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February 13, 2012

I'm about to leave for school in a few minutes, but i thought i'd post about what i thought about and decided upon in the shower today XD

1st: everyday i'll study for 4 HOURS in my house after school. (Usually i don't, i just study in school) I'll use an hour each to study for maths, bio, chem and phy.

2nd: i'll start taking my own notes

Although it sounds easy, its hard for me. I've never really studied seriously coz i could handle it, but now it's gotten tougher, so i need to becone tougher too XD 'its just a monthly test, why bothet so much??" was what i usef to think. But now i must ACE everything. Why? BECAUSE I AM EROS, THAT'S WHY :D I KNOW I AM THE BEST AND I'LL PROVE I'M THE BEST.

PS. I really need to cut my hair ><
PPS. I took the pic last saturday XD its still dark out right now~

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