[16.01.12] CNY oranges + chemistry tuition

January 16, 2012

^^ today was one fiiiiiiiiiiiine day :D

in the morning i understood how to do my add maths homework ^^ although mr harris gave us 4 MORE questions as homework, i'm still happy that i understand ^^ we also got some oranges from the school today coz the chinese new year's coming! ^^ 4 more days till i'm on holiday for 11 days! ^^ had an enjoyable chat time with cheah, naomi, sammi, chai and jia at the computer lab :D got "molested" by cheah in the lab though -,-

and after school, we hung out at the school canteen while waiting for 4.30 to come. why? we had CHEMISTRY TUITION! ^^ ms chong! one session with her and you will ALWAYS want to come back. ni YONG YUAN bu hui yao zao another lao shi ^^

anyways, in the canteen, tze shi discovered my spongebob pluggy XD he kept on taking it and putting it on his phone XD the people in tution also liked it ^^

i look weird in this pic -,-

anyhoo, today, i shouted at naomi during tuition: "MY LIFE IS OVER!!" XD know why? a person that wasn't on the list came to tuition and was OUT OF PLACE -,- its ur 1st tuition? so smart right? then ni bu yong bu liao la, zou kai!! == the only anti thing today for me~

VOLUMETRIC ANALYSIS was our topic today, and it was FUN!! ^^ i understand! wo ming bai! ^^ ms chong i a CHEMISTRY GODDESS XD she made me understand the whole thing so easily. carbonate crystals, titration, concentration, mole, anhydrous substances, I RULE YOU ALL! XD 

today, ms LAW WAN YUN also became sot during tuition XD

finally, ms NA OH MI's dad dropped me off at giant where i used the wifi at marrybrown's while waiting for mom. i ate pears for dessert when i got home :)


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