the worries of a senior one student.

January 8, 2012 sighing now... im so stressed here, decided to write what's in my head like last time, but im using my hp right now since mom took away the netbook >< the picture's gonna be on the bottom of this post :D

1. GCE + CIE? Which one?
One of the DAMN things on my mind. -,- why are there two?? They just make everything complicated! T.T i dunno what to choose, both are still exams, im scared of failing both T.T

2. $
There are way too many things to pay for and if my tuition this year's like this, what about for next year and for college T.T sorry mom and dad T.T

3. Tuition
Transport to chemistry tuition's a problem for me, i always bother zj and her mom T.T zj, aunty, SO SORRY. English at ILTI almost killed me.

4. COLLEGE. How am i gonna earn $??!
Haiz, another major thing. Im interested in languages, so im thinking of taking it as a course in college, but after that, what do i do? 어떡해???! What job do i do? T.T i need to earn money but dunno how! T.T

5. Leo Club
Haiz, once the pride of my life, now the burden on my shoulders. I don't even have a vest yet and im already president! New members, eligible BOD, projects, aims, events...the list seems ENDLESS.

6. English
Mine is getting worse  -.- gotta practice my oral and my essay writing.

7. P.E

8. Studies
Again, mom and dad, sorry T.T i always get low hard it must be on the both of you...i will do my best this year! FIGHTING!

9. Dance
My dancing skills, however basic they are, are getting worse T.T

10. Friends
I need to concentrate on my studies but i keep on getting distracted T.T and i distract ppl too...sorry guys!

11. 소녀시대
GIRLS GENERATION should be made into a subject XD

12. Worry x 100
Because of the above reasons and many more, I AM SUPER WORRIED T.T GOD BLESS ME WITH GOOD LUCK...

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