T-ARA - Lovey Dovey

January 2, 2012

T-ARA's MV for their new song Lovey Dovey has been released!

20minutes ahh this one :O longer than the Cry Cry MV~ they are really so dramatic! XD this is the drama concept MV, and they'll be releasing 4 other MVs with different themes :O

the story continues from the Cry Cry MV, after the lead role had PLASTIC SURGERY and the man couldn't recognize her :O

next version to come out is the Zombie Version :D


that scream at the start freaked me out! XD KPOP + HORROR! the dance is just awesome XD shuffling and a bit of moonwalking too~

the next one is the Disco version i think~ i'll update as soon as i can :D

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