholarsMoon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik… committed an act unworthy of a nobleman scholar, that is.
HIS: Do you intend to defend those two with such false testimony?
LSJ: That night… there were other witnesses who saw me coming out of Hyang Kwan Chung. Ahn Do Hyun… Kim Woo Tak… and Bae Hae Won are the ones.
HIS: Is this true?
LSJ: Then why wasn’t I included in the scandal? It’s because the scandal is not true. The inappropriate act of im Yoon Shik and Moon Jae Shin, did you see it with your own eyes? (THE CLASS STARTED POINTING FINGERS AS TO WHO SAW WHAT) I ask the Board of Council. Is a man’s love for another an ignominy? Of course, for scholars who practice Confucianism… The most important virtue in Confucianism,”in”, refers to love for your friend (“ren”). Am I wrong? In, Eui, Ye, Ji, Shin… (ren, yi, li, zhi, xin in Chinese) They’re virtues that should be upheld, as scholars following Mencius’s teachings. But, instead of seeing the truth as it is, the foolish mind that only sees what it wants to see and believes what it wants to believe… cannot be considered wise (“zhi”). To put others in harm’s way because of irresponsible curiosity,laughing and enjoying it without knowing that it is a sin, cannot be considered as just (“yi”) or proper (“li”). And a heart that cannot trust (“xin”) a friend cannot be called a Confucian scholar. No one has the right to judge and point fingers… at a person for his love for another… with precepts and skewed standards of what constitutes a scandal. If that is the way of a neo-Confucian scholar, I would rather choose to be… homosexual.
HIS: Do you think this is the end of the matter? Then I’ll ask again. If you guys aren’t homosexual, what were you doing at Hyang Kwan Chung? At that late hour. The wounded Hong Byuk Seo entered Sungkyunkwan that night. He would’ve needed to stop the bleeding, and so would have naturally headed to Hyang Kwan Chan where tobacco ashes are. And that night, Scholars Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik… were found embracing each other at Hyang Kwan Chung. The reason why you can’t freely discuss what happened that night at Hyang Kwan Chung, is it perhaps because of this? Then tell me… what happened at Hyang Kwan Chung that night. I gave Scholars Kim Yoon Shik and Moon Jae Shin… plenty of chance to prove their innocence. I… with the authority vested in me as student body president, order that Scholars Kim Yoon Shik and Moon Jae Shin… remove their upper garments.
MJS: Is it enough if I just take it off? Isn’t that what you want?
KYH: Senior!
GYH: Geol Oh!
LSJ: First… you must answer me, President. Did you intend to use the council as a trap to catch the Hong Byuk Seo? You just admitted yourself that you didn’t believe the homosexuality scandal. The right to the council hearing is in the hands of the scholars alone, which Sungkyunkwan’s chancellor, professors, and even His Majesty himself… cannot interfere with.  That’s because Sungkyunkwan’s student council hearing… should not be used for any political reasons, whatsoever. But, as the chair of the student council hearing, you violated the rule, President. If Scholar Moon Jae Shin  undresses and no wound is found, you’ll have to take full responsibility for your actions, President. Am I not right?
SP: Then… even though you knew that Moon Jae Shin was not homosexual, you proceeded with this hearing? He used us! You disgraced us Sorons.
LSJ: But if you agree to dismiss these charges, we too won’t have you answer for your mistake today.
GYH: Why? Since we started, we should see to the end of it. Take it off!
LSJ: I assume that you’re rescinding your order, President.
LSJ: How pathetic. What kind of misunderstanding did you have?
GYH: It was quite unexpected… for an upright man like Lee Sun Joon to not object to being homosexual.
LSJ: I just…
GYH: Ah yes! You were merely upholding your principles? If you were upholding your principles, you shouldn’t have lied. That you were with Daemul and Geol Oh the whole time at Hyang Kwan Chung… That is a lie, isn’t it? A lie that is unlike you.
LSJ: Did you know the events of that night, too?
GYH: The Left State Minister’s son with a bright future ahead of him… took the risk of being implicated in a homosexuality scandal… and endangering his road to success. Why is that? What did you do it for? I hear you’re getting engaged tomorrow. And of all people, you intend to be a part of Ha In Soo’s family. Was it because you needed someone who would suit your family pedigree? Or did you not care whomever it was you were to marry? As though you were running away… So, are you happy, Garang? Look at this, look at this! Even now you can’t lie. How do you plan on continuing to lie? For whose sake is it for?
PY: Lee Sun Joon is leaving Sungkyunkwan? No, how can such a ridiculous thing happen?! When he said he was leaving, you just merely said “suit yourself?”
C: Immature young scholars may sometimes rebel without a cause. You’ve never once had that kind of experience as a student? You woke up one morning not wanting to study and wishing to quit Sungkyunkwan…
PY: Never. Not even once.
PJ: And Lee Sun Joon… is not an immature young scholar. He is one who knows what he’s doing.
GYH: I don’t like council hearings, but that one thing I like. Going on a school trip after the hearing. Forget any hard feelings during the hearing, and let’s get drunk and be one. Drunk by the beautiful scenery, and drunk by the alcohol.
MJS: (YH TAKES THE DRINK FROM HIM) What are you doing?
GYH: Your wound… hasn’t healed completely yet.
KYH: (ENTERS) Did you know about it? I heard that Scholar Lee Sun Joon is leaving Sungkyunkwan.
GYH: He wasn’t going home just for his engagement tomorrow? What’s he up to? Surely he didn’t get hurt by what I said to him earlier?
KYH: The engagement ceremony…is tomorrow, huh?
GYH: If he left without a word to his seniors, so much for his manners and moral code. He really is… no good.
LM: Once you get married and have your family, that responsibility will become a great strength. And as you see your family prosper, that pride will further push you. That is enough for the life of a man.
LSJ: Father… So… Are you happy?
LM: I dare say…
LSJ: I want to hear your answer.
LM: That question doesn’t even deserve an answer. Those shameful words that suit women’s leisurely qualms… How can such words come out of the mouth of the eldest son of Jinseong’s Lee clan? I have never wasted my time thinking such unnecessary thoughts.
WT: Those who meet must eventually part.
LSJ: I was right. I thought I was hallucinating.
KYH: What a coincidence!
LSJ: W…What are you doing here?
KYH: I… was on my way to the bookstore. The bookseller sent a message for me this morning to come see him.
LSJ: Isn’t the bookstore located at Pil-dong?
KYH: I see this type of lie doesn’t pass your notice. Because I didn’t get a chance to thank you for what you did at the hearing yesterday… No, well… I thought we should at least say goodbye to each other. Thinking that this may be our last time… That I won’t ever see you again… I just wanted to see you one last time. That’s why I was waiting for you. As your bosom buddy, as your mere roommate… or even just as one of the many scholars you encountered. However you may think of me, I just wanted to see you, Lee Sun Joon, one last time. Now that I’ve seen you, it’s enough.
LSJ: Today… it would’ve been better if you hadn’t come.
KYH: Why? Did I do something wrong again?
LSJ: Go! Let’s never see each other again.
HE: I’ve been waiting a long time for you. I’ll be a worthy wife for you, my lord. You said you’ve never failed to accomplish what you willed. You promised me that you would try your best to love me. I will put all my trust in your promise, my lord.
LSJ: That promise… I don’t think I’ll be able to keep it.
LSJ: I… like you, Kim Yoon Shik. I, who’ve never strayed from the right path… I, who’ve never strayed from my principle… I, who thought propriety and custom meant everything in this world… I’ve started to like you, a man. This is the reason why… I can’t have you by my side, as a friend or a roommate. With you by my side, Kim Yoon Shik… I don’t have the confidence to continue deceiving myself like this. Don’t worry, Kim Yoon Shik. I won’t do anything to hurt you. I won’t let people point fingers at you because of my own feelings. This will also be the last time I’ll appear before you. At this time, this is all I can do for you.
LSJ: I don’t think I’ll be able to keep it. Can you please break off the engagement from your end?
HE: Have I done something wrong? If you tell me, I’ll fix it.
LSJ: The fault is entirely my own. And so… the one who doesn’t have a right to this engagement is me. Unlike other men, I cannot give my heart to a woman.
MJS: What’s so serious? Should I leave, rather than disturb you?
KYH: Senior! May I… ask you one question? Senior, you said that you read all the books here. Then, what is the correct answer in a situation like this? I… lied to someone. And because of my lie, that person… is now carrying a really heavy burden. Enough to give up on a chance that he’s been dreaming of for a long time.
MJS: And so?
KYH: I want to tell him the truth… I want to tell him that he can now put down his heavy burden. But I fear that it’s too late… That he won’t be able to forgive me… I’m afraid. What should I do?
MJS: What’s there to worry? Just go and tell him the truth. “I’m sorry, so forgive me.” Just as you’re now doing to me, show him how you feel.
KYH: The lie that I’ve told… It’s so huge and grave… that he won’t be  able to easily forgive me. If I tell the truth, that person may turn his back on me forever. I’m scared… and afraid.
MJS: This person… Is it someone that you like?
KYH: That’s…
MJS: Who? Cho Sun?
C: It’s merely the heart of a teacher who wishes to lead the young lost sheep back to its path.
KING: Unless I can win over the son of the Noron leader, this fight will never end.
C: Using whatever means necessary, you must bring Lee Sun Joon back.
GYH: I’m not sure… He is not one to listen to others.
C: You are Gu Yong Ha! You can do it! Believe in positive thinking. Whether I finish my 30-year official life in the outskirts like Sungkyunkwan… or in the glorious center, it all lies in your hands.
