IDEAL & REAL cycles

February 24, 2012

today mr harris told us something about the IDEAL and REAL cycles XD it was really funny, the way he used our friend PRAYZI and MAK in all of his examples XD

IDEAL CYCLE: is a perfect cycle. what we want to happen.

REAL CYCLE: isn't a perfect cycle, but is what really happens.

for the whole day i was like thinking of ideal and real cycles XD for example: we want 100 mark in all our exams; we get 60 in all our exams. XD another one of the ideal and real cycles of my life is when im in school -,- when im in school,i look like a wreck, but when i get home, i look better == ye si

(with the help of hair iron, wax, bb cream and a BIT of editing)

dark skin, unironed hair XD i still look ok right?? XD

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