a rainy morning :(

February 21, 2012

to everyone, jia you! i now know how hard it is to study -,- i used to slack off and still get good grades~ now its all changed. JIA YOU!! XD

i recently found out the secret to having the best day:

i edited this myself :)

:) i tried it, and it always worked. but this morning, it didn't -,- a stupid junior sat in my seat, so i didn't have a place to sit in the bus and had to stand for 30 MINUTES == my arms and legs were like tired as hell. but after that, my whole day was AWESOME :)

in school, i made a plan for me and naomi to have a samsung galaxy ace in the library XD will we be able to succeed? its not illegal, but its a secret! XD a funny one at that~ we also helped our library teacher/friend, TRACY lao shi to open her blog :D i wish you GOOD LUCK :)

during the 2nd recess, i was BORED coz naomi and sammi went to the library for their duty, so i was alone in class with CHAI and naomi's ipod XD so i used it to zipai ><

and after school we waited for the taxi :) we went early so that we could take  our normal seats (and ykw vowed to come earlier than someone -,-)

in tuition, i ate MEE XD when tuition was in session, i was a bit drowsy at first, but then i was awake for most of it. in naomi's car, we took pics again XD

it would have been another perfect day if it wasn't for that junior ==

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