GYH: Hey, Daemul! You’re still feeling down? Rather than going to play, you look like a cow being led to slaughter.
MJS: Oh, Geol Oh, be careful of your head.
GYH: Why don’t you iron your frowny face? To try to cheer you up, Daemul, even Moon Jae Shin… who has never gone on a school trip, is com…
MJS: Are you going to spout nonsense so early in the morning?!
GYH: I’ve prepared something, too! You should look forward to it. So then! Let’s go have fun! Got it?
SP: Hey, Daemul! Why are you simply sitting there like a picture? Get in!
L1; If he is truly a man, he wouldn’t be afraid of getting wet.
L2: Yes, I’m not afraid either.
MJS: Here. (GIVES YH A POTATO & BLOWS ON IT)  Because it’s hot.
KYH: You will be a great husband, Senior.
MJS: Nonsense…(BLUSH)
LSJ: It’s no use, Kim Yoon Shik. No matter how hard I try… I can’t help but seek you out like this. So now it’s your turn. Run away from me, Kim Yoon Shik.
KYH: Wait! You have to listen to my answer before you go!
KYH: I should go back now.
LSJ: You’re telling me… to let you go like this? I can’t let you go.
GYH: Don’t worry too much. He’s fine.
MJS: Are you sure? Where is he now?
GYH: Just ask one question at a time, my friend. I didn’t see it for myself, but I’m certain. He’s now safely where his roommate is residing.
MJS: What?
GYH: Daemul is with Lee Sun Joon. If you’re that worried, go over there. Go and check with your own two eyes that he’s safe and sound.
MJS: That’s okay. As long as he’s fine…
SD: Where do you think you’re going, young master?! Pretty boy scholar! Tonight you must convince my young master and take him back with you to Sungkyunkwan. He’ll get ruined if he continues to stay in this room all by himself. Even if I have to die in his place, I’m not going to sit by and watch my  young master wallowing in pain any longer.  (LOCKS THEM IN THE ROOM TOGETHER)
KYH: Have you been sick?
SD: It’s lovesickness! He doesn’t eat, doesn’t read, and doesn’t sleep!
LSJ: Soon Dol..
SD: He was in a daze, just thinking about that person he misses so much.
LSJ: Soon Dol… you… Stop it this instance.
SD: Pretty boy scholar, make sure you convince my young master, okay?
LSJ: There’s only one blanket in here.
SD: Geez! My young master is so finicky. Where would I get another blanket this late? It’s not like you guys need to keep your distance from each other.
GYH: If you’re going to be lying here with just an outer shell of yourself, why be so stubborn, so stubborn, huh? Your inside is down there with Daemul. See? Thang! Thang! It’s making this hollow sound.
MJS: If you keep making assumptions and it becomes a habit, your wrist may break.
GYH: You like Daemul.
MJS: What about you? Don’t you as well?
GYH: That’s true. Who wouldn’t like that bright-eyed guy?
MJS: I’m going to sleep.
GYH: Don’t waste your energy trying to act cool, Geol Oh. Pretending not to want… Pretending not to be jealous… And, pretending to be strong and not be affected by such petty things.  If I were you, I wouldn’t waste useless energy,  but devote my all into making her mine. As of now, you still have the advantage over Lee Sun Joon. Since Lee Sun Joon couldn’t possibly imagine Daemul’s secret.
LSJ: Since when was it… that you started to mask your beautiful face under the guise of a man? If it’s too difficult, you don’t have to answer…
KYH: I once told you that I have a sick younger sibling, didn’t I? Because we didn’t have any money for the medicine, I paid the doctor by copying the medical record book for him. And he got me work from Mr. Hwang’s bookstore. It was about… two years after my father passed away, so I was about 12 years old.
LSJ: Were you using your brother’s name Kim Yoon Shik?
KYH: Yes, that’s what happened.
LSJ: Then your real name is?
KYH: Kim Yoon Hee. Kim Yoon Hee is my name.
LSJ: Kim… Yoon Hee.
HIS: I know Lee Sun Joon  better than you do. There’s something  between the two of you. Tell me. I can only help you if you tell me the truth.
HE: I know…  that you don’t like my lord. So can you just  pretend you don’t know?
KYH: What did you just say? You’re telling me to leave Sungkyunkwan?
LSJ: Isn’t that the obvious thing to do?
KYH: – How is that the obvious thing to do?
LSJ: – It’s prohibited by law.
KYH: Because men and women are different according to the strict moral code?
LSJ: You know well that this can’t be, so why…?
KYH: Have you already forgotten who had me dream impossible dreams, and made miracles possible?
LSJ: – That…
KYH: – Is it because I’m a woman? Even the poor people and the persecuted Namins can all dream of a miracle, but to a girl, it is not permissible? That too (being a girl) was something I had no choice in. I am not afraid of the nation’s law, or the king’s command.
LSJ: You really don’t know what I’m worried about? This is an extremely dangerous matter. You could get hurt… Your life could be in jeopardy!
KYH: I don’t want to live in fear about a tomorrow that has not yet come. Even if I leave Sungkyunkwan, I’ll still have to dress in a man’s hat and robe, and wander around Woonjong Street doing transcription work. And if I can’t do even that, I’ll have to just marry anyone in order to  lessen the burden on my struggling family. So to me, there is no tomorrow that I should want to protect with all my might. I want to enjoy this moment now, with all my heart and with all my strength. Because these are moments that will never be allowed in my life again.
MJS: You punk, why do you only think of yourself? Act with some thought for others who might be worried about you.
CS: As a lowly girl, I won’t even dream of becoming your wife. Ever since becoming a gisaeng at a young age,  I lived a considerably glamorous life. But you were the first person… who treated me with respect as a proper woman, and not a mere playtoy for men. If I can be by your side, whether  as your lover or as your mistress, I think I might be able to live a life in which I can respect and cherish myself. Will you give me permission to live, waiting for the day when you can return my feelings?
KYH: No, I can’t allow it. For such a beautiful and kind person as you, I am too shameful and unworthy. So… don’t give me your affections anymore. I… don’t deserve it.
CS: If you reject me with such kind words, how would I be able to let you go?
MJS: Going to a gisaeng’s house in broad daylight, what are you going to be when you grow up? About Cho Sun… You should keep your distance from her.
KYH: She’s a good person. Someone who’s too good for me.
MJS: Just listen when I tell you. It’s unbecoming of a young lad to waste his time visiting a gisaeng’s house.
KYH: Senior, are you still mad at me? Don’t worry so much. I’m Daemul… Daemul!
MJS: That’s why… because it’s you that I worry.
KYH: You’ve returned to Sungkyunkwan?
LSJ: If you’re preparing for Hwang Gam Je, there’s no need. You were right, Kim Yoon Sh… Anyway, since I’m the one who made you a scholar at Sungkyunkwan, I’ll take responsibility.
KYH: You’ll take responsibility?
LSJ: Before anyone finds out, I will help you leave Sungkyunkwan quietly. This is something I’m doing. There won’t be any mistakes.
KYH: So what you’re saying is, you came back just to kick me out?
LSJ: Then, did you see me as a fool… who would leave the woman I like at male-infested Sungkyunkwan?
KYH: Me? What gives you the right?
LSJ: I don’t want you to get hurt. And I also have  the duty to protect you. What other right do I need?
KYH: You can help me. So that I can finish well till the very end. Will you be satisfied if I show you how well-suited I am for Sungkyunkwan?
LSJ: How will you show that to me?
KYH: That… That! Hwang Gam Je! How about if I place first  at Hwang Gam Je?
LSJ: Hwang Gam Je? Do you know that this exam tests both essay writing and scripture recitation? For writing, you’ll have to write one essay and one of these three. For scripture recitation, one of the Four Books and the Three Classics. Do you know that this exam requires that they all be memorized?
KYH: It’s not like others won’t be doing the same. I’ll give it a shot!
LSJ: – There’s one more.
KYH: – What now?
LSJ: More than anything else, you will have to beat me.
KYH: I thought it’d be something great.
LSJ: Ever since I started school, I have never once lost first place.
KYH: So if I win, you promise me to say no more on this subject.
LSJ: Fine. Let’s try it then.
MJS: Hey, Noron. I told you not to confuse people. Don’t go back and forth. It’s disorienting to me.
GYH: It’s a first time in ten years… That’s a warm welcoming from Geol Oh.
LSJ: Then, I’m going to sleep first, Senior.
MJS: Hey, Noron! That’s my spot.
LSJ: Your spot, my spot. There’s no such thing. You were the one who said wherever one lies down, that is that person’s spot.
MJS: You’re not going to move? Hey! What is it with you today?
LSJ: What’s with you, Senior?
PY: What the professors failed to achieve how ever hard we tried, a basket of tangerines solved everything.
PJ: Who do you think will come in first at this year’s Hwang Gam Je?
C: It’ll likely be Lee Sun Joon. Not once has he lost in a verbal debate. He’ll perform exceptionally well in short-answer questions as well.
PY: Kim Yoon Shik is also a winning candidate who cannot be dismissed. Based on his speed in memorizing classics, he’s definitely one of the rare few.
PJ: A competition between Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Sun Joon? Looks like it’ll be an interesting competition.
KYH: Now that you’ve returned to Sungkyunkwan, you’ll soon take your civil service exam. And you’ll soon marry the lady you got engaged with.
LSJ: That won’t happen. Because we didn’t get engaged that day. I told you that I won’t lie to myself again.
HE: I really wish to change young lord’s heart. I thought that Scholar Yeorim might know the way. So I’ve inconvenienced you into meeting me.
GYH: A way to change one’s heart?
