[08.02.12] ZIPAI day XD

February 8, 2012

our physics teacher didn't come today,and we had 2 periods of physics, so we had 2 periods FREE OF CLASS! ^^ i wonder why every time our teachers don't come, there's no replacement teacher O.O

anyways, we were bored, so we borrowed STEVE LCY's phone to zipai XD we had FUUUN today :]

me, bao yi jie and chai chai XD

sammi's hand -,-

US :)


all their hands XD

tou pai wo -,-

we were discussing about a drama XD



XD i love this pic XD

we laughed after we took the pic above XD

then i did the "find the difference" section in the newspaper

^^ thanks to steve's wonderful phone XD TODAY WAS A GOOOOOOD DAY :]

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