is the usa MOCKING K-POP??

October 6, 2011

OMFG i just saw this and i agree with the others! Heart2Heart is so...i'm lost for words! and they don't even sound that good! =,= ANTI!! if you thought Rebecca Black's Friday way bad, check this out~ this one's talking about facebook, walls, links URGH! they even tagged their video on youtube as "a-pop" -,- like, what??! the guy in the middle has too much "feel" in the mv too -,-


In the past year, K-Pop has spread its wings globally with family concerts landing in Los Angele, New York City, Tokyo, and Paris, as well as making the news in countries such as England, France, Brazil, and more. Super Junior has also recently announced their worldwide tour for "Super Show 4," making the group yet another K-Pop idols to extend their concert tours outside of Asia. So far, oversea countries have seen family concerts from SM, JYP, Cube, and others.

On October 3rd, a new American male group Heart2Heart made their debut with their 1st mini-album, which was released worldwide, and also released their music video "Facebook Official" after releasing 2 music video teasers in the last 2 weeks.

It has been said that the new group is being mentored by *NSYNC's Lance Bass himself, and they have also acquired the help of Tom Coyne, who has worked to master albums for Big Bang and 2NE1.

The group consists of Chad Future (real name: David Leahr, leader, lead rapper, vocalist), Pete (real name: Cody Saintgnue: a.k.a. Pretty Boi Pete; vocalist, actor, model), Brayden (real name: Colby Cote; sub-vocalist, rapper, actor), Nico (real name: Julian Mracky; lead vocalist, youngest), and KX (real name: Kai Mcminn; lead dancer, choreographer, sub-vocalist).

According to their official Facebook page, Heart2Heart stands for "the connection they would like to have with their fans across the world."

Despite having made their debut just a few days ago, Heart2Heart has already run into problems with unhappy K-Pop fans, who many has claimed that the new male group has "ripped off K-Pop" and has called them "K-Pop wannabes."

Their debut music video "Facebook Official" has acquired more than 150k views with over 6,000 dislikes and nearly 800 likes. In addition, their music video on Youtube includes the tags "kpop," as well as "apop."

But is Heart2Heart a parody group of K-Pop? This is a question that many K-Pop fans have asked themselves. After doing research, said fans have found out that David Lehre creates parody for a living. A majority of K-Pop fans who have heard of this has all agreed on one thing: if Heart2Heart is a parody, they did not enjoy it.

However, there are also additional K-Pop fans who believe that sending hate messages to the group on both their Facebook and Youtube account will give K-Pop fans an overall bad look. Not only that, Heart2Heart's K-Pop debut influence can be translated as the continued spread of the Hallyu Wave throughout the globe.

What are your thoughts on Heart2Heart? Check out their mini-album below. Their mini-album can be purchased through iTunes.

01. Heart To Heart (Intro)
Heart Attack (Intro) - Sample by Heart2Heart

02. Facebook Official

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