HE: I will do everything within my capabilities. No matter how difficult or tiring, I can do it. So, please help me.
GYH: Wow, this is very touching! You want to become a woman who is to Lee Sun Joon’s liking? First of all, don’t suddenly meet with male strangers. Change your bad habit of only reading meaningless and cheap romance novels as well. Your behaviour in oppressing the weak and the small should be cleaned up, too.
HE: I’ll do my best. What else?
GYH: If doing your best will not win you your lover’s heart, then you should accept it. In this romance novel, your role… is of a character who does not receive the love. That will make you feel more comfortable. You won’t have to cry again. And there won’t be reason for you to hear such pitiful advice from someone like me.
HE: You jerk! Why are you so cruel to me?
GYH: Because at least one person should tell the truth to the precious princess.
LSJ: Don’t cross over the line.
KYH: I wouldn’t cross over even if you begged me to, so don’t worry.
LSJ: You have not seen the way you sleep, so you must not know.
KYH: Why is Geol Oh Senior staying out on a night like this?
LSJ: I know.
KYH: The room feels so empty without Geol Oh Senior.
LSJ: This is exactly why you can’t stay at Sungkyunkwan.
KYH: Since today will be the last of your nagging, I’ll willingly listen to it. Tomorrow is Hwang Gam Je. And I’ll very easily beat Scholar Lee Sun Joon and win first place. So you’ll no longer be able to tell me to leave Sungkyunkwan.
MJS: The first place has been decided. Tell Daemul and Lee Sun Joon that they’ve worked hard.
HIS: What’s going on? I thought the Jalgeum Quartet would have a clean sweep at Hwang Gam Je. You must have decided to yield first-place  finish to Lee Sun Joon and Kim Yoon Shik.
MJS: Then what about you?
HIS: Rather than participate in an immature exam, I have an even more important exam.
LSJ: I still can’t accept a woman being at Sungkyunkwan. I have never dealt with someone who easily disobeyed the law. But… I have no choice. An official who would choose to be close to the people rather than to guide them, I too would like to see. So I’ll just have to let you stay. Morever, if I let this woman who thinks lightly of the law and imperial orders… out alone in the outside world, I can’t even imagine what kind of major trouble she’ll cause.
KYH: So, in that convoluted way, you’re  saying that I can stay at Sungkyunkwan? I thought I was going to die of nervousness.
LSJ: W…Wait, Kim Yoon Shik. I have something I want to hear, too. I would really like it…  if you told me now. That day, at the creek… What were you going to tell me? You really don’t remember? – If not…
KYH: – About what?
LSJ: Didn’t you tell me to hear your answer before I leave?
KYH: Well, it seems like I might have…
LSJ: Please think back carefully. Try harder!
KYH: Do I really have to put it into words for you to know?
LSJ: If you don’t tell me in words, how am I supposed to know?
KYH: You really don’t know?
LSJ: I think I’ll die of frustra… (YH KISSES HIM)
GYH: Getting startled? That’s why you shouldn’t do bad things. Gwangtong Bridge to Woonjong Street is heavily guarded. Stay over at my house tonight.
MJS: My bracelet!
GYH: It’s too dangerous to go now.
MJS: It’s the only memento…  left by my brother.
KING: I seek to command a secret mission upon you. I will build a new city at Hwaseong. To those who want to sell, I will give them their place of commerce. And to those who want to plough the fields, their plows. A place without slaves or noblemen, where wealth and poverty are shared, and where class distinction is absent. A great city of the East without political factions.
KYH: I… want to find it. No. I must find it. Though I cannot remember his face clearly, I wish to learn what my father was like. If I look for his lost will… If I follow his last traces… Then perhaps I can know him even a little. Please help me, Seniors.
GYH: What about you, Geol Oh?
MJS: Moon Young Shin… Whether this world that foolish fellow wanted so badly will really come about… I too must find that will.
KYH: Senior.
MJS: He’s my older brother. That pathetic fellow.
PM: Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik… It’s most fitting that they carry out this secret mission. However, Your Majesty… I am inadequate to comprehend why Lee Sun Joon, the son of a Noron, and that other, who is neither a Namin nor a Soron…
KING: Gu Yong Ha. That amusing boy is likewise the future of Joseon that I wish to create.
PM: Do you believe that those children will be able to solve the puzzle?
KING: We have to trust that they can.
GYH: Can’t you tell me what you’re thinking? Do you really not know anything about the Geum Deung Ji Sa?
MJS: Geum Deung Ji Sa… is a letter by the late king mourning with remorse Crown Prince Sado’s death.
GYH: What?
MJS: Those who feared the revelation of Geum Deung Ji Sa to the world, and so got rid of Geum Deung Ji Sa and did that to my brother… Behind all these are Norons.
GYH: So then why did you say you didn’t know anything earlier?
HIS: Glad to run into you guys here. The Hong Byuk Seo appeared at the Gwangtong Bridge last night.
GYH: Hey, you should have told me something like that in advance. So I could have gone to watch!
HIS: Then watch as much as you want now. We can talk about the specifics at the police.
GYH: If you’re hoping to capture the Hong Byuk Seo based on this drawing, I’d say the person it depicts… actually looks most like you! Wow!
HIS: I wonder if you’ll still be able to joke after seeing this. It’s the evidence the Hong Byuk Seo left behind at the Gwangtong Bridge last night. If a witness is needed to testify that this bracelet is Moon Jae Shin’s, I can bring over anyone from Sungkyunkwan.
MJS: Is this what you’re looking for? (shows HIS his other wrist)
GYH: (he’s wearing the same bracelet) Or… perhaps something like this? Oh, that’s right! It’s time for us to go to Professor Yoo’s class on “Doctrine of the Mean.” You should hurry too. Oh, wait! You don’t need this anymore, do you? (takes MJS’s bracelet) Our Daemul has been wanting one like this. We should all share things we don’t need so that we can go to heaven. Well, you’ll need to try harder, of course.
GYH: You saw that? I’m Gu Yong Ha.
MJS: I’m going to find it. As I look for the missing Geum Deung Ji Sa, I’ll be able to meet the ones who did that to my brother. And I plan to show them what they really need to be scared of.
GYH: So then, what do you need me to do?
KYH: The place where Geum Deung Ji Sa is, that place the learning is headed. That place where the nation begins. Will I be able to find it? I’ve never done something so important. I have no interest in political or state affairs… And I’m not that bright-minded. I can’t even begin to guess… what my father’s thoughts and aspirations were.
LSJ: And I… I will… be there. When you grow weary of carrying this burden, there beside you, I will be. When you regret beginning such a dangerous endeavour, there beside you, I will be. When you feel as though you can’t go on, and wish to raise your hands in surrender, when you feel frustrated that what’s before you is beyond your capabilities, and, even if… we ultimately come away with nothing, having to face defeat with empty hands… Kim Yoon Hee… By your side, there will always be me.
PJ: His Majesty has a special request for you. Do not partake in any Hong Byuk Seo activities… and give them any leads whatsoever.
MJS: You knew about it?
PJ: Though your father is the Minister of Justice, if you should be arrested now, he would not be able to save you.
MJS: I am aware of that. He neither has the power nor the will to do so… My father.
PJ: Your brother was a talented writer as well. I saw his presence in your writing, and it was a delight to see. Did you strive to emulate your brother’s writing?
MJS: “Without love for the people and concerns for the nation, ’tis not poetry.” “Without aching for our era and outrage at the world, ’tis not poetry.” “Without striving for good and guarding against evil, ’tis too is not poetry.” This is… It’s from a book of poetry that I enjoy reading… by Sungkyunkwan’s long-time scholar Jung Yak Yong.
PJ: Even so, if you don’t meet attendance requirements for this semester, you will once again fail the Analects class.
LSJ: It’s very fortunate…that it was a malfunction after all. I wondered whether with your formidable strength, you had stopped the lift on purpose.
KYH: What do you mean?
LSJ: Why… don’t you remember? Yesterday at the library… “Do I really have to put it into words for you to know?”
KYH: How preposterous! That’ll never happen again, so don’t worry!
LSJ: No… what I meant was… How can a scholar be so fickle and inconsistent!
KYH: I told you not to worry.That won’t ever happen again!
LSJ: I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now. How should a scholar achieve great feats if he lacks such consistency?
KYH: That’s why from now on, I’ll never do it again. You don’t believe it? “A man should keep his words.” You can trust me.
“Smile once, once younger.Frown once, once older.”Every smile takes away a year,every frown adds one on.” It was a joke, a joke! Please don’t be angry anymore.
“One shouldn’t start something one can’t finish.”Stopping in the middle is worse than not having started at all “. This is a teaching from the Analects. To stop something you’ve already started, isn’t something a Confucius scholar should do.
“Know your enemy and know yourself, and you shall be undefeated.”Do you really not know how I feel? The last thing I wanted to say, I won’t say it directly. I think you should read it yourself. Love. I love you.
GYH: If a family that hands over their daughter for money is a good family, then there’s not a single Joseon family that wouldn’t be considered distinguished.
GYH’S DAD: I hear that you’re hanging around with the Left State Minister’s son these days. You’re a rascal who knows the ways of this world. You were always wasting your time hanging out with that Geol Oh or Geol In. That son of Soron, and grinding on this father of yours. But I’m not telling you to ditch the Soron punk altogether. Right now, the Norons have the skies, but you never know! Once heaven and earth start to turn, it could as easily shift to the Sorons. Why?
GYH: Just in case the Namins regain power, I got myself a Namin friend too. I guess no one told you about that.
