ipoh 的 lack of ELECTRICITY

January 10, 2012

Haiz i woke up today and while i was wearing my clothes, i couldn't wear them properly and had to try several times -,- i thought, 'ohh, today's one if those days...'

when i got to school, it was cool coz i was sitting under the aircon ^^ but then the electricity started acting up again and our whole block's lights were flickering for the whole day T.T IT WAS SO DAMN HOT AHH we were melting~ since the first day of school it was like that coz our class room's not fit to have an aircon installed, never mind TWO. Haiz. Anyways we were all FANNING ourselves XD thank God for natural air.

Prayzi = angry birds fan
Chan Jant = circle fan
Cheah = his chinese fan

Our class shared those three fans :D *we are so family-ish* all except for ms SHARON LOH -,- hot or cold no reaction one ahh dat person.

After school i got on my bus. Since i moved, i get to get home early. So everytime i sleep and we're already at my house, everyone will stare at me coz im still asleep -,-
At home today there wasn't any electricity too T.T LACK OF ELECTRICITY AHHHHH~ there was this construction nearby and they turned the electricity off till 4. I slept through it XD i was too beat up from the heat~

anyways, remember to stay COOL everyone!! >< here's a pic snapped by ms NA OH MI yesterday when we were waiting for our chem tuition to start :D ms chong is the best!! im suddenly starting to LOVE chemistry ^^ byee!! ^^

(i look mean in this pic, somehow -,- i always SMILE de wor!! XD i was playing with my hp while looking at someone ><)

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