[25.02.11] ILTI + SGS2

February 25, 2012

its saturday again D: ILTI again :( 

in school, all the foreigners were supposed to have a meeting while the chinese speech competition was on, but i skipped >< who wants to have meetings?? i'm getting tired of leoclub meeting, fsa meetings and all those many meetings! let me do my homework first! ><

ILTI today wasn't so bad though, i listened to the teacher and had fun with sammi's S2 at the same time XD i want an S2 ='(

keep ur eyes OPEN during tuition! ><

tou pai-ed the girl sitting in front of me XD
her hair colour was nice :D

snapped this during break

used Meitu to edit all the pics :D after tuition all of us waited for our parents to fetch us. sammi and sat with kityi, her sis, lai jit and his sis :O kityi's sis HOU ke ai ahh XD

i was gonna go download pudding.to on my phone but its not available on android :O wth XD

the main thing on my mind today was that either i want a SGS2 or an iPhone4 :'( impossible :'( but i want!!!! T^T S2's more customizable, LARGE SCREEN, 8MP, BIG SCREEN, a lot of features, a lot of nice cases are sold only for S2, HUMONGOUS SCREEN and so much more :D setback? rm1800 O.O sot mehh??? T^T i wan i wan i wannnnnnn T^T

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