GYH’S DAD: Your going in and out of Hanseongbu.* Stop that. Don’t stand out. What might just be a case of fatigue for those other punks, could be a big case of the measles for you.
HIS: If the heavens are to help me. I should do my part as well.
GYH: No matter how I look at it, that secret mission from the king doesn’t seem to suit me. What’s up with all that reverence and seriousness? So boring. The one I trust is you, Geol Oh. So you have to find it, okay? Let me have a look too. That great world the king is talking about.
MJS: Are you drunk? Or is something wrong?
GYH: Let’s do it, I’m saying.
MOJ: What are you doing? This is where I carry out my official duties. Even though you are my son, still…
MJS: Why… is this… here? Please answer me. Why is that inside your personal cabinet? My brother’s incident report… and investigation records on the Left State Minister and Minister of War… are recorded daily.
MOJ: Why?
MJS: Then…
MOJ: Did you think that your father really forgave those who did that to your brother?
MJS: Then… That incident… Left State Minister and War Minister. Is it true?
MOJ: So from now on, leave your brother’s case to me. And do not involve yourself anymore. Though alive, I was not really living. I have merely endured, for that day of vengeance upon them. So don’t complicate this matter that’s mine to do.
MOW: About your son and my daughter’s marriage, Your Excellency. I think it’s time for the elders to step forward. They say the world is full of men and women, but… when you sleep under a shared blanket, it’s all the same. They are still too young to realize that.
OFFICER GOO: The rabbit was caught a long time ago. But the hunting dog is barking up a storm now. What do you think the owner will do? From my understanding, in order for that hunting dog to survive, he has to to bite the owner before he is thrown into boiling water. If it were me, I would find a way… to calm that hunting dog down, Your Excellency.
LSJ: Senior, about the Geumdeung chapter in the “Classic of History”. We couldn’t find it in the Sungkyunkwan library books. As if someone hid them on purpose. The sorrow of a wrongful death… is expressed through the lyrics in Geumdeung chapter. Is that correct?
MJS: Didn’t you place first at the so-gwa (entrance) exam? And the best in the classics? So why are you asking me?
LSJ: If the late king regarded it as a wrongful death, and if the reigning king is looking for it… Geum Deung Ji Sa. Is it linked to the death of Crown Prince Sado? Do you know by any chance, Senior?
MJS: Didn’t I tell you I really detest things that give me a headache? Let you and me do our assigned roles. I do mine. You do yours.
HE: (TO KYH)Is my lord doing well? I am so pathetic, aren’t I? As his fiancee, I have to hear about his news from others. Young lord. You’re his closest roommate, right? Will you help me? So that my lord’s heart will come my way. This is a marriage of the families. Not a marriage that can be broken over personal feelings that may have changed. Even if my lord’s heart does not change, we will have to go through with the marriage. So for the sake of my lord, please help me. I know that I am lacking. And that I am immature. Because that is what everyone says. But I don’t want to be criticized for my feelings. Because my heart is sincere. (LSJ COMES IN) M…My lord. My lord. I didn’t think I would meet you here like this. I really didn’t even dream of it. My lord, would you spare me a few moments of your time? There is something I must tell you.  (YH TRIES TO LEAVE)
LSJ: I’m sorry.  For my past imprudence, I shall be apologetic the rest of my life. However… My heart will never change. I have already given my heart to someone else. Therefore, I hope you will no longer concern yourself over someone like me. I’m sorry.
LSJ: What did you mean by that? That you would give us some space?
KYH: I just thought thetwo of you needed to talk. Since you two will eventually marry. If it’s because of me… If you’re worried about me… I’m fine. I’m… more than happy with the way things are now. Not once have I thought about our future. That is being too greedy.
LSJ: Then start thinking about it now. Think hard about it. Think earnestly about it! Because I’ve been thinking about it so much till I thought my head would explode.
KYH: We’re too different.
LSJ: Because of you… I’ve done all the things I never thought I could do. But… you still won’t set foot outside the world you’ve confined yourself in. What you’re pushing away right now is not greed… It’s me.
KYH: Then what am I supposed to do? I’m so scared. Because I like you so much… Because I’m so happy every day… I’m not used to this.
GYH: I found it! A copy of the land deed that Officer Yoon received ten years ago that day. Once we verify who this person is, we can find out who hired Officer Yoon. We’re almost there now.
MJS: Let’s drop it.
GYH: What?
MJS; The secret mission we received was to find the Geum Deung Ji Sa, not the mastermind behind what happened on that night ten years ago.
GYH: You know, don’t you? Who is the culprit?
LSJ: I almost forgot. You really have an innate talent for making me lose my mind.
KYH: Why? Did I do something wrong again?
LSJ: Did you say it would all end once we leave Sungkyunkwan? There’s no such thing as the end. Because I’ll… just start over again and again every day.
GYH: I told you already. The one I trust is not the king, but you, Geol Oh. We said we’d find him. We said we’d find the mastermind no matter what, for that surreal new Joseon.
MJS: Behind all these incidents is the Left State Minister.
GYH: What?
MJS: Lower your voice!
GYH: So… the mastermind behind all these incidents is Left State Minister? Lee Sun Joon’s father, is that it? Answer me. The mastermind who did all that to destroy Geum Deung Ji Sa… was Left State Minister? I’m asking you!
MJS: I told you to lower your voice. (LSJ & KYH COMES IN)
KYH: What did you say, Senior? Who did you just say was the mastermind behind all these incidents? I must hear it.
GYH: I’m sorry, Daemul. Nothing is confirmed yet.
LSJ: Is it true that once we find out who the owner of this document is, then we can confirm who the mastermind is? Will it be fine if I looked into it?
GYH: Will you be able to?
LSJ: If my father is really the mastermind of this case, then am I not the one most suited for it?
GYH: Is it because of Daemul? The reason why you don’t want to continue… is because of Kim Yoon Shik who might…  get hurt because of Lee Sun Joon? You are really something. Since when did those two…? No. Since when did you know…?
LM: What is this?
LSJ: I’m here to hear that answer. The landowner, Baek Dong Soo, was the manager of our household.
LM: I see.
LSJ: But the true owner of
that land is you, Father. Will you please tell me why this land deed… ended up in the hands of a patrol guard from ten years ago?
LM: Stop it. Stop everything you are doing now.
LSJ: Am I not allowed to know these matters because you can’t be frank about them?
LM: Are you looking for the Geum Deung Ji Sa? The misfortune of the Crown Prince Sado in the year of Imoh (1762)… I’ve never thought to be wrong. My belief that, as opposed to the father-son personal relationship, our priority should be to save Jongmyo* and the grain of this land, remains unchanged. To achieve what’s right, it’s not uncommon for father and son to turn into enemies. Also, if there is a winner, there must be a loser. Crown Prince Sado was merely the loser, nothing more and nothing less.
LSJ: If this was the right decision, why are you afraid of the Geum Deung Ji Sa?
LM:I wasn’t afraid of the Geum Deung Ji Sa. I was afraid of the moral laws of families. The late king’s heart muddled by his longing for the son he personally killed. And the reigning king’s remorse for losing a father at a young age. If authority was held in the hands of such foolish hearts, then there would have been another bloodshed in this country. My loyalty will prove itself in history.  So, don’t search for it anymore. Don’t involve yourself in the search for the Geum Deung Ji Sa. Due to your fleeting romanticized ideals, the entire Jinsung’s Lee family can get wiped out.
LSJ: So, to allow the Jinsung’s Lee family to flourish, you sacrificed Sungkyunkwan Professor Kim Seung Hun… and Student President Moon Yong Shin, and destroyed the Geum Deung Ji Sa?
LM: No.
LSJ: I cannot accept your words as I once did because…this document before me is telling me the indisputable truth.
LM: Stop right there! How dare you turn your back on your father!
LSJ: Did you say that father and son can become enemies for justice? I… now seek to be your enemy, Father.
KYH: So… the mastermind behind all these incidents is Left State Minister? Lee Sun Joon’s father, is that it?
MJS: It’s late. If you just read books and don’t get any sleep, you won’t grow tall.
KYH: About the Geum Deung Ji Sa, from the books we got from the bookstore, it appeared in the “Classics of History”. I understand that the Norons were afraid. And so, to my father…
MJS: Take it slow, one matter at a time. Go in and sleep. I’m going to sleep with Yeorim, to avoid your bad sleeping habit.
KYH: Something must have gone wrong, right?
GYH: Don’t worry too much. When he comes back, we’ll find out.
KYH: I… think I better go out there.
GYH: It’s time. Lee Sun Joon will come. This is something that happened over ten years ago. Just because you go outside and wait, what happened will neither disappear nor change. Besides, there is someone else who will go out to meet Lee Sun Joon.
MJS: Hey! Let’s talk. Don’t do it. You don’t know anything about that land deed. It has nothing to do with you. Just say that. Our secret mission is to find the Geum Deung Ji Sa. I too plan to quit searching for who is behind it.
LSJ: Why is that? At this point where we are unable to decipher the secret instructions code, that culprit and mastermind is the only clue to finding the Geum Deung Ji Sa. So then, why should we stop? Furthermore, in order to find the truth about the mastermind, you have…
MJS: That’s right. I… I who scorned those cowards who remained silent in front of the truth, I want to keep quiet. If you’re insisting on being upright, dignified, and honorable, and showing off like that again… I advise you to give up now.
LSJ: Senior…
MJS: People become cowardly… because they have someone they want to protect. Kim Yoon Shik. Isn’t he someone like that to you? Do you think that kid will be able to forgive you?
