28.01.12 - DAMANSARA

January 29, 2012

:) finally!! ^^ my family and i, along with family friends, went to damamsara for an outing!! ^^ we were a total of 16 people, riding in 3 cars :O it was...fun!! XD (ps this post is made from my hp, sorry for the small font ><)

first we met up at caltex at about 8am. we got there at 10am, ngam ngam hou all the malls and shops just opened and there weren't that many people yet. we went to IKEA to shop for furniture first, abd stayed there till 12pm. We ate lunch at ROBOT SUSHI at 1UTAMA. damn nice!! even watched kungfu panda 2. Had a nice, long, funny chat with everyone. We went back to the Curve to do some shopping after that.

DAISO - bought some stuff ><
YAMAHA - looked at the pianos
Cotton On - bought a new shirt

I HEART COTTON ON! The place was filled to the brim with awesome clothes!! What's nice about them us that their clothes are made of pure cotton and almost 50% of their clothes are RM15 and below! I tried on a thick cotton navy blue sweater but it was too big. I got myself a dark purple tee instead ><

went back to 1UTAMA to shop for MORE things then we went to IPC. We ate donuts and enjoyed the wif at starbucks :) bought another shirt at Borders Outlet (navy blue XD).
After IPC, we headed YET AGAIN to 1UTAMA to shop and to have our dinner. We ate at DAVE'S and 2 waiters there were Filipino!! ^^ There was even a live band playing songs like the Lazy Song and Soul Sister :) bought Cinabonns afterwards, coffee for my dad, lemonade for my sis and we were ready to go HOME.
Got back in Ipoh almost exactly at 12am, and i woke up with GD + T.O.P's High High playig in my ipod ^^ unpacked my OVERSTUFFED BAG, changed my clothes, edited some pics, checked fb and twitter smand wrote this post. Now im thinking if i should use my face mask. Hmmm. Nah XD. BYE!! TILL THE NEXT POST! ^^

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