back to school!

January 3, 2012

this is it! in a few hours time, school is going to re-open!


^^ i'm ready for a new year of cramming, re-uniting with friends and dozing off! >< just joking, this year, i'm gonna focus on my MATH, ADD MATH and CHEM. @.@ these subjects killed me last year~

this year, 2012, i'm gonna be in S1S2, science class in my school, and our classroom's gonna be on the highest floor on the furthest building in my school -,- third floor room 35/37 (not sure), L-block -,- last year we were just beside that room, room 36, so i was thinking, why not just put us back in the same room,it'd be more comfortable for  us -,-

this year, im gonna be wearing long pants too! from form 1 to form 3, male students are supposed to wear short pants, so i've worn them for 3 years but i'm not really sure how i'll look wearing the pants O.O

so JIA YOU to everyone, remember to cut your hair, dye your hair back to black and trim your fingernails short :D i had to do these too -,- let's hope for a successful year full of good results for all of us! ^^

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