LSJ: Before seeking forgiveness, the culprit should first sincerely atone for his crimes. That’s what I believe. Above all, Senior, Kim Yoon Shik is not the only person whom I need to seek forgiveness from. I’ll do my best to not let Kim Yoon Shik get hurt.
GYH: What did you just say?
KYH: So you’re saying…
LSJ: I said that the land deed that went to the Hanseongbu official… was indeed my father’s.
KYH: So, the one who murdered my father… is really the Left State Minister? Is that what you’re saying?
LSJ: I thought it was right to tell you.
KYH: I don’t understand what’s going on at all. Enough. Telling me to continue listening to this, it’s just too cruel.
LSJ: If it’s possible, I want to ask for forgiveness on his behalf. If you can’t forgive, I’ll have to accept that too. But, if you’d allow me,  I want to do everything I can. In redressing this case and finding the missing Geum Deung Ji Sa, I want to see this through with you.
KYH: How will you redress anything at this point? Geum Deung Ji Sa? How will anything change by finding it? I… I need some time. I, too, need some time to think.
GYH: Hey, Lee Sun Joon! You don’t know this, do you? At times like this, most people need a drinking buddy. We can forgo the drinks, but you could at least use a friend, right? Here. Geol Oh, you too.
KYH: It’s time you told me, Mother. It’s the duty of a child to know how her father passed away.
MOM: I don’t wish for you to hold hatred against this world because of this. The world shows what great power it has to whoever dares to defy it. This is how I lost your father. Thus, you’ll hear nothing from my mouth.
KYH: So, Mother, you’re saying that it’s true Father met a wrongful death, enough to harbor hatred against this world? If you had told me this from the start… If you had done that, it would have been better.
YHEE: What kind of person do you think Father was? Yoon Shik, whenever I think of Father, a cold wind blows through my heart. Because while Father held you on his lap and read to you, your sister’s seat was always outside that door. So whenever I thought of Father, I couldn’t recall his face. I always recalled his silhouette through the door.
YSHIK: Sister, you really didn’t know? Father always sat next to the door and read in his loudest voice. He always chose books too hard for a little boy like me to understand. Father was always reading aloud, not to me, but to you sitting outside the door. Sister, you really didn’t know all this time?
PK: (VOICEOVER) :It pains me to see my daughter’s increasing knowledge.As a teacher, the child’s talent is praiseworthy. However, to a daughter who is unable to progress in this society, is it right to teach her such ambition? The helpless father who is unable to give his talented child that chance…Holding my breath as I listen to my daughter read, I once again cry silently in my heart.
KYH: Teacher, I have a question. In leaving behind a secret message with the Geum Deung Ji Sa’s location, perhaps Father had a premonition. In order to steal the Geum Deung Ji Sa,  someone would try to kill him…
PJ: That’s likely. The late king initially put it in Jongmyo, and it was your father who secretly moved it to the temple in Wolchul Mountain.
KYH: But why did he do such a dangerous thing?
PJ: Because he believed that Geum Deung Ji Sa… was the key to starting the new Joseon that His Majesty dreamt of. To your father, in order to open up a land of opportunities for his gifted child, the Geum Deung Ji Sa was his hope, for which he was willing to risk his life.
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KYH: The Geum Deung Ji Sa is at Sungkyunkwan.
GYH: What? Sungkyunkwan?
KYH: The words in the secret code, “Sung, the site of talented people.” In other words, make a nation complete with the help of talented individuals.
GYH: “Kyun, forgo the old customs.” Meaning make everyone equal… This is neither a resignation letter nor a poem. Rather…
“Sung Kyun.”
It’s the origin of Sungkyunkwan!
But what happened so suddenly?
How did you know that this poem is the origin of Sungkyunkwan?
KYH: It is from a person who sincerely wished that Sungkyunkwan becomes… a national institution of knowledge worthy of its name…Professor Kim Seung Hun.  It was recorded in one of my father’s lectures.
GYH: Now that makes sense! Somewhere in Sungkyunkwan is the place where learning is headed, and where the nations begins. In that place is the Geum Deung Ji Sa, right? Shouldn’t we start by looking at the map of Sungkyunkwan?
KYH: I just thought it was something I had to do. I… have always resented Father for dismissing me. But in fact, I was the one who didn’t take a close look back at my father. I… want to find it. Why my father so desperately wanted to find the Geum Deung Ji Sa… I want to know. This might be the first and the last time… that I’ll have the chance to understand my father. I… have made my father lonely for too long. That is why I…
LSJ: That’s enough… You don’t need to explain further. I understood. I promise you. No matter what it takes, we’ll find the Geum Deung Ji Sa.
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Lee Sun Joon is not the type to be late.
As expected, it must be hard for him.
Let’s just wait fifteen more minutes.
He is not the type to break his promise.
Isn’t it human to break such a promise?
No matter how great is the king’s dream, it’s not easy for a son to uncover his own father’s crimes. I totally understand Lee Sun Joon.
KYH: The secret code… wasn’t used to hide the Geum Deung Ji Sa. Rather, its purpose is to let us know its whereabouts.
HIS: Why are you so startled, Yeorim? As though you got caught doing something bad. What did you do? Stealing? Womanizing? Playing with men?!
GYH: Oh, shut it!
HIS: You must still enjoy hanging around with Lee Sun Joon and Moon Jae Shin, Yeorim?
GYH: Ah, about that. I’m liking it more and more.
HIS: I hear that you’re working hard… looking through Sungkyunkwan’s blueprints and secret documents. Why? Are you playing treasure hunt? In consideration of our past, I’ll give you some advice. You… don’t belong with them. You are different from them. It’s still not too late. You should…
GYH: Do you know that I am the most fashionable dresser in Joseon? I will only tell you that secret. The more the clothes don’t match, the more boldly you wear them together. Don’t forget. What you’re wearing now… is a bit tacky.
GYH: Are you…the Lee Sun Joon that I know?
KYH: You were looking for Officer Yoon?
LSJ: I couldn’t waste time trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle.
GYH: For the body to react faster than the mind… It’s not like Lee Sun Joon. The reason why you endured all this to search for Officer Yoon… Was it to find the Geum Deung Ji Sa, or… to prove your father’s innocence?
LSJ: What I want to know is the truth about what happened that night ten years ago.
GYH: I’ll ask you just one thing. If we find the Geum Deung Ji Sa, Lee Sun Joon, you… might not be able to live as the Left State Minister’s son anymore. Is that all right?
LSJ: Even so, it’s better than living as a criminal’s son who murdered a friend’s brother and father.
KYH: If it’s for me, you should stop now. I can’t even remember my father’s face, but my heart still wrenches with agony. To Lee Sun Joon, your father means… much more than that. So, this is enough. You can stop. Because I can’t bear to watch it anymore.
LSJ: I wanted your forgiveness. For having to fill your father’s shoes… and take on the burden of disguising yourself as a man to make a living… and to take care of a sick brother. For those days you suffered cold, hunger and loneliness, I… wanted to bow my head for forgiveness. During those days, for having studied under a warm roof without knowing anything… That I, too, can’t forgive myself. That I’m sorry. If it’s possible… That I want to turn back time… and pay you back for all the privileges I enjoyed. So… please forgive me. I wanted to ask you.
GYH: Lee Sun Joon…has a way of surprising you the more you get to know him. He will turn his back on the father he respects so much, with all his dying strength. You know very well… How living your life hating your own father… is torture worse than hell.
KING: Are those kids doing well with decoding the secret message?
PJ: Seeing that they have not asked me for help, they must be doing well. Somehow, I feel that this secret code… is the last lesson left by Sungkyunkwan Professor Kim Seung Hun.
KING: The last lesson, you say? The place where the learning is headed, and where the nation begins. What he wanted to teach those kids… I, too, am very curious, Professor Jung.
MJS:  Why do you walk so fast? I thought I was going to die trying to catch up with you.
LSJ: What exactly happened that night ten years ago?
OY: Interesting. Who ordered the murder… of Sungkyunkwan Professor Kim Seung Hun and President Moon Young Shin? What shall we do? It is this hunting dog’s old habit not to open its mouth until it’s fed.
MJS: You were nearly killed! Think about why Moran-gak’s Cho Sun was after your life.
OY: Moran-gak’s… Cho Sun? Wow. Interesting! The person who guided me… is the current Left State Minister.
LSJ: Was it really… the Left State Minister… who ordered you to kill them? In return for the land deed? Say it!
OY: I’m not one to speak with my collar grabbed, so let go. With no regards to the Left State Minister’s will, the one who ordered me to kill them was… the Minister of War. It was the Minister of War. After the Left State Minister found out the truth, he gave me the land deed to keep my mouth shut. Is that enough? But now… the Minister of War… is after my life? Interesting!
MJS: You haven’t found Kim Yoon Shik yet? What are you doing, not going out to look? He should be the first one to know the Minister of War was the true mastermind.
LSJ: Senior.
MJS: It’s a relief… For your sake and mine. It would have been tiring to hate you for the rest of my life.
MJS: You promised me… that you won’t let Kim Yoon Shik get hurt.
LSJ: Senior.
MJS: I’ll hold off the royal guards.
LSJ: Senior. Do you think we could once again avert the crisis with some last-minute counter-plan?
GYH: And what exactly do you mean by that? So, you mean to confess that you’re the Hong Byuk Seo?
LSJ: If nothing else, I hope that this country, Joseon, can uphold such principles. This is a belief that I cannot abandon. But most importantly, I cannot allow Geol Oh Senior to be sent to jail in his condition.
GYH: Stop that now. All the scholars are watching. Do you intend to be the first student body president… to disgrace Sungkyunkwan by allowing the royal guards to enter?
