Hearty Paws 2

January 21, 2012

lol, another pet-related movie? XD i would have thought "nah, i can watch it later", but NO! this movie has SONG JOONG KI!!! ^^ saw that name then i almost PK-ed on the floor XD iheartsongjoongki! ^^

movie info:

When loveable Labrador Maeumee has a set of puppies, Dong-Wook's (Song Jong-Ki ) grades start to suffer. Because of this, Dong-Wook's mother decides to get rid of Maeumee and the puppies. The dogs then stay at a relative's video shop until the animals can be placed into an animal training center.
Meanwhile, two unscrupulous jewel thieves come into the video store and spots the little puppies. Hyeok-Pil (Song Dong-Il) decides to steal the littlest puppy to use as a runner to transport diamonds. Maeumee spots the two men taking away her young puppy and goes after the thieves! Can Maeumee save her puppy? Will Dong-Wook ever get to see Maeumee and the puppies again?

hen SAD ahh some parts T^T

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