February 7, 2012

^^ yesterday's concert was awesome!! ^^ WHITE RHYTHM, HARMONIC NOTES REBORN!

i was the emcee, so they asked me to wear something formal with a bow tie X) i have to admit, i LIKED wearing one XD

i'm really into bow ties right now :] i'm gonna ask my mom to make more XD

and i was wearing my dad's shoes XD!!

but when i got there my hair got all messy and stuff =,=

i also took a pic with my dad ><

then, the concert started! made quite a few small mistakes while i was talking ><

the song they played for the first half were:
The King across the Water
The Winter scene of Tsugaru Straight
Jay Chow's Selection
Rasa Sayang
Instant Concert

then there was a 15 minute break. i met up with sammi :D she came to the concert with her friend chloe :D

for the second half they played:
The Lord of Dance
The Light of Dawn
Apple Pie March
Pop song medley (Lady Gaga's Bad Romance + Justin Beiber's Baby)
Red Dragonfly

it was awesome! the audience literally screamed when then played Bad Romance and Baby XD the brass band even DANCED! XD

clicke here to watch the video my mom uploaded on facebook :D


at the end of the concert, i saw yu cheng, chi yang, zan sen, isabelle, yu xuan, wei yi, xze yan, steve and more :D

i wanna post the pic that my bro took with his brass band friends but my he used my dad's camera, so i don't have them all -,- i just have one

fei mei (foo yin khee), the brass band's chairperson, gave them a speech later =') she cried coz she was so happy that all their hard work had made their concert a success :)

after that my parents, my bro and i went to eat dinner :)

and the the next morning i woke up looking like this -,-


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