HIS: I intend to be the first president to show you what power means. You may count on it, Gu Yong Ha.
GYH: Don’t worry too much. If I hadn’t been assured of Lee Sun Joon’s safety, I wouldn’t have let him go either. That boy is the Left State Minister’s only son. Even the Minister of War would not dare act recklessly. That I can guarantee.
MJS: (WAKES UP) What did you just say?
GYH: Lie still! You lost a lot of blood.
MJS: Tell me! What did Lee Sun Joon do? What did the Minister of War do?
KYH: Senior…
MJS: Did that punk confess on my behalf? That he was the Hong Byuk Seo, is that it?
GYH: That’s right. Because if you get thrown into jail in this state, it would be dangerous. So please just lie still. Royal guards trespassed Sungkyunkwan. This cannot be tolerated. I’m going to redress this issue.
KYH: Is that possible?
GYH: Trust me. I am Gu Yong Ha.
MJS: What about the Geum Deung Ji Sa?
LM: Do you plan to atone for events of a decade past? Your father committed no wrong that night.
LSJ: But you helped cover the wrongs thereafter.
LM: In your rebellion against me, you have chosen too painful of a path.
LSJ: I am merely following the path you have always taught me, Father. Seek not personal gain, but pursue justice. Gain friends through loyalty. Do not hesitate to sacrifice even one’s own life, for righteousness’ sake. This is a true man. Am I… wrong?
KYH: I’ve been thinking, Senior… The Minister of Justice lost a son from the events of the past. Perchance if he holds a grudge…
MJS: That won’t happen.
KYH: Senior!
MJS: I won’t let Lee Sun Joon get hurt because of a past grudge. Who’d believe that clumsy one is the Hong Byuk Seo… when the real one is standing here like this?
GYH: So are you thinking of going to confess now, is that it? In your condition?
KYH: Unwilling to hand over his injured senior, someone else took the blame on your behalf. I won’t forgive you if you make his effort be in vain. Because if it was for your sake, I, too, would have done the same.
MJS: Even so, let me go. I have to go to tell the Minister of Justice. That it wasn’t the Left State Minister who did that to my brother ten years ago. Only then can we save Lee Sun Joon.
KYH: Senior!
GYH: Is that true, Geol Oh?
MJS: Is this something to joke about? So you don’t have to worry about that matter anymore either. (TO GYH) And you! Don’t forget what you boasted about. Didn’t you say you’ll redress the wrong of the royal guards trespassing Sungkyunkwan?
GYH: Naturally.
MJS: Have everything prepared by the time I return.
GYH: I’m…
MJS: Yeah, you’re Gu Yong Ha.
MJS: Lee Sun Joon is innocent. You must release him. The Hong Byuk Seo… You know very well who he really is.
MOJ: I’ll take care of it.
MJS: The Left State Minister wasn’t the one who did that to Brother… It wasn’t him! You heard Officer Yoon’s confession too, Father.
MOJ: What difference does that make?
MJS: So you’re going to resort to the same thing they did? You won’t be able to do that… because I’m on my way to confess. The proof that I’m the Hong Byuk Seo is etched on my body like this.
MOJ: For the past ten years, as I donned these official robes every morning, I waited for this day to come. So you must not get in my way anymore.
HIS: Oh dear, but what to do? You won’t have the choice to make that decision. Because I, too, intend to question your credibility. That Gu Yong Ha, born and raised on Woonjong Street to a prestigious, moneyed family, is in fact merely the son of a joongin* merchant. (*non-nobility middle-class) Maintaining the pretense of a noble with your fancy clothes, how long do you plan to keep it up? In Myungryundang, at yu-si (5-7pm), you say? But I shouldn’t be seeing you there at that hour, now should I?
GYH: Things have taken a very interesting turn.
HIS: I distinctly remember saying that you aren’t entitled to an opinion. As Yeorim likes to say, it will be an amusing sight to behold. Let’s see what kind of choice Gu Yong Ha will make…
GYH: I… am not a yangban. My family… comes from a long line of merchants. We’re a joongin household. A grandfather who served as an official of the Ministry of Justice and Punishment,  My father, in order to pass onto his son a decent family, bought a genealogy. No. To be precise, he bought the pretense of a yangban. And that is… the person you see before your eyes… Me. The purpose of today’s meeting was to set forth a student protest, for the Ministry of War’s offense, and Lee Sun Joon’s innocence. I plan to hand over the tasks I had planned to execute here today… to Kim Yoon Shik. The reason I am not qualified… is not because I am a joongin. It’s because I… …was ashamed of myself. So from now on, I’m not going to live like that anymore. I’m telling you that your little threats won’t work on me anymore, Ha In Soo. Because this is Sungkyunkwan. And I am Gu Yong Ha.
KYH: A part of you must have felt uneasy all this time.
GYH: It’s only a small price to pay for lying to the world. Well… It was even a greater reason for me to want to find it. The Geum Deung Ji Sa. Whether a world in which your social status holds no importance will really come about, I wanted to see as well. I placed a too-heavy burden on you, Daemul. To present the appeal to the king and to preside over the student demonstration. That now rests on your shoulders.
KYH: The student demonstration…
GYH: You understand that it is the only way to save Lee Sun Joon at this point, right? You will make it happen, Daemul.
KYH:  don’t know if I’m qualified to do so. It won’t be an easy thing to do. I… have no experience… or competence…
GYH: But you have earnest desire. There’s no other scholar here who longs to save Lee Sun Joon as much as you do. That… That’s your qualification.
HIS: You’re merely going around begging for the truth. And you insist on holding a protest, going up against me? Do you think it’ll actually work?
KYH: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
HIS: Participating in the appeal and the demonstration…signify that you are choosing to stand up against me, President Ha In Soo. If anyone wishes upon them the same plight as Gu Yong Ha, then go ahead and stand up against me. Even Confucius would have excused himself at a time like this. Listen carefully, Kim Yoon Shik. It’s not that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Those with power make the way.
KYH: Then I shall have that power. Before proceeding with the demonstration tomorrow morning, I’ll make sure you answer for… turning over Sungkyunkwan to the Ministry of War’s royal guards.
KING: You troublesome kids! One fellow defies my royal order and acts as the Hong Byuk Seo. And another fellow gets arrested in his place, and puts me under a test. Now, unless the real Hong Byuk Seo gets caught, you may forever be framed as the Hong Byuk Seo… and have to pay the price. Is that… all right with you? What amazing friendship.
LSJ: It’s not something I had set out to do from the start. “If there’s an easy road and a difficult road,” “choose the difficult one.” “Then, even if you may not always succeed, you won’t have any regrets.” It was my father’s teaching.
KING: Did you… resent me? Since I did a virulent thing to such a close father and son.
LSJ: Although there was a time I felt resentful, my heart would not let me give it up. The father who gave me my life… (biological father) And the father who gave me my will… (the king) It was the same for both.
KYH: How can they do that, Senior? How can they believe that Scholar Lee Sun Joon is the Hong Byuk Seo? After all those times they’ve spent with Scholar Lee Sun Joon!
GYH: No matter how much time you spend together, people can’t always understand everything about one another.
KYH: Do you really believe that?
GYH: Not even understanding the heart of a roommate you live with… That’s human.
CHANCELLOR: That’s why you need justification and evidence. The evidence that Scholar Lee Sun Joon is not the Hong Byuk Seo. The justification for His Majesty to acquit Lee Sun Joon.
GYH: Oh jeez! This I really can’t stand! Hey Daemul, must I go this far? Because my complexion is so white, wearing black really doesn’t suit me. Hey, look! I look like the Grim Reaper, don’t you think?!
KYH: Wow, Senior! It really suits you nicely. It’s a perfect color coordination with your hair today.
GYH: Well, I am the most stylish man in the capital after all.
SD: I, Soon Dol, like this. I look so much more agile. I can save my young master ten times over.
MOJ: Give it up now. In your condition, I can’t sedate you.
MJS: Lee Sun Joon is innocent. Please release him. By seeking revenge on Left State Minister like this, will it bring back my dead brother? If you thought about Brother, Back then… You shouldn’t have stayed silent like that back then! You’re choosing the cowardly way until the very end, Father!
MOJ: I was protecting you! For staying silent back then, I protected you and I kept my power! Now, it’s finally time to use that power!
MJS: I was… I was wrong. I acted up, thinking that I was more hurt than you, Father. I’m sorry. I believed I loved my brother more than you. For that too, I’m sorry. I was wrong, Father! So… please let Lee Sun Joon go. That kid and I… We haven’t even properly started off yet. Please… Please help me so that I won’t ever have to loathe you again, Father. Never again… Never again do I want to live in that hell.
SERVANT: The people who came for the young lord are now…
MOJ: Let them be.
KYH: Do you think the other scholars will come out?
GYH: Of course they must! That’s why I embarrassed myself wandering the capital… wearing these clothes that do not flatter me. Since we proved that the real Hong Byuk Seo is out there, unless they’re afraid of Ha In Soo, they’ll show up.
KYH: Shouldn’t Lee Sun Joon… know what is going on right now?
MJS: That’s where we are headed. To report to that punk.
KYH: R…Really, Senior?
GYH: But… I can’t go around in these clothes anymore, so you two go on ahead. You can’t go in first! Since it’s my first time at a place like that, I’m a little scared.
KYH: What if they say it’s too late and won’t let us see him… They wouldn’t do that, would they? He doesn’t know we’re coming… He’ll be so surprised to see us. You don’t think he’ll be upset that we took so long to go see him. Huh, Senior?
