CNY at Poi Lam High

January 20, 2012

okay, so its not REALLY CNY yet, we did calligraphy and had a lion dance today :D

i had to go up on stage coz im  a foreigner and they wanted to take a picture -,-

at 9am we went back to our class room and was there till dismissal. HEN HAO WAN! :D everybody brought their phones and didn't give a damn about the discipline people~ i used sammi's S2 to zipai XD

and remember the lion dance that i mentioned? our friend mr BRIAN TANG SAI YAN was the head of the lion! XD but he switched with someone else when jumping up to get the veggies~

our classroom, however nice it looked yesterday, was SUPER MESSY today XD

had fun scaring people by whispering in their ears with a rolled up manila card XD

more zipais~

yesterday they painted the top part of our classroom and i dunno which BEN DAN used my table == now i have to replace the plastic cover~

took a pic with our form teacher, ms YONG :D

and had a last zipai ><

credit to ms sammi yee for almost ALL the pics XD give me ur geng s2!! ><


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