Chap Goh Mei

February 2, 2012

:D recently found out this day :] its the 15th and final day of the Chinese New Year (which the hokkiens call chap goh mei), and it'll be happening on monday :D

:D see that pic above? i googled "chap goh mei" and a lot of images of oranges with numbers came out O.O i didn't really know why, so i asked my friends in school.

apparently, chap goh mei is the chinese community's version of Valentine's Day. singles throw mandarin oranges with their names and contact numbers and throw them into the pond to signify their availability to go on a date :O other people will then pick up random oranges, contact the number on the orange, and...see see if ta men ok lar XD its also a day for families to re-gather for another reunion dinner to mark the end of the 15-day long CNY.

the think i loved best about this CNY was the yu sheng XD hao chi! wo hai mei you chu guo~

till the next post! ^^

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  1. thanks, i enjoyed your nice photo of yu sang, and your sharing of chap goh mei. a comfort for me, being overseas. happy lunar new year. D


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