MJS: It’s not going to work. I think you should… go visit him alone. Senior, why all of a sudden? He won’t be glad to see me. I… feel ashamed… to face him. So, you go ahead. Kim Yoon Shik! Have I… ever said this before? Thank you.
KYH: For what, Senior?
MJS: For you… Thank you.
KYH: Silly, Senior!
HE: I… am not going there because I want something from him. If you think about it, he ended up like that all because of me. My heart felt uneasy just sitting around, doing nothing. That’s why I’m going.
LSJ: Kim Yoon Shik?
KYH: Your face… became very haggard.
LSJ: I heard everything. Like a fool, I felt relieved.  I don’t believe… that you can completely forgive my father. But if I can… I want to ask for forgiveness… on his behalf.
KYH: No, you can’t do that. You’re the one who told me that we don’t get to choose our parents. What I can give you… is not forgiveness, but only that of a lover’s… A woman’s heart alone. So I wish that you’ll give me… not the heart of a sinner, but only that of a lover.
GYH: So you ended up sending (her) in alone? Forget (about her). If you keep doing it, it will become a habit. Make this the last time where you’re just looking (at her).
GYH: The demonstration starts with a hunger strike for breakfast, Daemul. The scholars will be coming out soon. Let’s have faith.
WOO TAK: Kim Yoon Shik! I heard that the Hong Byuk Seo made another appearance.
GYH: See, what did I say?
WOO TAK: I believed Lee Sun Joon since yesterday.
KYH: Thank you.
HD: Well, I don’t like Lee Sun Joon, but I didn’t like the food that came out for breakfast today. I’ll just join you.
WOO TAK: There’s a saying. Act, and you’ll regret it. Don’t act, and you’ll regret it. It’s better to regret it after having acted, is it not?
KYH: Is that another saying by Teacher Confucius?
WOO TAK: No! It’s a saying by the brilliant Teacher Kim Woo Tak.
KYH: Senior, you came as well!
SORON: I… know. I can be cowardly at times, and I’m easily frightened. That’s why I want Sungkyunkwan to be even more firmly protected like no other. For the royal guards to have recklessly entered Sungkyunkwan, and for them to forcefully capture Lee Sun Joon, they were at wrong.
KYH: Senior.
SORON: I’m sorry… about yesterday. I’m just distrustful.
GYH: Seeing you guys, I understand. As of yet, Sungkyunkwan is the most entertaining place. That’s why I… plan to fully act out the part of a yangban, a nobleman, from now on. So don’t look upon me too unkindly. But, where is this punk?
SORON: Geol Oh didn’t come?
GYH: This is a matter that involves saving Lee Sun Joon. How can Geol Oh not show up?
GYH: Speak of the devil! Oh, Geol Oh!
MJS: Senior! I’ve never seen you like this before.
GYH: We’re on our way to make an appeal to the king, so even the campus Crazy Horse has to show up as a clean-cut steed.
MJS: What are you waiting for? If everyone is here, we should get going.
HIS:  I thought I warned you. To hold a student demonstration is to go up against me.
KYH: I thought I told you. That I’ll have you answer for your wrong. We’re on our way to see the king to ask for Scholar Lee Sun Joon’s acquittal and release, and to request an apology from the Ministry of War for trespassing on Sungkyunkwan. As Sungkyunkwan’s student president, will you lead the way?
KYH: I have no other choice. Then we can’t acknowledge you as our president. I’ll lead the demonstration. Then, see you.
HIS: Don’t go! Not a single one of you! Do you think you’ll be safe after having insulted me?
GYH: Didn’t I warn you? That all the scholars are watching you. We didn’t forsake you first. You were the one who had forsaken Sungkyunkwan first. Don’t forget that.
GO BONG: Excuse me, President. I’m going to follow them too.
LACKEY #2: Go Bong, are you insane?
GO BONG: Let me speak. President. You really don’t know? Even a dim-wit like me knows that you did wrong, President. You really don’t know? If I stay by your side, I’m going to become a greater idiot. Let me have an opinion too.
LACKEY#3: To see you fall even further, I can’t bear to watch any longer.
KYH (VOICEOVER) : It… really is a great thing, Father. To meet good friends, share thoughts, and proceed in achieving our goals. I saw the glimpse of hope not seen in books. Did you ask whether it was the right thing… to plant desire in a daughter who can’t live out her dreams in this world?I too wish to ask of you. Is this desire in my heart today…a right thing? This new Joseon that you dreamt of, Father… What kind of world is it? At that place…Is this desire inside me…not considered a crime?
YOUNG YHEE: Is it… me?
PK: And, it’s also hope.
The Geum Deung Ji Sa…I found it, Father.Here.To the lowliest people of Joseon.Here, at this place… was your will.
KING: As requested by the Sungkyunkwan scholars, Lee Sun Joon shall be acquitted and released. And I will also publicly proclaim the Ministry of War’s apology. This is my response. Now that I’ve heard your opinions, I should present you a drink.
PJ: When the appeal has ended, it is the tradition of this country… to present drinks to the Sungkyunkwan scholars.
KYH: Your Majesty, I have something to present to you as well. I solved the secret order. Where the learning is headed. That place where the nation begins. At the door that opens to the lowliest of places, Banchon… The Geum Deung Ji Sa was there.
KING: With this, will your father’s dream, and also my long-time dream, now come true? Thank you, Kim Yoon Shik. I promise you. So that your effort would not have been in vain, I will give my all. It’s now time for you to dream new dreams in this new Joseon.
MJS: Don’t you dare show off being high and mighty like that again. Or else, I will never see you again.
GYH: Hey, Geol Oh. So does this mean you’ll spend the rest of your life seeing Lee Sun Joon? A confession of your love? And in my presence at that?
MJS: You went through a lot.
LSJ: Thank you, Senior. I heard everyone labored greatly for my sake.
GYH: The one that went through a lot is elsewhere. That very person you’ve been looking for with your eyes over and over. The president who led the appeal… It was Daemul.
LSJ: Kim Yoon Shik… Where is he right now?
LM: It’s something to be grateful about. Though he is your roommate, on account of his father, it could not have been an easy task to help him who is my son. I am grateful.
KYH: As I know it, the act of saving a friend… is not something I should receive praise for.
LM: Such strong vigor. You take after your father, I see. I… was not fond of your father from the outset. He was overly idealistic and romantic… to be giving assistance to the king. I was prepared to do whatever it would take to dampen your father. I wanted your father to properly acknowledge it. I wanted to see him surrender to the fact that… reality cannot be as perfect as his ideals. However, I never dreamt of taking his life in that manner. But nevertheless, your resentment towards me must be deep.
KYH: Not resentment, but vigilance, Sir.
LM: Vigilance, you say? Once you back down once, you’ll back down twice Before you know it, you’ll stand confused among your zigzagged footprints, even forgetting the direction that you first intended to take. I see why my son thought of you as a precious friend.
LSJ: Didn’t you know I was released? What exactly have you been doing all this time and where? Did you even think about how long I would be waiting for you?
KYH:  But we already saw each other yesterday.
LSJ: But… Are we in such a relationship that if we saw each other yesterday, we do not need to see other today?
KYH: Then, what relationship are we in?
LSJ: Kim Yoon Shik.
KYH: Something like this?
GYH: You’ve been through a lot. I never imagined you could accomplish so much. You led the appeal and you found the Geum Deung Ji Sa. You’re truly a daemul*. (*the great one) No matter how much I look at you, I never get tired of it. Kim Yoon Shik, you’re the first.
KYH: About the Geum Deung Ji Sa… His Majesty said it’s now time for us to dream new dreams in this new Joseon.
MJS: So… what is your dream?
KYH: I’m going to start thinking about it from now.
GYH: Oh, what to do?! As boring as it may be, I no longer have any use for dreams. I’m Gu Yong Ha. And despite knowing exactly who I am, I have you guys who aren’t running from me. That’s all I need.
LSJ: It’s time to call it a night.
GYH: Really? Okay, then I’m going to spend the night here. I’m too drunk to move.
MJS: Oy! You should go sleep in Yong Ha’s room. It’s too crowded in here.
LSJ: You are one hundred percent right, Geol Oh Senior. What are you doing, not going?
KYH: My room is here, so why should I leave my room and go elsewhere? Feels great. Let us Jalgeum Quartet just all sleep here like this.
MOW: But I have in my hands a sharper sword, so what is there to fear?
KYH: If you’re mad about something, you should just come out and say it… and give me the reason. Sticking your lips out in a pout, and looking stern. Is that all you can do? How can a man be so petty?! Like some old gramps! No, what I meant was…
LSJ: Concerned for my lover who doesn’t think much of sleeping among other men, I couldn’t get a wink of sleep all night. How was I supposed to spell this out to you? Like some old gramps! Being petty.
KYH: So if I sleep next to you as you wish, would that appease you?
LSJ: Well… as you wish.
KYH: If I sleep next to you, you’ll lose more sleep. Will that be okay?
LSJ: I have no way to know where and how you lived until you entered Sungkyunkwan. During this next break, I must visit your house and see for myself.
KYH: My home, you said?
LSJ: Then, you have a separate house you stay at?
KYH: No, that’s not it. What it means for you to visit my house…
LSJ: A grown man is visiting his lover’s home. Are you really asking me because you don’t know?
KYH: Really? Really?
LSJ: It’s not going to be an easy road, so I should fully prepare myself.
LM: Your Majesty, please bury the Geum Deung Ji Sa. Don’t you think it is too cruel to that father, and now to the child?
KING: What do you mean, Left State Minister?
