[PROJECT] Knit a scarf

October 24, 2011

i have FINALLY succumbed to the boredom of my holiday -,- so now, i'm gonna learn how to knit myself a scarf! ^^ i just got home coz we ate outside for my mom's birthday (which is today) and i bought myself some yarn from Tokutokuya (a hundred yen shop, which is RM4.90 here)~ my mom knows how to knit and everything, but she said that she won't be able to teach me cuz she'll be buzy -,- so instead, i'm gonna learn ONLINE by myself :D hope the scarf i'm hoping to complete becomes a success! ^^

gonna learn it from this site~

and this is my yarn! ^^ its colour 15 (Grey)

and i hope it becomes something like this ^^

FIGHTING! ^^ (it really is boring around the house that i'd actually wanna learn how to knit =,=)

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