[PROJECT] rushed CNY decorations day 1

January 17, 2012

walau, this year, we have to rush our CNY decor -,- we just recently found out that we needed to decorate our class before CNY, even though we only have 4 DAYS to do it. cham lo XD

the plan for today was for me, naomi and sammi to go to tesco and buy some stuff~ we rode CIKGU LAILA's car lehh ^^ had a nice chat with her :D

in tesco we looked for the decor section

and there were plastic cherry blossoms, live bamboos, angry bird lanterns and other neat stuff :D

but when i turned my head to the left...

i saw...

a DRAGON!! ^^ RM37! i wanted to buy it FOR THE CLASS but naomi said it was too expensive and was kinda useless and big T.T my dragon ahh, my dragon T.T

when we got back to the class, neoh, sex, franklin and steve were cleaning the class, so we started sticking ang paus outside. no picture,i forgot to take one ><
tomorrow we'll continue with extra forces! chai, jia, wan yun, jie ying, nicole, vivviene, mak gor and others :D


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