University of Sydney.

January 12, 2012

okay, the topic of universities and what i'm gonna study after high school's REALLY stressing me out. REALLY. i don't know what to do after HS and what job i'd be interested in /.\ so much for enjoying life while i'm young. my results ahh~ i need to IMPROVE and get at least 80 in all my subjects this year! JIA YOU! GAMBATEH! FIGHTING!

(btw i was just curious, so i'm posting about this.)

my mom introduced me to this university in Australia with a scholarship thing when i got home today, so i checked it out. it was actually kinda nice :D its a bit pricey though :O

i'm thinking of studying languages, so i clicked on the Bachelor of Arts (Language) button

and i found out that a minimum result of 6.5 IELTS result is needed -,- gotta continue going to ILTI, no matter how boring it is~

compulsory majors for this course include Chinese studies, Japanese Studies and Korean studies. a second and third major can also be taken.

accommodation fees + tution fees + other unknown fees that i don't know = HELL! == what the... are all universities this expensive? it IS famous, it IS international and it IS abroad, but OMG, i REALLY have to start working my ass off to get a scholarship to this place.

haiz, wo hen LUAN ahh~ the future's so far yet so near. i need to make up my mind and start working harder NOW. and wth is A levels?? i thought O levels were enough, but
i suddenly started seeing that A levels were kinda important too -,- too many exams~ i'm stressed and nervous about the O levels already that i'm getting more and more stressed with every new thing that gets piled up on me /.\ jiu ming. what to do?

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