Samsung Galaxy Ace

February 26, 2012

since i totally can't afford to buy an S2 or an iPhone 4 (==) im thinking of settling with an Ace :D i really wanna replace my small Galaxy 5 adi :O

as always, i like the white one better :D

to see it in 360 degrees, click here

things i like about this:
- the screen is 3.5in, compared to my phone right now, which is only 2.8 inches D:
- the camera's 5mp, compared to my 2mp == but, actually 2mp isn't really that bad when u've edited it~
- it runs on android 2.3, compared to mine which runs on 2.1 (i can update but i'm lazy to go the centre and update @.@) i can finally download ALL apps available in the market that i couldn't download before ^^
- a 32gb micro sd card can be put in it ^^ (i wanna buy one, 8bg at least)

i hope i can get this phone soon D: my mom said that it was a nice phone, and i could get it, but wait a while and see see first == i want it now!! T^T its current price is RM799 with a 2gb micro sd card adi. RM800 XD this was what naomi and i were talking for the whole 2 periods of computer last time. i want it, i, i, I WANT IT!! :O

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