The magical disappearing CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK

February 28, 2012

I had chemistry tuition and i just got home. After reviewing, i fell asleep.

In the morning i was packing my bag. I had 2 chemistry periods but i couldn't find my textbook!! == so i borrowed my friend's textbook at school

When i got home, i decided to do some revision and to look for it. IT WAS STILL MISSING! == for 5 hours i searched my entire room but i couldn't find it. Its tuesday, so there's a new glee episiode. While i was waiting for the show to come on, i thought: "hmm...i scanned my periodic table at the back of my textboom right? hmm...oh!" XD i left my textbook on top of the printer!! XD i was like, thinking a theif came into the house and stole my textbook or something XD ohh well, what's life without a little humour, right? x)

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