February 9, 2012

Haiz, when im staying in my room to avoid my mom, she scold me of being a lazy bum and tells me to come down, but whenever i randomly go down and talk to then, WHENEVER I'M TRYING TO BE NICE i end up being the bad guy and gets scolded == and then at dinner she always finds SOMETHING bad that we've done and tell our dad about it in front everybody or nags at us to do something. == please, do you expect me to be a shining, perfect, rule abiding person? If i do something wrong, why don't you just CALMLY tell me to change? What's with the shouting??! Everyone's a person, and no one is perfect, which means EVERYONE is still learning. So, when you made your mistakes when you were young, did you like being scolded? Or were you SOOOOO perfect that you didn't do anything wrong? Do WE scold you when you make mistakes? No, right? So please just take it easy on us, k? :)

*ps im proud of myself coz instead of banging my head on the wall like i always do when im angry, i thought this one through ^^v the powers of blogging my mind XD

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