LM: Your longing for reform had Sungkyunkwan professor Kim Seung Hun sacrificed. And now it’s even putting his daughter in danger.
KING: What do you mean by Kim Seung Hun’s daughter?
LM: Sungkyunkwan scholar Kim Yoon Shik. That child… is a girl.
GYH: Why? You still can’t give up on Lee Sun Joon?
HE: Telling a person to come and go. If I looked easy to you once, is it okay to always see me as such? I came to help. Treat me with courtesy. My brother found out. Don’t tell me you all were unaware of it!
GYH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, about what, Miss?
HE: That Scholar Kim Yoon Shik is a woman.
MJS: Hey, Moon Young Shin! Accept my drink. I… thought that you loathed this world, Brother. So I felt so much pity for you after you left like that. But now, I understand. Moon Young Shin didn’t loathe the world, but loved it.That’s why you were able to live like that. What I am saying is true, right?It sure is freezing cold. He really hated the cold.
KING: Lift your head. Kim Yoon Shik, did you not hear my command? Lift your head! It’s true that I’m a sinner… who defied the nation’s law and the “Three Bonds and Five Relationships.” Professor Jung. This is the result your silence brought upon us. Are you satisfied?
PJ: Your Majesty.
KING: Why did you hide it from me? You, who is my subject and my friend… Why?! What for?!
PJ: If you sentence me to death, I will obey. But please put all the blame on me alone.
KING: Is it because of the Western teachings that you believe in? I heard that in the Western teachings, they dream of a world where men and women are equal.
PJ: I’ve learned from the Western teachings that all people, be they poor or wealthy, old or young, male or female, are born equal. But as a public servant of this country, I agree that women should have no right to learn or become officials.
KING: Then why?!
PJ: I learned from that child… that knowledge and life are inseparable.
KING: So then go beg for forgiveness… from the God of the western culture that you believe in.
PJ: Western teaching is only one field of knowledge. The sovereign that I believe and follow… are you alone, Your Majesty.
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GYH: Please answer us. Is Kim Yoon Shik… with the king now?
PJ: Yes.
GYH: Then, Teacher, that is to protect Kim Yoon Shik, right?
PJ: The night is late. You should go back.
LSJ: A Council meeting… I heard that at the end of this month, a Council meeting has been arranged. And during this Council meeting, he plans to announce the move to Hwaseong. So, to suppress the Norons’ protests, he will present the Geum Deung Ji Sa. His Majesty will do so.
Am I correct?
PJ: He’ll probably do so.
LSJ: If by chance, the Minister of War and the Norons reveal…that the Geum Deung Ji Sa was found by Kim Yoon Shik, who is a girl, and use this to challenge His Majesty, I’d like to know what His Majesty intends to do then?
GYH: We have the right to know. Please answer us! Don’t worry about anything! That no matter what happens, the king will protect Kim Yoon Shik! That is… That is the hope that the king dreams about.
MJS: Why won’t you answer us?
LSJ: Teacher… So, because Kim Yoon Shik found the Geum Deung Ji Sa… Exactly because of this! The king will now abandon him?
LM: You pathetic fellow. You fool. In a matter on which the survival of our country does not depend, you mean to say a man intends to wager his life?
LSJ: Father. Please help, Father. Please save that child. Only after I met that child, a new world opened up to me. Not the world a man should make as taught in the books, but a world that I want to live in. However… that world is now collapsing. But… I am pathetic and foolish… and there’s… nothing… I can do… anywhere. Therefore, would you please help me, Father?
LM: Are you… really my son?
GYH: What did I tell you? I told you I don’t believe in the king. Say something! I’m frustrated to death!
MJS: That punk… must be really scared now… being alone.
CHO SUN: Your Excellency,you will not be able to go either. Because I will not let you pass through.
MOW: What are you doing? Get out of the way!
HIS: What have you been doing to her this whole time?
MOW: Out of the way. I will take care of it.
HIS: No. Now that I know, I won’t let you have your way.
MOW: Let me pass through. I need to meet the scholars!
MJS: Passing through? I don’t want to let you. I’m not one to do things that I don’t want to do. (TO HIS) For the first time, you’re acting like a human.
GYH: He should have received the message by now. Shouldn’t Professor Jung do at least this much to help out? How do people who sit at their desk and study all day have so much strength?
KING: Are you also here to ask me to save that child’s life?
LSJ: Kim Yoon Shik. No… Kim Yoon Hee… I came to request that you forsake her. And I’m also here to request that you forsake me as well. It’s because Your Majesty’s dream of a new Joseon… has no hope. The reason Your Majesty is giving up on Kim Yoon Hee… is not because she disregarded the nation’s law and the five tenets… by disguising herself to enter Sungkyunkwan. Instead, it’s because she is in the way of the reformation Your Majesty dreams of. Isn’t it so? It was Your Majesty who appointed half-nobles, going against our propriety and custom. For the sake of Your Majesty’s reformation.
KING: I must have doted on you too much.
LSJ: Were you fighting not for the people, but to win against the Norons? Is the world of equality that Your Majesty dreams of… a world filled not with concerns for your people, but only that of your beliefs?
KING: Enough. That’s enough.
LSJ: If the compass needle isn’t on guard against itself and no longer wavers, it cannot point in the right direction. The advice that you gave me… I now return it back to you.
GYH: I am Gu Yong Ha, Uncle! You know… After failing repeatedly in your civil exam, you added our family to your genealogy after receiving a small piece of land.  I know. That it was the attitude of a martyr who sought to put into practice… Confucius’ teachings to a pathetic child like me. To me who had given up on entering Sungkyunkwan due to my lowly status. Yoo. Gyo. Mu. Ryu. In learning, there is no discrimination and everyone is equal. This is a quote from Wei Linggong’s chapter of the Analects. Deuk. Cheo. Ha. Young. Jae. Yi. Gyo. Yook. Ji. The joy of teaching a clever person is one of the three joys of a scholar. This is Teacher Mencius’ teaching. I took you under my wings in order to live out Confucius and Mencius’ teachings. You didn’t forget these teachings even before the ink you used… to re-write the ancestry list could dry, now, did you? If we are to discuss Sungkyunkwan scholars’ qualification, then Uncle and I should be the first ones to be punished.
PJ (EAVESDROPPING): It seems as though he is not a spectat or in the crowd anymore. Scholar Gu Yong Ha. Pass!
KING: I am fully aware that you oppose moving the capital to Hwaseong. This is my dream that refuses to be shaken. Because your firm standing leaves no room for a compromise, I… have found a secret weapon that will suppress your objection. The Geum Deung Ji Sa! This secret weapon that can serve to suppress the Norons for having… committed an act of treason, and to realize my dream. – The Geum Deung Ji Sa… …was not preserved. As if to mock my dream. However… I will not be deterred from fulfilling my dream of moving to Hwaseong. Because this battle was not started to win against you, but it is a battle for my people. I… intend to persevere… till the very end!
KING: Say you will promise me this. Not my shabby death, and not my short living, but my dream… The tomorrow of this land, that I have longingly desired. Will you remember that for a long time? So that I too… may live on in your memory.
KYH: I will do so, Your Majesty.
LM: Disguising yourself to enter Sungkyunkwan? You are even more daring than I thought. So that you won’t walk on a zigzag course, you’d treat me with vigilance, you said? It will be difficult to do. Because even with your both eyes open, making a miscalculation… That’s what life is. It won’t be easy alone. So will you stay by my child’s side? Is this old man’s greed too excessive?
LSJ: Thank you, Senior.
MJS: This will be the last time. From now on, it’s up to you. So that I wouldn’t concern myself with that kid ever again, you have to do it properly until the very end.
LSJ: I won’t ever forget the care you’ve shown. Thank you.
MJS: Enough. You’re embarrassing me.
GYH: What are you doing here? The guest of honor has been waiting for us. Let’s go! Daemul is here. Let’s go, let’s go.
MJS: You go ahead.
GYH: Let’s go together.
MJS: Is that somewhere for you to butt in?
GYH: Then do I belong here? What?
MJS: Let’s go!
LSJ: If you only learn, but fail to think on your own… It means that if you only learn but fail to think on your own, your brain will harden into stone. If you aren’t willing to think on your own, and spend all day following your teacher, that attitude can’t be called that of a scholar. Thus, “No Pass.” After asking a question, you should respectfully return your gaze to the books. You dare to turn your gaze towards your teacher’s face. It can’t be called a scholar’s attitude. So you don’t pass. “No Pass.”
KYH: To continuously question your knowledge is the basis of learning. This scholar passes. Also, the attitude of a student’s deep respect for his teacher is a “Pass.” It is a big pass, Professor Lee.
CHANCELLOR: What are you doing?! Professor Lee Sun Joon. Professor Kim Yoon Shik. Whether it be teaching or student management, you’re always quarreling. For failing to manage my teachers, I’ve been passed over again for a transfer opportunity. I beg of you to grow up. Grow up! For how long are you going to fight like this? At this rate, how will I ever step foot inside the Central Agency before I die? That is not only for my personal benefit. It is for Sungkyunkwan’s peace…
KYH: I believe Professor Lee Sun Joon was in charge of cleaning today. If instead of the cleaning you’re told to do, all you do is be jealous, how will you receive a passing grade as a husband?
LSJ: It can’t be helped if you tell me I’m wrong. But I will not accept you saying that you dislike me. Then, is this a “Pass”? I do not intend to stop until I receive a “Pass.”
KYH: What is with you today?
LSJ: Hold on a moment. I’m still inexperienced…
KYH: For how long do you plan to use that book?
LSJ: Here it is. Oh, it wasn’t this?

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