[14.01.12] epic fail + bus + ILTI

January 14, 2012

today's the 2nd Saturday of January! ^^ 

still had to bring a lot of books to school -,- had physics, math, chemistry and chinese today (i'm not taking chinese...yet) and we were happy chatting away as always~ but during recess, we saw this POPULAR, LENGZAI, SMART guy who's also a foreigner, and he was wearing his shorts terbalik! XD he was wearing his shorts the other way, the adidas logo at the front was at the back!! laksae for him!! he's like, the baek seung jo of my school and that happened to him?? XD EPIC FAIL for him! ke lian, he happens to be one of me and my friends' idols >< ke lian de him...

XD we sat in the hall today for a talk by UTAR university students~ it was INTERESTING in a way, there was this guy who played the "er hu"/chinese violin while another guy beatboxed! ^^ another student played the guitar while another sang too~

after that, sammi rode my bus to my house coz we were having replacement classes at ILTI~ the bus COLLIDED with a car while going out of the school gate~ luckily the owner of the car was kind enough to let us go since there wasn't any major damage~ a lot of red lights on the way home too XD bad luck ahh you, yu jia wen~ she ate veggie + meat soup in my house XD she liked the sour taste  i think, she kept on eating~

yesterday sammi got a call saying that all future sunday classed were cancelled, but when we got there today, they said that the sunday classes were still on and asked us why we came -,- so we joined the saturday class instead~ much more interesting that that boring sunday class~ me and sammi are in the same class with peien, and we saw kityi and her cute sis :D

well's, that's just about my day, hope you guys had an awesome saturday :D BYE!!! XD

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