[04.01.12] first day of school :D

January 4, 2012

first day of school! XD its so weird seeing people in long pants, including myself XD it's gonna get some time getting used to~

concept from ms NA OH MI, its supposed to be sammi but i changed it to s1s2 ><

today we got to choose our seats and sat at the back corner of the classroom XD (N = naomi, S = sammi, YL =  yen ling)

and diagonal from us are chai and jia (though a bit far) :D

and if shi tai kun lao shi approves kw to come to our class tomorrow, she'll be sitting with naomi! ^^

^^ btw got a lot of nice souvenirs from friends who went to places over the summer, most of them were delicious chocolates, candies and snacks XD

^^ we also decided on our class monitors and that stuff today:

and sammi gave us this weird looking japanese candy from sg too O.O

so i hope everyone had a great first day and has a great year ahead :D  FIGHTING!!

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